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  1. Douglas Corporation have a very expensive CCTV system too. Mind you, it's fucken uselss and a waste of money. Either that or the corporation/police are very selective when to decide that the pictures are too murky to recognise people or when to lose the tapes.
  2. There's probably some fact in the Spanish Head thing although some local historians (such as Frank Cowin, I think) reckon all the Spanish Armada were accounted for and none landed here. Some ships landed up the Irish coast but not Isle of Man they reckon. It is probably more difficult to notice these days, but 40 years and more ago there were definitely folk in Port St Mary who were more than a little Spanish looking.
  3. Eddie only did a relatively short term as an MHK and has been nestled in the Legislative Council for what seems like 100 years. He was originally elected on a Labour ticket and in the bye-election he was up against Dick Gawne, who was from a well known land-owning family. Fo-Halloo at the time backed Eddie. Fo Halloo were against all the big rich men MHKs and their land-owning pals, especially J.B. Bolton MHK, his son Dougie with their colleague Judah Binstock, Alf Devereau MHK, Percy Radcliffe MHK and of course Charlie Kerruish the Speaker of the House of Keys, and many others. Fo Halloo saw Gawne as being in the landowners camp and a couple of their free sheets were produced urging people to vote Lowey. I would say it helped him a lot. I might just find it in myself to forgive Fo Halloo for daubing paint, sticking up posters and burning houses. But they have to live with getting Eddie into the House of Keys.
  4. Plus, to be fair, the new Chief Minister is hardly whiter than whiter and wouldn't want people delving deeper (see Liberal Vannin Chief Minister nomination speech for details eg re Mount Murray)
  5. Cheers for that John, how priviliged we are to have a forum member 'on the inside' Any luck with letting us know other countries who keep their court listings a secret? Please feel free to let me know anytime. As stated previously I will gladly accept the likes of banana republics, African dictatorships, juntas and dodgy central Russian pariah states. Certainly not England and Wales Court Listings Ditto Scotland: Rolls of Court Sheriff Online, I can find out the court listings in Derby, Doncaster or Durham and Dingwall, Dornoch or Dunoon. But Douglas I've no fucken chance. Even if you are a party it is like pulling teeth getting information out of the Isle of Man Courts. And anywhere else in the civilised western world has court listings posted and displayed at the courts. It is a fucken disgrace. Back on topic, I am surprised that the judge didn't just tell the defendant tough: pal, you've had a chance to get legal representation, defend yourself.
  6. Oh, and don't forget that there was a vote in the House of Keys not so longer, for a member of Legislative Council that totalled 25 members in the House...... Edited to add and back on topic. With the Island heading into deep shit, maybe Peter Karran could be getting set up. Someone's got to carry the can and it ain't Tony Brown ("phew...just made it"). Or Donald Gelling, who by the way, used to brag about rather having to deal with the problems of success rather than the problems of failure. When you are being given an extra £1,000,000 VAT revenue over and above what the country has earned, then even a tractor salesman could run a country.
  7. I believe that Chris Robertshaw MHK for Douglas East, was around the streets today with his clipboard, helping a number of constituents with various issues. A neighbour remarked on this, with it being so soon after the election but it was a case of "Business as usual" for that MHK. I can see why many of the voters of Douglas East get a bit tribal when it comes to their MHKs. Despite some decent new candidates, it was always going to be difficult to knock the sitting candidates off their seats.
  8. The ballot papers are all identical and have the candidates names on I believe, but won't have the voter's name on. So it is secret.
  9. %age

    Brian Stowell

    Strictly speaking, for the purposes of the forum censor software, wasn't it "hah! hah! hah!"
  10. What did he call you though? I doubt somehow it's the same name I have for people so inclined. You've just been granny farmed dear. I hope you feel really dirty. Tomorrow my bet is you'll spend all day in the shower. Nice post Albert!
  11. No but possibly you have a nice silver spoon to polish and a pretty nasty legal industry on the Isle of Man to apologise for, if you don't mind me saying. The Isle of Man has an insidious and corrupt (oops, there's that word 'corrupt' again) legal system, and down there with the worst in the world. Mugage type places included. A veneer of respectability that few people will dare to scratch off, least of all the self-interested lawyers and highly paid legal system employees, which can include of course the police... As a slight aside, John, when are the Isle of Man Courts going to publish and display the Court Lists to the public? You said on this forum ages ago that you would find other places in the world that don't publish the day's Court business to the public, but you haven't managed to do so yet. Right now on the Internet I can find out Court Lists for tomorrow anywhere in the UK in 2 minutes. On the Isle of Man it is impossible unless you are a party or an Advocate in the gang. Yes, the Courts are open and have public galleries. But it is not unknown for courts to simply *ahem* adjourn if a member of the public walks in.
  12. The lad kept on referring to "MaccyD's". Most of the audience didn't have a fucken clue what he meant. I think most of them thought serving behind a fast food counter with a funny cap on was about the lad's true limit. That said though, these days to be awarded a University degree appears to be one of those rights in life our young folk expect.
  13. I hope Douglas North manages to find a better Returning Officer than the one who would have had responsibility for the mixed up votes that deprived Billy Henderson of his seat until someone decided to call for a recount....
  14. %age

