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  1. The prices we pay are usually within 7% of fix so yes we are well within 10% of the above company and there is nothing more than meets the eye here we are open with our prices and we ask you to come to us last and encourage you to get other quotes before selling... its just common sense. Thanks
  2. I would yes as i dont have any dental qualifications
  3. Hi all, Just though I would add a comment here I represent the gold and silver exchange on Victoria Street, we are a Manx company run by people who all live on the island and my advice would be to shop around for the best price when selling gold or silver... its just common sense. We don’t offer any gimmicks just a good price that follows the fluctuations in the metal prices. You can call in or call us any time and we can give you a list of our prices being paid that day per ounce or gram. I also agree with previous comments about the bad name this business has gained throu
  4. your recent topic was set invisible. You are commercial. if you wish to advertise then you have to pay for advertisng


  5. Yay no mor nagging from the wife about eating cucumbers
  6. I think its fair to say that this event will never happen again as the is no longer any confidence in the idea
  7. you will find that Pens made to write on dvd's work perfectly ahd the have a finer nib so it will look alot clearer
  8. Bit of quick advice, if your after beach detecting get somthing with a polo head Whites are a good starter machine or if you are after a machine for fields etc get a solid coil and go for somthing like Whites or Tessoro.
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