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  1. sounds fkin A! if i can get back to Douglas in time from Sulby, i will come over. x
  2. Woodstock - Crosby Stills and Nash version
  3. cant get on youtube at work, but as soon as i get home, am gonna listen to this. Lost Soldiers are one of the most exciting bands (for me) at the moment!
  4. @Modey - out of interest, where were you stood? just because i was standing in the middle of the dancefloor and was absolutely loving the sound! sounded great at the soundcheck too? maybe Anglin (sound guy) turned it up a bit when he seen the size of the crowd. Planes over Paris are one of my favourite manx bands, make me so excited, just wanna dance my little socks off! POP - i thought you rocked! so did everyone we all spoke to after the gig. cant wait for the Pigs on the Wing gig with POP support! i just know its gonna blow everyone away!
  5. Oogs i can vouch for the fact that he wont be. i was informed that a very nice person told him EXACTLY what he thought of him on saturday evening! mistakes were made, lessons were learnt. next year im sure will be a lot more organised and planned and promoted properly. the guy who was organising this years Mannifest didnt know how us Manxies work, and didnt realise that all the emails to super funky groovy se xy people, were just putting people off and making people ignore the messages. ah well, i enjoyed myself, and from speaking to most people who went, they seemed to enjoy it too.
  6. yes, i found that out the hard way Bees! all the bands have been messed around completely. x
  7. @jimcalagon - how could i remember, if i didnt know!
  8. im soooo excited about this, been following the progress sicne i heard it was in the making! so excited.
  9. ha ha, imagine how amazing it would have been with proper promotion, planning, etc. ah well. it will still be fun. x
  10. i guess the only way we will know if its on, is if we are there, with a nice cold one in our hands.
  11. yeah thats why i put i had a text from him, cos hes been saying its nearly sold out from july 13th... ha ha.
  12. i just texted Hal and he said ITS ON.... have a great time everybody!
  13. all i want to know is if the bands/solo artists have paid for tickets as thats basically what was asked on one of the fb messages sent out!
  14. "its a crazy situation"... all the pleas went out last night didnt they, flyering and facebooking and blogging and emailing - i wonder if it helped? all this kind of promotion should have been done months ago. it could have been AMAZING. x an tbh, ive always found when promoting gigs an nights that word of mouth does it every time. most of my friends had only heard it from me or a few others, they had only seen any flyers for on sunday! lying on the floor down by the laughing buddha!
  15. think we knew that maybe a month ago! shame!
  16. fking A they were, ahh miss them days. x
  17. ha ha Bees most of the bands dont even know themselves whats going on, with regard to times, equipment, length of sets etc. its nuts! think its a brilliant idea for a festival but i dunno, it looks like now it aint gonna happen, which is a shame, but is what a lot of people have been saying all along. poor Hal. xx
  18. ha ha "you got the money" waynes world 2 *garths lady* *ha*
  19. remember the raves down Staarvey? ha. ticked all them boxes for fun... not!
  20. i love this topic, ive been "LOLLING" all morning. i seen some yoofs on the bus who were going to it, unlucky that it got busted, i think we all knew if would. poor mummy having to deal with all the rabble.
  21. so basically what that means, is "if you are gurning your face off, and need a bit of fresh air to sort that jaw out, you will be allowed outside" ha ha ha ha love it.
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