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  1. today i hate (well not hate but strongly dislike) Slade!
  2. see you there... i want some badges...
  3. seconded Oogs... what a nightmare for Lenny. The man is a legend. x
  4. yeah it would be ace to know.
  5. it was constructive criticism - everybody should be able to take it otherwise where is the room for improvement? i wasnt ripping the mag, just merely expressing my opinion, which i am entitled to! i guess some people just dont like reading about people sh1tting themselves!
  6. %age, much agreed! i was really looking forward to reading it, but then that page completely did my head in, to the point i thought that there should be a parental advisory sticker on it. i dont want my 11 yr old niece reading about things like that. i dunno, first issue i suppose, i just hope it gets a lot better. maybe instead of the gig guide aswell, just make a link to either manxbands or iom gig guide, as most of these gigs always change anyway. has potential oh yes, but a re-think of what "stories" to add, is needed. my tuppenies worth... x
  7. *linky linky* why is £37.50 a bit harsh? if you wanted to go watch them across in the UK, you would pay probably five times that (boat,hotel,drink etc). well done Lenny! Triskel rocks!!!
  8. ha ha i remember Ann Savage, she was a wild one! i got locked in the toilet with her! crack pot!
  9. taken from JimmyG on Manxbands Just to let you all know that Duggy, Steve, and myself have got together to put together a line-up of music during the Blues Festival on the fringe incorporating The Shore Hotel, The Bridge, and The Queens. The Shore will have a marquee tent up for the event, The Queens and The Bridge will be keeping their music in house. We had a meeting at The Shore to discuss who wants to play at the event and the response has been excellent from various genres in music. We have responses for the following bands. Red Gap, Blue John, Three Fat Greeks, Baldbrine Bombadiers, Pete Bridge, Clara Barker, I Am President, Carbon Frog, Walter Ego, Mark Cleator and Tate, ASAP, Behavers, Grambo, myself, and Davey Edge and a great guitarist called Phil Hughes will be coming over from Liverpool to play at The Shore on the Saturday night. The following have confirmed their spot at The Shore, Clara Barker, I Am President, Blue John, Tate, Pete Bridge, Baldrine Bombadiers, Jimmy Gillespie, and Davey Edge/ Phil Hughes and we have pencilled in the other bands from above who have yet to confirm their interest to play their spot at The Shore should they wish to do so? We want to incorporate all the bands to play in the three venues and we will be working hard alongside them to ensure that all runs well between all the bands to get up and play at each event. Duggy, Steve, and myself will be in touch and have arranged further meetings to keep each other up to date with all thats happening. If you wish to reach me please do at this site and I will endeavor to keep you all informed regarding the fringe and the music at the three venues, and in particular at The Shore Laxey. Look forward to hearing from you all soon, Jimmy G. PS. Further information regarding the fringe during The Blues Festival will be in the local press shortly.
  10. i hardly even ever post anymore on here but i had to post that, getting joy out of other peoples misery and emotional states, sad w*nker
  11. My God, i can not believe what i have just read. it brought tears to my eyes - Roq how can you possibly write those things if you weren’t there? it was a terrible time and STILL there is no justice for the 96. and for you to attack Liverpool like that is disgusting! from wikipedia "There were accusations that the behaviour of the Liverpool fans contributed to the disaster. These centred around consumption of alcohol before the game and attempts to enter the ground without a ticket. Although Lord Taylor acknowledged that these aggravated the situation, they were only secondary factors. Witness estimates of the number of fans that were drunk varied from a minority to a large proportion of the crowd. Although it was clear that many fans had been drinking, Lord Taylor stated that most of them "were not drunk nor even the worse for drink". He concluded that they only formed an exacerbating factor. The possibility of fans attempting to gain entry without tickets or with forgeries contributing to the disaster was also suggested. South Yorkshire Police also suggested that the late arrival of fans amounted to a conspiracy in order to gain entry without tickets. However, analysis of the electronic monitoring system, Health and Safety Executive Analysis and eye witness accounts showed that the total number of people who had already entered the Leppings Lane End was far below the capacity of the stand. Additionally, eye witness reports suggested that tickets were easily available on the day of the game, and that tickets for the Leppings Lane End were still on sale from Anfield until the day before the game. The report dismissed the conspiracy theory." oh those poor policemen!!!... "A private prosecution was brought against David Duckenfield and another officer on duty, Bernard Murray. Prosecutor Alun Jones QC told the court that Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield gave the order to open gates that allowed hundreds of fans to flood on to the already crowded terraces at the Sheffield Wednesday stadium. Mr Jones then stated that minutes after the disaster, [Duckenfield] "deceitfully and dishonestly" told senior FA officials that the supporters had forced the gate open themselves. Duckenfield admitted that he had lied about certain statements regarding the causes of the disaster. Several other officers, including Norman Bettison, were accused of manipulating evidence. Bettison was later to be appointed Chief Constable of Merseyside in controversial circumstances. The prosecution was abandoned when Duckenfield's doctor declared him unfit to stand trial due to illness. Because he was unavailable, it was decided that it would be unfair to proceed with the charges against Bernard Murray. Duckenfield took medical retirement on a full police pension" What an absolute atrocity of a person you are Roq.
  12. the only problem is i fking hate paramount! good luck though Roonster! im sure it will be chocker! xx
  13. I live by a copper too and yes, sometimes their car stays outside their house if theyre on call.
  14. aww poor Dog. i always walk past a house near my work and theres normally a white Staffie sitting on a God damn trampoline. everytime! poor things must be terribly lonely.
  15. i got some nice fair trade coffee from marksies, i cant remember if there are any other things there though.
  16. happy birthday you beautiful lady! much love xx
  17. whats your band called? what kind of music do you play etc? good venues to play are The Traf - 01624618131 (see Billy - call the trafalgar, north quay, Douglas) the BBB (see Juli - pm and i will give you her number, Douglas) The Creek (ring up an speak to Claire Turner, Peel) The Mitre - 01624813257 (again just ring up - Ramsey) Jaks - 01624663786) (ring up ask for Darren or Jackie)
  18. anytime an you know it... ha ha
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