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  2. Awwww this man makes me laugh at times ! no im not declan! but bet u would be so surprised n shocked if i was tho!!! But anyways ..... Heather mills has lived quite a colourfull life – so what? Its a good thing! But theres a great difference between her being paid £15,000 for sleeping with someone which she says she ENJOYED + a poor 18 year old prostitute living on the streets who sells herself and sleeps with men, ONLY 2 finance her drink + drugs addiction!!!
  3. Mmmm I note squelch that u only have 14 posts 2 your credit? I wonder whch regular member of the forum u are who chooses 2 use this alternative Identity in order 2 post such ridiculeous statments such at the one u,ve just posted ! But considering, that on the Isle of man forums ive been called an "utter bastard" and labbled as "arrogant", " ignorant" , "a ranter + moaner", "racist" , "drunken alcoholic" , "Illiterate" , "pathetic", "a lier" and "an internet troll" ect ect ect, not 2 mention the threats ive had, I feel as tho being labbled a "clown" is just a bit silly! (I know the word was specifically chosen 2 offend + hurt me in the worst possible manner - but im sorry - it failed!!!) But Im STILL quite astonished by some of the rudness + meaness that I come accross on the isle of man forums! (I dont witness this phemonina on any other forums eccept of course for those in america!) Its not very nice !!!!!!!! Of course the vast majority of people on here are really nice ect its just a few bad apples witch ruine the barrell ! But what I post on public forums is self explanitary! I DO NOT blame anyone for not looking beyond the cloudy + seeing that witch is clear! It your chioce! In fact I go out of my way in order 2 clarify + 2 help others, which is my natural way! I openly, honestly, + fairly debate anything + everything 2 the very best of my ability! Ive brought nothing eccept goodness + helpfulness 2 these forums! I actually think you,d all be very very pleasantlly surprised If u ever found out a certain somthing about me ! + I mean that ! Oh + im not samilar nor aquainted with wood glyphs thebees! Goodbye everyone!
  4. Its not nice 2 say such unpleasant + hurtfull things such as “your dead” ! Id refuse 2 stoop 2 the same levels of depravity!, Id not be dragged into the gutter + respond in an ugly fashion! Id conduct myself in a proper manner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways.... Unfortunalty quite an unexpected situation has arose so its highly likely that this will be my very last post ever ! I doubt anyone will miss me anyways! but its ok coz witches, dragons, animals, mermaids, children, fairy’s, goblins, + kind little creatures which emerge only at night, all like me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I even befriended a kind unicorn once or twice!!!!! Tell ya what tho, these forums have been a very interesting experience in my lifes journey! Goodbye everyone, its been fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steven But I will have a glass of wine or 2 + consider my position!
  5. Im refusing 2 take part in this kinda nonsence declan! U seem 2 take exstreme objection 2 being in the wrong! I come onto public forums just 2 make some brilliant helpfull posts and give people a little bit of pleasure in reading what I post - thats it!!!!!!! Yes i did say I reffer specifically 2 her moral win rather than her legal win, meaning just that, (that post reffered 2 her moral win) but she did in effect win morally AND leagally "in part" which is what I said! Your trying 2 mis-quote and mis-interpret what im saying! I may of used the word nigger in a different context before reffering 2 the huck finn novel BUT NOT 2 JUSTIFY MY MISUSE OF THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was accused of using it in a racist manner when I never!!!
  6. off topic A unicorn is a wild yet kind loving spiritual being, whose purpose in life is help and heal others! - It is said only those with a pure heart could ever possibly tame a unicorn!!! Im not quite sure declan that u could be quite discribed as a unicorn! And anyways you, amongst others (your not alone!) have never proved me wrong on these forums dispite newmerous atempts! Well ok you did have me in tears a few times due 2 some horrible remarks said about me - but overall Ive repeatedly proved YOU wrong time after time LOL the pleasure and privalidge has been all mine, it really has LOL One instance springs 2 mind were I was repeatedly acussed of being racisist by calling black people "niggers" when I never ever did, I did of course, mearly reffer 2 the fact that a black slave was reffered 2 as a "nigger" in the novel huckel berry finn!! well he was! back on topic Just 2 mention an observation about heather mills, she did in effect become a "REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE" and these rebels who refuse 2 "stand in line" should be protected and cared for !!!
  7. I could quite easily ask YOU the same question are YOU completly mad gladys,? But when I say she won, I do of course refer specifically 2 her moral victory rather than an actuall legal victory! I have 2 enlighten further in that a court victory means nothing, court hearings themselves are corrupt so coruption is the result, so court verdicts are of no real value whatsoever in many instances!!!!!! Its quite alarming 2 realise that high court judges who are laden with grugdes are making all sorts of incompetant decisions!!! So weather the court did or did not find in her favour, is actually totally Irrelevant! Morally she won as she was in the right, he was in the wrong! I dont believe im actually "on the rant" im just posting a post which posts my point of view! But I am quite serious here ! being dragged thru the courts + listening 2 all kinds of vile and vulgar accusations which are complete lies IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER!!! Im not usally wrong but I am wrong some of the time, course I am, but no one yet has ever proved me wrong on this forum!!! LOL dispite frequent attempts! The only person ever 2 come close was a beautifull unicorn!!!
  8. Not at all declan, the court gave judgement in her favour, therefore she won!!! Yes i agrea DJDan the basis of marrage should indeed be love however some people do marry another 4 anothers wealth (I dunno how many times Ive said that now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I do have some experience of relationship breakdowns tho!!! my previous girlfriend totally hated me!!! but happily the girlfriend im sorta with now actually likes me!!! In fact she tells me that she loves me !!!!! But the whole macca v mucca has been a totally fucked up affair im afraid !!!
  9. I think quite alot of people marry just because there partner has quite a lot of money, its a fact of life, so Im not sure theres a case 2 be answered here! I might myself be open 2 the possibility of marrying someone who had lotsa money! Unfortunalty tho money is oftern not quite enough 2 keep the marriage alive, the fun can soon be lost, the marraige falls apart + divorce looms! These things happen in life. She was legally entitlled 2 a fair divorse setllement, this was wrongly denied, she spoke out and stood up alone AGAINST THE WHOLE CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM in order 2 get some justice + truth, which she eventually partially got, its as simple as that!!!! Weather or not she marryed in order 2 get at his millions is quite Irrelevant in comparison 2 the way she was mis-treated by everyone.
  10. Depends on your defintion of "mad" If u mean do I live and abide by the mad rules + regulations of our society which most people seem 2 insanley conform 2 and obey, then no im not mad, im mearly slightly insane! But I dont think any amount of money can compensate for the suffering that this woman has endured via lie after lie in the newspapers ect --- the spoken word can hurt u but the printed word can kill ya!--- These maga rich "super stars" (I happen 2 think his music is crap!) think they buy + lie there way outa anything, well on this occassion they couldent!
  11. Steven

