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  1. THAT IS THE BEES F’ING KNEES! KIT RULES! Well done at ya the boy! Oooh im getting well giddy now!
  2. happy birthday me old mate! xx
  3. tis a thursday yes... but its near TT week! it wont matter! gigs on a thursday are sound! its all in the mind whether you feel rough the next day!!! get yer tickets off me anyway. x im always in town somewhere lurking...
  4. THANKS GOMH!!! no prankies anyone... i dont answer private numbers either by the way. cant fooking wait for this, been in the pipeline for ages now so am so glad its confirmed!!! xx
  5. Hey guys… unfortunately, cos I was away, didn’t get tickets! F*cking gutted, but ive got a friend who is playing both the Other Stage and the new bands acoustic stage, so am gonna pester him until he gives in. hes up for a manx party so im pretty sure he’ll get me one. But if anyone knows of one going spare, shoutsies. Ta! x
  6. sorry i didnt come, didnt go out till 10.30! met Ean and Rock and UniSol though, hey guys! big waves and smooches for yer. listen to the show tonight or i will hunt you down!!! x
  7. both Libertines albums - imo - are f*cking class. lie on your bed, listening to the second album, turn out the light and put a candle on, listen, and i mean listen to the lyrics, its like a love/hate relationship between two star crossed lovers. but best friends. i think its really sad. the first album is amazing, really gets me int he mood for going out! specially "up the bracket"! i saw The Libertines twice, both without Pete, and i have to say that it was like they had lost their whole world. no soul in the singing. but when i watch them on dvd with Pete, its like their world can never end, its just one big fun song. i think they were a good band, and i hope Pete gets his act together and totally rocks with Babyshambles, who i have seen live twice now and they are amazing. pure punk rock with all the trimmings. rant over. x and i met Pete and he is a very nice, polite chap indeed. after i met him, he got totally mobbed, Beatlemania style, and i felt totally sorry for him, you could see the sadness in his eyes. SWTB - waiting for the ear bashing... i dont care, i like both bands. and Pete.
  8. ive got a nice rainbow one ere you can have! its soooo faux pas. heh. get me a robin reliant! x
  9. theres always a metallic green one that i love in Princes Street and the Father Duncan from the old Pulrose church, he drives a white one. and my mates mum had a white van one when i was at school. heh! i sooo want one! i used to say to my mates that im gonna get one but they said they wouldnt get in it with me, so i said even better! imagine me driving round in one of those! all decorated with pyschadelics! so funny! like JOhn Lennon's Rolls Royce! xx
  10. Oi Diamond! who is going then from the south side crew? properly giddy! xx
  11. i want one! thats S&H one is fantastic!
  12. Bees! make sure you get camping with us lot! funny as f*ck mate! x
  13. oooooooh giddy now! xx didnt want to stay in! )
  14. unfortunately, i will not be able to make this Bling! as i will be swanning it up in Liverpool watching Robert Plant! and then going to the aftershow! oooh get me! well done everyone for bling blong, it was a f*cking wicked night and all the people that go, really make it what it is. its a "family" thing... love yers.x
  15. im up for getting steaming any time. GT! got your pm dude! will write back soon... x
  16. i'll be hitting the Bay on saturday for the Outward Signs or if they arent playing there, i'll be going to watch Jacoba in Port St Mary. im staying in on friday - unless i go to the douglas! you going Smiler? i'll go if youre goin!
  17. have a great one you mad woman! xx loadsa love and smoochies! xx
  18. by that description, i think i may have seen you around town! drop me a mail anyhoo...
  19. Oogie - you'll be getting ripped for Geoffing on here! xx
  20. f*cking right were gonna go nuts... lets ave it! party hard! hello GT! xx oh no not that Oogie Boogie one! ha haha
  21. hey guys, if you aint up to much tonight, have a little listen in on here: http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3850 Mo Beats has put the link up on how to listen, im not too sure how it works! ha ha, i suck! i'll be playing local music, (well what ive got anyway, but like i said, if you want me to play your cds, you best get them to me! i havent got any money to buy more cds of anyone! im skint. I will also be playing my collection of cd’s, lots of new bands, as well as old bands so if you want to find out what im playing – listen in! I have a special guest with me now – our very own Mini – aka Louise Doyle – she will be talking with me and bantering. I’ll also be reading the latest music news and the latest news from the manx bands scene. i will also be hammering Led Zeppelin again an everything from Alfie to the Charlatans - to the Prodigy to Nick Drake to Bloc Party to Black Sabbath and then some... also gonna play some scouse horror/punk/rock from Zombina and the Skeletones! xx GET LISTENING! email me on this addy "shewhocantbetamed@hotmail.com" and I’ll send you my address to send your promos to. Get tuned in for some laughs and some wicked music! xx PS> this show is every tuesday by the way! at 8-11pm! xx
  22. its better live! all of it! their set is xxxxxxx A! get down there all! x
  23. Sir Dick - have you seen Lucy's new avatar of us? ha ha! madness!
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