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  1. i'll ave them! with gratitude! i'll send you my address! xx
  2. stop lying. youre there. you going to Bling? if so... see ya there. have a good weekend everyone. x
  3. oh God, im so excited, i think i might spontaneously combust! just seen so many people in town, i got them all on a mission to come to the Bling! woooooooo! The Bees! cant wait to see ya! i'll bring some zovirax for ya for that sore! but my mum swears by germolene - ive never had a cold sore! lucky bitch that i am! x
  4. Dr. Fish is opening his set with it... and i have an added Bonus with me... its a surprise! xx
  5. ha ha Monkey - i'll be "checking you out" tomorrow mate - see ya there! ha ha. one of 127. get in.
  6. hooo ya Odemay Brown! ha ha Trinity - see you tonight mate, Thriller will be making the dancefloor empty. ha ha. or i will. only messing, its going to be wicked! a change! xx
  7. and if you dont get in, get over to Bling Bling for some friendly funky frisky beats! get down with my bad self when i dance to thriller! ha ha
  8. heh! thats class. my hair is purple at the moment, its annoying me though cos its rather dull looking. so am going to get it stripped after work - then im going to be all girly and dye it neon pink - well flamingo pink!
  9. alrighty... i'll get rid of em for yoooo. oh and while were on the subject of tickets - GOMH! we need to bang heads to sort out the *gig*!!! meeting next week? maybe wednesday night? come on, get your as* into gear!
  10. yeah Cret! you and your mate! you found it too! i was in too much of a mess to even remember what the ring sounded like. bad girl. ha ha you found it behind the bale of straw that i was sat on! ha ha. nice one dude.
  11. ahhh Mr. Todd! heh! count me in GOMH. see you on friday "daddy". NOBODY PUTS SWAYZEY IN THE CORNER! Ha ha.
  12. there wasnt no Belthane last year, it was totally overgrown due to that damn water board! think you may be talking about ChasFest, it was Chas' 40th and the best ChasFest yet, it was amazing. Still Crazy rocked! very funny weekend, i was in the river! and all the other bands of course! but i hope Belthane is on this year, normally around May - i'll ask Smiler on manxbands. oh memories of the tardis again. makes me giddy. x
  13. Ha ha Tea and Biscuits, you were funny that night you mentioned. Puddy – nice avatar – Labyrinth rocks! I have a dog like that! Rhumsaa – your avatar – are you that man from “The Village”? (nice pic on my Bebo thing btw!) I know a few people on these forums, its nice meeting new people and putting a face to their “internet moniker”. I feel privileged to have met a lot of friends on all the forums im on, you all rock! x StuartT - i know you! you rock! remember Beltane 2003? ha ha ha. climbing that mountain you nut job. my rants round the fire in the morning had you in stitches. heh. i met Tearz the other night and figured that he comes and fixes my computers at work! and i sort of know UniSol - even though i aint met him proper (that i can remember) - Tearz say you were there when i was "Pimping" it in the venue in my suit? ha ha.
  14. Happy Birthday me “old” mucka me “old” mate! Ha ha, youre as old as you feel dude! Lets go nuts on Friday!!! xx PS> nice spice girls cup! ha ha. PPS> nice to meet you again Tearz! x
  15. Get in there. I texted everyone in my phone that I thought would go (spent £8.30 on texts) and I emailed everyone in my address book about it, I hope it’s a good turn out! And I asked everyone to forward the email to everyone in their addy books – otherwise a nipple would grow on their cheek. i cant wait, im properly excited. x
  16. yeah you would! i always dress insane. i dont care. i miss the tardis too, "the beautiful people der nur nur nur nur - hey you what dya say" ha ha. oh so much fun! remember when they would play a total heavy metal song, and then play the xxxxxxx happy mondays "step on" or "kinky afro" and all the headbangers would walk off the dance floor? oh God, im laughing now!
  17. heh heh there is always a kiss for daddy! cant wait for Tuesday! i missed the radio meeting but Dr. Fish has told me im on Tuesday! i need to meet all the people involved asap! my playlist is ace. if i say so myself. ha
  18. im going the villa tomorrow night, but will probably end up in Breeze at some point! if i dont go partying down south! ha ha!
  19. Weebeestie! Didn’t know you were living in the big smoke! May have to pay you a visit! My mate Sam is living down there, he’s in a band called The Deadbeats? They rock… x BLING BLING! Dr. Fish... i have been super busy, cant wait till next week, got to get all of south side down! xx
  20. ha ha, hammered in the venue, didnt you know its my second home? WeeBeastie - youre so funny, i hope i turned you on you tart... x ring me lateski then about 9pm! been well busy lately! family xxxx! i dont want the venue to close, cos there isnt anywhere else to go till 4am. i have to drag the party on as long as possible. i hate being home early.
  21. Happy Valentines Day hmmmm smoochies...
  22. i like the venue too, the gigs that have been on in there recently DC/AC, Circus World, Jacoba etc have been excellent! and its pure comedy on a saturday night! i love "people watching" when theyre hammered! i hope we get a new Tardis like club! xx one can only live in hope! i may even start a manx Krazyhouse! xx
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