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  1. HA HA HA HA! it wasnt me - do you really think i could get on someones shoulders? ha ha. it was my mate Mini - i was stood next to her though! was it a manx flag with a skull and crossbones flag under it? get in there. HAMMER THAT!
  2. ha ha, where were you? why didn’t you come say hello?
  3. hahaha. hey i cant get my avatar working! unf!
  4. wasted is not the word! stood at the bar for half an hour with £23 - got 12 sambucas for myself. sick. everyone i know that has drank that sh*t has done something they regret. oh the shame. ah well, youre only young once eh? :D
  5. I am sooo into the Kings of Leon right now, I cant get enough! They rock.
  6. a giraffe, i like your style Adamski. im the Larnski. ha ha. i dont think Chas is having his festie this year, i cant remember why, its on manxbands, ill have a look in a bit. im gutted about Belthane but hey. heres an alternative - without the bands unfortunately - this easter weekend, big trip up to sulby claddaghs - camping all weekend - loads of fun! x
  7. sheswiththeband


    Mods can I have an avatar? If I PM the address of it to ya? Its not dirty! PS> Ariel – I realised who you are a while back! hello!!! I seen a photo of you on DID!
  8. heres a shocker for yer - Belthane isnt on! they are digging up Sulby Valley - something to do with the waterworks! gutted aint the word! playing at V2004 are: - Kings of Leon The Pixies The Strokes Primal Scream Massive Attack Muse Pink The Strokes NERD Keane Snow Patrol Athlete Jamie Cullum Dido thats all so far, lots of others to be confirmed.
  9. so - what festivals is everyone going to? thought i would make this my first post - nice forums guys - well done. i am going to V2004 in Staffordshire and the Carling Weekend in Reading. cant wait. i love the camping at V but i hate it at Reading - so i am staying in a hotel. so come on - tell me! i like that smilie!
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