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  1. Does Corkish even ever actually have an opinion on anything. From what I have seen he sits on the fence over every matter, and milks the elderly vote. Can we seriously get rid of him? Nah, probably not.
  2. I think this is a very potentially interesting idea, why do we not have forward thinking folks like you running for the House of Keys. Okay this idea may have some flaws yet these could be ironed out. Not one of the candidates I have seen so far as looked at alternatives to our current situation. (Unless someone can prove me wrong.) The Isle of Man needs to develop niche markets, and becoming part of the UK is certainly not one of them.
  3. He's a Research Fellow at Manchester University and is also working on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. So Professor Brian Cox it is.
  4. A pretty poor excuse for leeching off others. You were merely joining the ranks of the other parasites, even if only for a short while. Hope it boosted your obviously fragile ego. Ah, the feudal serf who is grateful for the scraps thrown to him by his betters. Some might just enjoy some pleasantries once in a while. It happens the world over, in fact the Isle of Man's version is very modest. If you hate it all so much, stand as an MHK.
  5. Simple answer: yes it is worth it.
  6. Hah. Patronising git. Well where do I start on this one.Perhaps I re-raised what they said, because I felt that he raised an extremely great point that should be read by the majority of the people on this forum. When people start ripping on the heads of our civil service, do they even consider the levels of work that they are doing. Especially someone like the Chief Secretary or Chief Financial Officer, because despite the fact we are small in size; this island an extremely wealthy place. These people are dealing with things the local authority leaders in the UK would never deal with,
  7. What a great night, was down on the Saturday evening. Was there for the big attraction which of course was the amazing Davy Knowles, yet came away with a great feeling for more of the local talent. Red Gap particularly stuck in my mind, along with The Heights. Though Davy really knows how to play a home coming gig, it was pretty much perfect. Thought the poor fella was going to cry when the astronauts came on the stage and then proceeded to play Roll Away. I had the same problem, I had to wait 15 minutes to get a portion of chips and I was at the front of the queue! The missus
  8. You speak very wise words, all on here should consider this post very carefully.
  9. Nice one! Anyone who even attempts the Parish is amazing, it is seriously not the easiest thing. I entered this year too, I got to Rushen; shot off way to quick at the start was very sore by the time I got to Rushen. Yet I shall be back next year, to give it an attempt to Peel.
  10. It is a simple cost saving and efficiency exercise that makes sense. We don't really have enough cases of breast cancer to support having a dedicated surgeon on that matter, so instead employ someone who is employed to carry out general surgery whilst also still being there to be able carry out breast surgery when needed.
  11. Armed Force's Day is about celebrating wars, that is the problem. I am not a pacifist, I believe that war sometimes is a necessary evil. Yet it is a very evil thing, anything that causes people to destroy other people's lives is not a good thing at all. This really hit me, when I interviewed an elderly soldier: he had taken someone else's life. He was not proud of it - perhaps the furthest away from it. That is my problem with Armed Force's day, it is about the issue of people who's job is to kill others. This is not something to really be proud of, it is something to be treated with d
  12. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/reforming_the_manx_political_system_1_3479933 Well it appears David Callister's ideas at electoral reform, are going to disappear in the nether. The ideas seem fairly good in principal, change the island into eight constituencies: each with 3MHKs and 1MLC. Yet because someone if attempting to disturb the old boys club they all start having a hissy fit. Where did he pull that little fact from? His arse. You can't go around making claims like that to back up your debate without basing it on solid facts. Who is saying we are the envy o
  13. Hate to be off topic, but why does the language you are reading; matter one ounce?
  14. Are you trying to say that teachers don't start at 0900 and finish at 1530 then? There's a few on here that (would like to) think that's the case. The majority of teachers don't work from 0900 to 1530; they will be in by at least 0800, often earlier. Once at work, they are not sat around all day twiddling their thumbs. They are pushing children to work harder, to protect them but also discipline them; often to undo the work a crappy home life can have on you. Teachers are teaching the success stories of tomorrow, would anybody be able to do their job without some form of teaching previo
  15. Actually as far as I am aware less used extensions are becoming more popular, as .com's are coming hard to come by.
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