    New 'bored' Game

    An Isle of Man version of Monopoly came out over 30 years ago.
  15. I was there too. Sat in the balcony. I thought it was going to be a wasted trip but a visit to the Manx Legion is always worth it for the Boddingtons. Nice price too. The question about the PS/CS possibly being 40% too bloated etc. was a good question but I think it needs to be asked at a political meeting. Mark Solly would have made it quite clear from his earlier answers that he wasn't going to be there to answer questions as to his political opinion. Even the PAG guy at the end asked him about FOI and a popularly elected LegCo, and was given a dignified rebuff. One thing that came clear to me was that we should stop forever comparing ourselves to the UK and just look at ourselves for what we are and in our own tax world. The example he used was that OAPs in the UK can travel anywhere on a bus for free, the whole country if they pleased, how do you equate that sort of thing with what the Isle of Man has to offer. Was that a former MP that asked questions? (in the cheap seats at the back) He had the same name as a former MP. The presentation from some chap with figures that proved we don't need to pay any tax at all might have been ok but I chose those minutes to savour the beer. It was all either above my head or he was off his head. Loads of candidates there trying to make a name for themselves. They should always remember that it's best to STFU and let people think you are a fool rather than ask something stupid and confirm it. Even better, don't attend at all. Bill Malarkey wasn't there. Who was there? Alf Cannan, the Malew & Santon Hanson, Richard Kissack, Paul Moulton, Brenda Cannell, John Karran, David Talbot, Middle Lib Van chap and probably some more. I enjoyed the evening. No chance for a heckle though. I'll save that for the requisition meeting on Wednesday. See you guys there.
  16. The jury were given a very hard decision to make. In court judges can always be assured of obedient laughter with their silly quips and homilies, except in this case it seems the 'joke' was distasteful and uncalled for. When, as reported, the judge himself decides to 'play to the gallery' for a cheap laugh, then the case is immediately coloured, certainly the patina would have been set.
  17. The VAT thing is perfectly simple. The Isle of Man was getting a shedload too much payment from out of the Common Purse. The Government couldn't spend it fast enough - NSC, IRIS, MEA pie-in-the-sky-projects, New Hospital, Tynwald Building refurb, chuck some at Manx Radio, Employ lodsa expensive Civil Servants and 'Pension' them off. The list is endless. Then the Government etc. couldn't fucken stop gobbing off about it all, they even took some of their snotty pals and had a knees up in the Mansion House - right in the heartland of London. They invited some people to show off to. Those people said "...summat up 'ere, how can these fools be so facken wealthy and so facken gobby with it. They must be facken stoopid too. let's take a long hard look at this Isle of Man place". And there kiddies, you have the story of how we blew it.
  18. I haven't had a good night's reception since we went digital. I've tried everything. Anyway, since then I only watch Family Guy and the occasional news.
  19. ...I'm....I'm.....having one of my visions, it's a bit cloudy just now...ah yes, it's clearing hmmm, looks to be in the future.....there's some ginger bastard....looks a right raspberry too.....must have had a stroke, with a bit of arthritis thrown in.....aye, looks well fucked if you ask me....hah, hah, can't find a place to park, fucken ace! WHO CARES
  20. A bit like the Shoprite Victoria Road car park. There are people who just ignore the disabled markings. Still, there is a principle here. Some things you just don't do, well some don't.
  21. How amusing we found Nigel Molesworth and Down With Skool all those years ago. It was naughty because it used the wrong spelling and stuff - can you imagine that ever happening today! At least they spoke proper. Society is regressing Gilly and you are seeing that in your very home.
  22. I suppose anyone can be speaker. I was in the public gallery when Peter Karran was made the speaker (as a deputy and because he was the only one not holding a Government position). Actually, I think I might have imagined/dreamt/nightmared that. Can anyone confirm if it ever happened?
  23. I think they get a lot of people doing mooners and such like. Always good to have a choice of photos to use.
  24. Gawne's intellect and judgment are in question, as far as I am concerned. Remember, this is the guy who in protest at..at..something or other, set fire to a house and raised it to the ground. A house being built by a Manx company, by mainly Manx workers, and being built for a Manx couple. He was voted in because he was a bit naughty and on the edge, but the fact is he is there for himself and he has nestled in very nicely with the establishment. OK, ok, he can speak Manx gaelic. So what.
  25. Interesting figures there, VinnieK. I wonder if the figures will change much for this year? I am sure now that the likes of Malarkey and Quirk, now they have bedded in with their aspirations, will be up their with the nodding dogs?
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