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  1. only just seen this, thanks guys, really nice of you all. cheers for the email mum! Lucy - i went out once! mad hey, ive been tee total for the past month and couldnt handle the madness of the TT being sober! xx
  2. with ye on the BYOP album, its class. i cant stop listening to the raconteurs, loves!
  3. yeah me too! the only thing different about it is that theyve hiked the drinks prices up double! been there once - hated it. stick to what i know best eh. heh.
  4. warren! goin the crrrream are ye? hehheee xx
  5. you know i will... as ever i will be elegantly wasted... INXS! see you campfest! x
  6. Alright mucka’s! this Friday – its my next big 25th birthday bash at the Bushys Basement Bar (ha BBB at the BBB! – downstairs at the rovers for those of you who don’t know!). Its going to be a very special night, lots of stuff lined up even a dance off at the end of the night! Bands playing are The Shakes (who are back on the rock and ready to roll!) On A Friday (they are just fantastic!) Uber Room (just got back from a showcase in HMV which they got moved up the bill to headline it! wicked!) And im sure The Boo will have some fantastic cocktails and lethal concoctions ready for everyone to drink! Be there for 8pm!
  7. i went on friday night and it was fantastic - the queens. right at the front i was. was outside in the beer garden too - proper chilled atmosphere - no trouble. i think its pathetic people who go down there just to get drunk thinkin its a full on chav fest. they spoil it for the real music fans! gutted i missed sat and sun but couldnt be helped! my bro got married. well done to all the organisers though at the queens - Val & Barry Nelson, Earle etc, did a wicked job. did miss the tent though but ah well. x
  8. oh Jacqueline that has made my day! YOU ROCK! im going in to town now, its foggy. x
  9. hey the kitty! nice to meet you too! i was so drunk though! xxx
  10. see you saturday oOGIE! and friday! HEH! x
  11. im going, it was ace last time. and at new year. i still havent sorted my costume though! argh! x
  12. The Scope? gig? as if... sorry its taken me so long to reply! never cease to amaze me. love all the songs. go on the anagh coar massive... woootcha.
  13. its been on manxbands for aaaagges. Morrisey would be amazing over here! seen him at Reading few years back and he put on a wicked show. "i would go out tonight... but i havent got a stitch to wear....."
  14. whats so good about colours? (this is a genuine question cos i have been their twice!) i will be at Ballabeg for the bands thing then myself and Mr. Oogie Boogie will be at Passion for the pimp thingy! oh and i met Matty from Tholtan Builders at the Bier `Keller!!!
  15. i fixed my laptop! it was tired, it had 24 hrs sleep. ha. yeah Ingie take the other ladies offer of voice - im too shy i think! will still have a listen tho! lookin forward to the night! xx and The Bees - i havent seen you for ages girl! and Trin - mwah to you lady. its Sparky's leavin do on saturday night too! in the basement of the rovers.
  16. thats nuts Ingie how you thought i would reply! yeah i know the song - used to change the words when we were at school! haha. my laptop is fkd so wont get on the net again till the mora... but let me have a little sing aling tonight and see. (im very shy you see... ask Roxanne...) ha. x speak soon! sounds good though what youre doing!
  17. what kind of vocals you lookin for INgie? x
  18. ha ha, meet me in the back room Dr Fish! x i'll be the ho in the burlesque corset! x
  19. totally! i hope he does hammer her! give here what for from the Rod!
  20. and she sells stories on how she gives good head! pot - kettle - black!!! Jodie Marsh sold her stories on how good each fella she ever slept with was! she even made a tee shirt! shes got too many teeth. Pete is funny, when Michael was going on about being a gyno, he just said "well a tw&ts a tw&t isnt it at the end of the day" ha ha ha. x
  21. The Bees - Preston rules, ive got something to send yer, pic of me an him! hes 5ft9" by the way, same height as me. and yeah Mo Beats, how funny was that! Pete Burns... oh God.
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