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  1. yeah thats what i was thinking! they way its worded and everything... madness.
  2. thats mental, have you sen the guest book? ah ha ha ha "lol" in the words of the kids...
  3. yeah Bees, its gonna be my fave gig this year. x
  4. im going to Fleetwood Mac in October! cant bloody wait! thats all thats planned for me. x
  5. i think there is an interview with Hal from ManiFest in the WWW this week, so hopefully a bit more light will be shed on it!
  6. hi Crelly, my nephew goes to the Pumpkin Patch i think its called, up by the Cat with no Tail. he has loads of fun there and the teachers are really really nice. maybe try them? i dont know what their rates are though.
  7. im chuffed about that too Oogs. Simon done me all of them.
  8. i LOVE Peelstock, but i am missing it again this year cos am away. gutted! have fun x
  9. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin Tiny Dancer - Elton John The Soft Parade - The Doors loads more i bet
  10. lemon drizzle! or home made choc fudge cake with cream nom nom!
  11. would have loved to have went, but wasnt well and skint! good times though, well done Lenny (again!) x
  12. ha ha belter! @john, it is a shame yes, but they have got every right to be fuming.
  13. the band scene kind of stick together John, and i doubt that both the bands will be playing there again. xx
  14. not being funny John, but that is proper bad form. i bet it was chocker as well with all the bands fans so they would have made a killing on the bar... i mean, wednesday night at havana, there would be no way there would be that many people there if the bands werent playing. the time and effort in actually setting up the p.a, drum kits, guitar amps, bass amp especially with all the bands stuff, they should have got paid just for lugging it up and down the stairs. nightmare. and oh God, i cant believe they said the chance to play at havana should be enough, what a fking joke!!! ha ha. a chance to play? give me strength.
  15. @ guacamole - heh surprises eh! wicked times. the ole dreaded day is friday... thanks dude, you rock xx
  16. i am absolutely gutted i cant go to this Guacamole, i love orchestra's, i used to be in the manx youth one playing the cello. i miss it. i just can afford it. i am a poor woman! it is a complete shame though that not many people know about it. go Anna! you rule. x
  17. im sooo looking forward to Little Bitta Rosie! cant wait, am a bit worried about rocking out though after the hiding some lad got last night watching Uber Room! scary... them bouncers in there are far too harsh!
  18. if you read the top line, the basement bar is now under new management! there will be no chance of the bar running dry when Billy (from the Traf) and Simon C are running it. cant wait to get in there!
  19. buzzing the Jihad is in the BBB now! good luck dudes! x
  20. today i hate the rain... it better clear up before tomorrow!
  21. hey guys, its a lovelly day, why not finish it off by coming to Fiesta Havana for Jeceris with support from Grambo. two wicked bands for a Tuesday. lovelly. music starts at 9pm! x
  22. today i love the fact that Jeceris are playing at Jaks tonight!
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