    Ignoring Users

    Im very careful whilst using my web cam thanks! Ive just downloaded firefox web browser onto my laptop + im using it now! Its quite good! It seems quite fast also Hopefully this should get posted on here using firefox coz whilst using IE i cant post on manxforums 4 some reason unless i use the tower pc! But i reckon being on ignore could have its advantages!!! yep it works!!!! Im gunna use mozzila fire fox all the time now!
  12. Well I dont care what anyone says, Im 100 % behind heather Mills! The way she was dragged thru the courts with alsots of discusting lies said about her was discusting!!!! She defended herself in court against paul macartneys advocates who were nothing but liars! In fact they were criminals within the law! And I think the actuall money amounts involved is totally irrelevant! Its the principal that counts! A big well done 2 heather 4 taking on our corrupt legal system + winning! Take a bow!
  13. yep I 2 listen 2 the mannin line every single sunday! wouldent dream of missin it, its brillo!!!!!!! Roys a star LOL he knows his stuff! he reads out all this information + so informs us of all the malpractise + "coruption" within the goverment 4 us! We now know 4 example just which MPs use/abuse travelling expences, how can sum of em possibly cliam such unbleivable amounts? Its runs into thousands, Do they travell 2 mars or somthing???? At least theres a few who dont claim a single penny !
  14. Steven

    Ignoring Users

    ha ha ha ans! very funny! I cant believe u would ever put me on ignore! nope I wouldnt think so! But anyways my posts have been quoted soes everyone in the forum will still read em anyways!!! But yes, i 2 would b interested 2 see a list complied of "ignored" users, just 2 see who has who on ignore!!!!! Im also thinking of downloading firefox aswell, I seem 2 have quite a few problems with IE, the most anoiying one is were I keep getting a silly message sayin "you are tryiing 2 perform an illegal operation Internet Explorer will now close" what does this mean ? what illegal operation? I was only tryna make a post on public forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Steven

    Ignoring Users

    Why would anyone think about ignoring another user? They may well have somthing usefull or important 2 say!!!!! By all means dont respond or reply ect if u wish but............ I think 2 put anyone on "ignore" is quite ignorant!!!
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