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  1. oh God. ive got e4 on while im on my laptop and that chantelle one is still flirting with Denis Rodman! he is such a player! i reckon he will be getting into her soon enough! i dont normally watch it, but i heard Preston was going to be on so im gonna watch it now. i love Preston, he is such a nice guy! and i love The Ordinary Boys. ahhhh an Maggot! what a fella! well funny. im glad Michael Barrymore got the reception he did, he was so overwhelmed. i hope he wins it. well i want Preston to but i bet he wont. Manx Big Brother? erm... dunno!
  2. ahhhh the Switchback... memories... hey Dreamfish... does anybody remember laughter? hop diddy wop diddy... will be seein yer on the night seen as its me local an all. looking forward to it my friend. hey Louis - nice to meet you by the way on NYE! keep smilin! ahhh Switchback...
  3. Oh GOMH it was lovelly to see you at ours on xmas day! you should have came for dinner you fool! you know you are always welcome at Balla-Kirkham! ha ha ring me later anyway. x x x
  4. yeah the standard of bars is definately picking up. and it is a bonus for the ravers, but while they are opening all these new dance places, they are shutting good live music venues like the douglas, and it does my head in! ha ha i call strand 58 caseys still! :os
  5. and its called Passion? F*cking hell, do i live in Ibiza? its still always gonna be Jeffersons. no matter how many name changes.
  6. yeah it was a really good episode, near the end, i turned round, full of tears and my dad was all tear eyed too! i laughed then. aww nana moon, x
  7. Rhys, you utter tart! i can picture you now, riding them waves! Keep Smirkin... xx
  8. while your feet are stompin...
  9. heh heh Dr Fish! the stare of all stares! oh yeah had to get dressed up again on saturday, my bro had a belated halloween for the kids - heres what i looked like - oh yeah, and i got stopped by the police in governors hill while i was going to pick up some nappies for my sisters baby, they just looked at me and said "erm, you do know halloween was last week dontcha love?" and i just laughed and said "really? ha ha". spooky!!! PS> Dr Fish! am djing on the 2nd december at the cornerhouse - whoop! more details soon. will ring you tomoro. xx
  10. i have many many photos of you Dr Fish doing that pose. heres what i looked like on hop tu naa, sorry i didnt make it down, went the rovers - it was mega, then i went back to our house party. HA HA HA.
  11. Hey… does anyone know (in Douglas) where I can buy face paint from? Real face paint that you brush on with a brush (for sensitive skin!). any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! L.x
  12. do not fret! as if the guys at manxbands would let it die! xxx
  13. Led Zeppelin - How the West was won Jimi Hendrix new one anything by Electric Light Orchestra Rory Gallagher - Live at Rockpalast Stone Roses - Blackpool Empress Ballroom Cream live at Royal Albert Hall Robert Plant an Jimmy Page-No Quarter dvd any of them an ya willbe buzzin.
  14. done it, nice one! was good havin a little listen... n;nite!x
  15. im listening in but damo needs to add me to his msn! shewhocantbetamed@hotmail.com i tried to add him but it says offline
  16. noice one bravva! ha ha. im having listen now, gonna get in the chat room...
  17. we have loads of meet ups on manxbands, we had a wicked camping trip, bout 40 of us went. ive met a lot of people on this forum and the old manx.net an beemanx ones. but manxbands is my main one. met a few off myspace.com as well. its cool.
  18. in the immortal words of Dr. Ebeneezer Goode... SOWTED!!! heh. 9th December party on... xx nice one mucka.
  19. Dr Fish... lost my phone on friday, we need a chat about something! a party Hydro on 9th december, keep the date free my friend... speak soon. x
  20. Ah well, the thought was there. just shows how much I listen when watching that tripe.
  21. money laundering! we have to watch the same video on it once a year!
  22. bloody gig whores! ha ha who'd ave em eh?! have fun down south Oogs, i'll tell the gang down there that youre on. Jess an all, xx
  23. nice action Alex! came to see you on saturday but you werent in, it was about halloween! heh! we go nuts! x
  24. yeah same here. maybe its just getting a face lift? have to ask Alex. wants to be back by the time i get home! ha ha. x
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