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  1. 3 hours ago, 2bees said:

    He’s not mad, he’s very clever and has vision. You have no idea how ace he is & there is no cult but if there was, I’d join it! Did I mention how much I like him? :) 

    Bees! yes he is great and has an amazing outlook on life. Really love seeing him about. Such a happy fella :) happy sole ;)  x

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  2. really was one of my favourite ever gigs. what a gracious man Roger Daltrey is! and a superb band to play with. really really enjoyed it. Pinball Wizard was my favourite.


    nice action Kev M for bringing him over. so many memories of sitting listening to Tommy when i first discovered my dad's vinyl collection. good times.

  3. tickled pink.


    for anyone who is going, the head of security has just posted on his fb that big EJ is due onstage at 7.30pm prompt, as he is leaving the Island at 10pm...


    have fun :)

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