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  1. oh come on, cheer up. its a bit of fun. and thank you, jimbms for putting the link on for me.
  2. i was laughing at the brew part as i can picture Guy's head when he listens to it (as the song is played to the tune of Jonny Cash - Ring of Fire. and yes, fyi, i am easily amused. you cant share nothing on here without a smarmy comment can you? xxx
  3. im trying to work out how to put the link up, so sorry for not knowing how to do it, the link box is coming up but it comes up really far to the left...
  4. my friend sent me this, couldnt stop laughing at the lyrics sent it to Guy and waiting to hear his reply! bet he laughs, crack pot!
  5. my God this is so sad. i really hope there are no more fatalities or accidents! thoughts are with their close ones and everyone involved. xx
  6. thebees - i caught some guys just dropping them plastic things, i went mad and made them pick them all up and cut them up before i took them away for the rubbish. me and my friend Noel made 5 trips with the rubbish bags after cleaning up our camp area and the surrounding area near ours. i had an amazing weekend, one of the best ive ever had infact. i cant wait till next year! met loads of great people, danced till my feet hurt, laughed till my face hurt and then went home and slept for two days. ha ha. x
  7. what a great bunch of lads! really enjoyed meeting them and am diggin their sound. looking forward to the Mondays gig! x
  8. hey guys can someone please let me know where to get Saturday DAY tickets from?? 4 of my friends need tickets for that day!
  9. my friend Vic bought her ticket yesterday from ticketline and printed it off, that will still be valid wont it? as its got a scan barcode thing on it.
  10. Get well soon Marty! xx
  11. Tugger - you are a fking tosser - why the fk would you even bring that up???
  12. english zioty - check out this site for confirmation of Alabama 3 - see the botton of the page http://triskelpromo.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=105
  13. or go on the contact us page on mannifestlive.com and email them direct with your question?
  14. censorship - nobody will be able to answer that question for you who has commented on this forum. maybe the Bay Festival signs were too big? i have noticed the Mannifest signs are smaller. surgery sessions has stated that he cant answer and im positive Buggane wont be able to answer the question either. - maybe phone up the Government and ask them yourself?
  15. wedgie for that man! oooh Roxanne will be lovelly to see you!
  16. Buggane - am very very excited about Fonda 500!!!
  17. see ya there GOMH, looking forward to seeing ye. xx
  18. not to be missed! havent seen Lost Soldiers for ages, cant wait
  19. yeah we seen that last night too, was up at Chibbanagh plantation and it flew over twice.
  20. Cost £450 only used it 4 times as I go out walking in the country side. Need quick sale so will sell for £350 – its easy to move, bit heavy but it has wheels and stuff and I put it together myself so I know its secure. It’s a really good machine but I need the dollar. i dont know how to upload photos but you can email me for the pics and i will email them back to you. Product Features · Motorised include 0-10% · 2HP continuous · 1-16kph speed range · Foldable, with wheels for transportation · Hand pulse & body fat sensor · Quick speed buttons · 40 x 120cm running area · Cushioned running deck · 6 preset programs and 1 manual programme · Maximum user weight: 120kg
  21. its not nice your friend was hurt, but im sorry, i did laugh out loud when you wrote what he said about your mum. sorry but its so random to say that, it made me laugh. my partners friend got punched last weekend, broken jaw - but it wasnt by a local because they caught the guy that done it.
  22. I must admit, i didnt go into the actual pavillion where you pay, but i too was disappointed overall with the Fringe fest. i miss the big tents outside the queens and the shore. had a great time watching Spirit of the Age in the Shore on Friday night! and what i saw of the local artists was great. just a shame the atmosphere has gone. x
  23. i dont know how to do a linky thing, but if you copy and past this link you can see the line up for the Fringe. http://www.manxbands.co.uk/index.php?topic=9909.0 cheers x
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