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  1. sheswiththeband

    Go On Then, What Were You Kistening To?

    been loving The Illustrious Blacks for a bit of funky dance lately!
  2. sheswiththeband


    Bees! yes he is great and has an amazing outlook on life. Really love seeing him about. Such a happy fella happy sole x
  3. sheswiththeband

    Dark horse Music fest

    ah we had the most wonderful time. Absolutely LOVE Dark Horse, wish it was on every three months!
  4. sheswiththeband

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    I do linger from time to time x
  5. sheswiththeband

    TT2018 - entertainment, tents and that

    Bushys rely on sponsorship - hence names/brands/logos everywhere... £100k given to them, as if.
  6. sheswiththeband

    Game of Thrones - what next?

    valar morghulis
  7. sheswiththeband

    Jonno Gollow’s Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day

    What a fabulous idea. I will definitely be participating and will ask my whole office to as well will let you know how we get on Miss Jonno greatly, he was a lovelly man. xx
  8. sheswiththeband

    Things you have never done

    ive never tasted red wine...
  9. sheswiththeband

    Motofest is go!

    sack it off in TT week, next year have it good Friday weekend, Friday Saturday sunday Monday. loads of manx bands, it'll be amazing. x
  10. sheswiththeband

    Simon Andrews

    such a sad loss, Si was a lovelly guy, thoughts are with his family and friends. x
  11. sheswiththeband

    The Jacksons at The Villa

    sure can Bees, we can hug our white lightning together singing A B C! x
  12. sheswiththeband

    The Jacksons at The Villa

    gonna get a bottle of white lightning and sit on the opposite side of the prom
  13. sheswiththeband

    What Things Annoy You ?

    not bothered about loo seats, who decided they were supposed to stay down anyway!
  14. sheswiththeband

    What Things Annoy You ?

    when people leave the milk carton open in the fridge. not much annoys me, but that really does.
  15. sheswiththeband

    Mallett's Mallet