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  1. hope so, i love the cheesiness of Def Leppard... ha!
  2. same here mate, damn those sexy kids!
  3. Bees, i hate it cos i cant go to them kind of partys anymore ha ha. x
  4. ah no Buggane! you didnt!!!?! The Peth. he needs to stick to acting instead of trying to Liam 2.
  5. and there is one in March too...
  6. For reluctant sale as is such an ace car. 2001 Renault Clio 20k miles on clock just been fully serviced, new tyres etc full service history £2,500 for more info (as i dont have a clue about cars), contact Sam by email sbellew@manx.net or me on email shewhocantbetamed@hotmail.com and i will give you Sam's number. thanks
  7. nah John i wasnt saying you offended, Davy is going solo, thats all it is. nobody is getting replaced.
  8. its unfair to say Davy is the band, as each person brought their own little bit of magic to BDS. For BDS to be BDS, each musician had to gel together, and they did that perfectly, nobody else could have done that. Ross's drumming is perfect with Adam's bass playing and they both compliment Davy and his lead. they were one of my favourite bands and im sorry they have split, but im very excited now to see what Davy will do solo... always have been.
  9. i get stopped every morning and every lunchtime by the lollipop man down by my mums house, he used to tell me about strictly come dancing every single day, even though i told him i didnt watch it. he always stops the traffic for the adults as well, i thought it was just for the kids. he has been my lollipop man since i was at Ballakermeen ten years ago!
  10. for sale unwanted xmas present, Nintendo DS and Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero Decades (2 Games) brand new £110 also PS3 Rock Band (games, drums, guitar. microphone etc) £100 open to offers
  11. i think its a combination of poor turnouts etc nobody going to gigs anymore
  12. yeah i was excited about this but having seen the first epoisode, i thought it was sh1t.
  13. had an absolute belter of a night when these dudes were djing, all the cool arty kids were there with their face paints and glow sticks! loved it. gutted i cant go this week though. what a shame that the BBB is shutting its doors. another sad loss for the music scene.
  14. ha ha Oogie Boogie you make me laugh you sicko. my pet hate which has been my pet hate for years, are fashion victims who wear rock tee shirts and dont even know one song that the band has brought out!!! grrr
  15. i love them. loved it when GOMH brought the complete stone roses tribute band over! Garage Flower is my fave Stone Roses album. amazin
  16. i couldnt give two sh1ts who owns the dog - im sticking up for the dog as there is no way its an american pitbull. if it was, then yeah, i would say yeah it shouldnt have been brought over here or bred here as its completely against the law and yes, i would be scared incase it case it got near my nieces & nephews or any other children. but again i will say Champ is not an APB. and that picture of that little girl, thanks for making me feel terrible whoever posted that. Chinahand - get a grip! before you start slating me i said i have known the dog since it was a puppy, and yes the Law is aware of who had the puppy. however, i didnt say i knew who brought it over or bred it, probably some knob head chav who wants to look hard! i am of the understanding the puppy was rescued from a terrible home, by the person who the law knows. think i will stick to the music forums in future, you bunch of bigots. bring back burning at the stake and hanging! you would all love that! and the birch! infact why dont they have a public dog hanging, then you can all go and watch!
  17. if that dog is an American Pitbull, i swear i have got two heads. ive known that dog since it was born and i will swear its a mastiff crossed with a staffordshire terrier. APB's are a totally different shape to the dog in question. before the government put him down or whatever, they should trace his papers and his breeding history and find out. my mates little Chihuahua is more vicious than Champ.
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