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  1. tickled pink. for anyone who is going, the head of security has just posted on his fb that big EJ is due onstage at 7.30pm prompt, as he is leaving the Island at 10pm... have fun
  2. trying to scrounge funds all week! dont get paid till next week and i thought the gig was next week for some crazy reason! ahhhhhhhh
  3. ha ha use it or lose it, what a silly thing to say to Manxies. The Garden Party isnt a profitable organisation anyhow, it benefits local charities, local musicians, and local people. the organisers of The Garden Party are lovelly guys, they did an amazing job on FockerFest last year, the atmosphere was chilled in the day and electric at night!
  4. no, my name is Larna this whole thing with the Bay festival is going to make it so much harder for us to get proper acts over here now, what a ball ache.
  5. afternoon all... The Garden Party This is the new Fockerfest music festival... Re-named but with the same unique vibe and mission to support local charity, artists and business and to bring the Isle of Man the music the people want..! updated with headliners etc... FB Link any questions, feel free to post up here! )
  6. really sad news, Alan was a lovelly man. RIP. x
  7. forty grand???? where you getting that from? madness!
  8. absolute belter of a coup! Judge you have a pm your way!
  9. gutted Shaun i am away in Amsterdam! sounds like an absolute top night, i always do enjoy the nights you put on. nice one for this, am sure loads of people will be into it! i will put it on my facey for you
  10. Ramsey Crookall are great. on Athol Street website is www.ramseycrookall.com
  11. wow... what a great night of music all for a tenner! totally gutted i cant make it but ive already got my friends memorial that day! have a great time everyone who goes
  12. The Manor Hotel in Willaston will again be the venue for the annual Billy Moughtin Darts Cup. The event, which is now in its fifth year, is being held this Saturday, November 13. As usual there will be both men's and women's singles competitions, with a total prize fund of £500. Last year saw 108 people enter, a record which organisers are looking to beat this year. Many of the Island's top players enter, along with friends and family of Billy Moughtin, a keen darts player and guitarist in Different Breed who was killed in a road accident in August 2005 at the age of 24. Everyone is welcome to enter. In addition to the arrows action, food will be provided throughout the day, there's a raffle and also from 9.30pm a set from The Lost Soldiers who are returning home from their very successful UK Tour. For more information call 459118.
  13. hmmm, ok youyours, pm me and we will discuss a price.
  14. i will gladly take the hoover off your hands, pm me please as your email just got bounced back... thanks
  15. sounds pretty dodgy how they wanted a barn house in the middle of nowhere - where its private - it makes you wonder what the hell they were planning to do in said barn house... the sacrficing of virgins maybe? it makes me think of those Saw films for some reason. that, and the head guy looks crazed...
  16. Bees, he really is a dick. he done work experience at my old office when he was 15, he was even more up his own a r s e then! one annoying, but very ambitious lad.
  17. tonight everyone! cant bleedin' wait!
  18. They are playing at the Manor on the 13th November after the Billy Moughtin Memorial Darts Competition...
  19. you can buy them from the Health Food shop on Bucks Road, it never looks open and its next to the MSPCA charity shop. i think you do have to inform the coastguard when you do light them off though.
  20. cant bleedin wait, loads of heads fonna be in there! good times
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