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  1. no, not into that. just want some white face powder for the full effect with regard to my fancy dress costume. i will leave the marching powder to the columbians and crack heads thanks. cheers guys for the info, need it for friday so wouldnt be able to order it online now. i should have done it last week but thought the snazaroo would be alright. x
  2. hmm i did think of that but im allergic to loads of perfume type stuff, do you know if there is perfume free talc? thanks Sammy
  3. does anybody know where i can buy white face powder on the Island? not the Snazaroo white face paint though, ive already got that one and the outcome isnt very good. it can be either compressed powder or loose powder. thanks in advance...
  4. i couldnt care less who wins - The slot for the Manx band to play at the Douglas Bay Festival is sh1t anyway! Red Gap are also amazing, my best friend is one of the guitarists. i love all the bands playing anyway - it will be a great night of music. really excited to see The Heights again. i can imagine a lot of Maldune groupies there being annoying though
  5. and they fully rocked! theyre playing again this saturday at the BOTB final... x
  6. hi Whimsy, could you please email me your phone number if your car hasnt gone? someone at my work if a car fiend and would love to speak to you. thanks
  7. fk them zombie trolls! im going to blast them with my boom stick. evil dead style.
  8. and? i put it on my status not sent a reminder to everyone. im looking forward to it, loads of people going as have had lots of messages on fb. buzzing! i love the CH Nightclub!
  9. yeah i dont think many people know about it Cliff! i will put it on my facebook now. x
  10. hello... is anyone going to this? Smoove Myspace have they been over before, pretty sure i went to the last one, but i might be wrong due to my bacardi haze. everytime ive been to one, ive had a fantastic night, loads of friendly faces and happy frolics and frivolity! x
  11. i cant wait. two more sleeps. God help the villa. x
  12. never once had any complaints about Andrew, he has always been upbeat and pleasant and really good with the children. a lovelly man and very professional too. maybe he was having an offday, we all have them! nobody is perfect.
  13. thanks guys, tried Pully, Old Friends, Legion, Hydro and a few others. gonna try Cronkbourne now and Douglas Yacht Club. thanks so much. x
  14. does anyone know of any places i could hire out for a 40th? (surprise) in Douglas though and allows children. any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated! only got 4 weeks to plan it all. thanks very very much.
  15. me an thy mother drove past last night, looks pretty swish! gonna head down there next week maybe for one. gonna go on the website now. good luck Adrian!
  16. soudnds good, prob come to this after ive been the gaeity x
  17. im going to buy some tickets for this now, my friend Tori is in it.
  18. love it, get me there. cant fookin wait. x
  19. get the fk in there. will be a well good night. fully Zombied up! just thinking, how the hell is the loft going to take your sound system!!!!!! will blow the fackin doors off... ha ha x
  20. are Planes actually playing live or djing? and is this Zombie fancy dress?
  21. sorry my love! my brother asked me to babysit my new niece, shes only 3 weeks old and it was such a big deal, i felt honoured, so i cancelled all my plans! i sorry... big loves and will surely come to the next one! xxx
  22. i want to come... please please "Waterfall" by Atlantic Ocean and the Pete Burns spin me round like a record one. oh and INXS!
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