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  1. properly excited about this, i hope they have a local band support! i was gutted cos gonna miss them at V, theyre on the same time as Kings of Leon.
  2. just informing anyone parked in Princes Street Lane, this past week there has been a drunk man in a high viz jacket sitting in various places in the lane. yesterday and today he was trying to get into peoples cars to sit and drink his strong bow. the police came down but he wandered off. lock up your cars cos he was sat in a silver one yesterday.
  3. have a wicked time everyone, especially you The Bees! go nuts for me! i reckon Kings of Leon would be my faves, and i reckon JayZ will have a few tricks up his sleeve! everyone will be in festie spirit so it will be amazing im sure xx
  4. ive seen them loads of times, and everytime has been wonderful. i love their scouse jangles!
  5. Jay-z might be pulling out anyway! x
  6. i dont understand, if its still over 21s, why are they letting them buy tickets? not very fair to let them waste £12.50 on a ticket and then not getting in. also, on thursday, there was loads of under 21s in there!
  7. yeah Back Door Slam went in at number two in the American Billboard Blues chart! thats some place that! so happy for them, such a great bunch of lads.
  8. when was the head gasket last changed?
  9. also Uber Room are playing at the outback this thursday 13th! and then the single launch is on 20th March at Paramount! £8 to see the band and stay for the surprises! also with support from PLanes over Paris. x
  10. so happy for them! theyre playing at the Bonnaroo Fest in Tenessee! check out the website to see how amazing the line up is Pearl Jam, Robert PLant & Alison Krauss with T BOne Burnett, Raconteurs the list goes on... *back door slam at Bonaroo* ah i love them.
  11. hey miss Dames Aflame! have a lovelly birthday you gorgeous lady! *sm00ch* xxx
  12. any pics dude? send me an email shewhocantbetamed@hotmail.com x
  13. not gonna bother with V this year, its like one big Manx outing. didnt go last year either, first time i missed it in 8 years. was gonna go to Oxegen, but now i have seen that KOL and RATM are all playing Reading, were gonna go back there. also thinking of going to Coachella instead of Benicassim. hoping to get to the States this year so much! giddy... f*ck it anyway, get me to ChasFest! rock on Chas. )
  14. oooh Oogie i think i will come with you too.. x
  15. Hey guys, does anyone know of anywhere on the Island that fixes iPod screens? I dropped mine a while back and its got a crack in the screen. Its getting worse so should really get it fixed. Cant watch videos on it anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. i havent played a computer game since i commodore 64s went out. got playstation 3 an guitar hero and am properly hooked too! took me a while how to figure out the battle but once i defeated Lou (only on easy level) i went back an beat Slash and Tom Morello. completed all the songs over 90% and started on medium last night. my fingers are properly killing! ha ha. my fingers dont even get this sore playing real guitar! anyone got any tips for beginners? x
  17. i didnt say i liked the horse trams, but its what them horses are bred to do, and as long as they make money for the tourist board, they will never take them away. and Miss Take, im not getting wound up - i was just stating my opinion. it would take a lot more than that to wind me up.
  18. oh an Keith Brief, right on brother. )
  19. feels like it should, your ignorance astounds me. im damned if any babies i know sit in their own sh1t an p1ss all day. also, i dont know many bikes who drive in the middle of the road on the tramlines? and the sh1te smells better than the prom anyway! i just cant believe that you are bothered about a tiny bit of money that goes to the clean up of this horse sh1te. just think of the fking money them trams make when they run! £2 a time! like i said, there are more important things to worry about.
  20. your missing the point. horses eat fking grass and their plop is completely harmless! who cares how much money it takes to it up, think about the poor horse carrying its own heavy turd under its belly. i had horses for years, and their sh1t is God damn heavy! think what dogs eat - anything! thats why their turd is very harmful to babies an that. they are carnivores! and no street cleaners every clean that up, owners are supposed to but half of them dont! so the turds sit there for people to stand in on the pavement! get a grip.
  21. i cant believe what i am reading. do people really not have anything better to worry about? like speeding cars through family estates? and drug abusers hanging around windsor road? and dog sh1t all the way through Allan Street, Tynwald Street and Hillside Avenue? the horses on the trams only eat grass based foods, therefore their dung is harmless. the horses have more than enough weight to carry without carrying their own sh1te underneath them. man up people, its not as if youre going to stand in it, and it smells miles better than the promenade anyway!
  22. get me there! Oogie be a darling and play proud mary by tina turner for me, love it. x
  23. cheers Oogs, i had a fab time! definately our tightest set yet. John Power told us we were onjly allowed to play for 20 minutes! we played 45! after all we did sell 150 tickets to Behavers fans. rock on! x
  24. okay dudes! there is an extra 50 tickets on the door!x
  25. hey hey, John Power is on tonight in Havana, with my band The Behavers. i think there is only about ten tickets left so if you wanna come, phone havana! x
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