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  1. The BBC is having to cut hundreds of jobs at the moment that's not really a comfy situation. Besides I really value the fact the it doesn't contain advertising. My kids can watch TV that is fun, stimulating and not filling there heads full of Pokemon "Gotta catch them all" type advertising. Yes the reception needs to be sorted on the Island it's terrible, I'm hopeing that the digital switch over will help. If it doesn't we should lobby our MHK and get the situation sorted. I believe it is in a comfy situation if it is producing channels which nobody is watching and is being able to sustain them. If advertising bothers you then fair enough, it really doesn't bother me all that much. The BBC got a rise in the Licence Fee last time, in order to help it adapt to the digital set-up. It is now asking for more money, despite the job cuts made. When Thompson was at Channel Four he remarked that the BBC was "bathing in public money", he has changed his tune.
  2. I personally resent the Licence Fee, or rather it going to the BBC. As I understand it, the Licence Fee was originally designed as a tax on transmittion equipment and had nothing to do with the BBC. The BBC is turning out some good programming, I won't deny that. But equally it is providing services which no-one wants, I gather that the "red button" has been a bit of a flop, as have BBC 3 and BBC 4. I don't see why the BBC shouldn't have to operate on the same footing as every other network. The BBC is, ultimately, in thrall to the government- it relies on the government to allow it to continue. This isn't a comfy situation in my view.
  3. Well how are you going to put your ideas into action then, if you refuse to stand in elections?
  4. Like others in this thread I'm really not suprised at this "news". I suspect that it doesn't come as news to her employers either. I don't think that she should be dropped, it is ultimately her private life, although perhaps there is an argument that when you earn as much as she does then your employers are entitled to extent their reach into your private life. I do wonder to what extent the use of Cocaine has helped her figure, and those of other models. As far as her being a role model is concerned, I really don't think that she should ever have been one. I think that she is an advert for anorexia. The real role models for young people should be in the home, in my view.
  5. Ant

    Mec Vannin

    At the last election, wasn't Joe R, Ramsey, who wanted to install an electronic fully democratic system into the Island? All the people would have an opportunity to vote on everything and anything by way of a home voting system over the internet. He didn't get in of course as it all sounded a little loopy back then. I bet half of us lot didn't even have email at work then. But I think he was in fact way ahead of his time. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A bit like the Telepathic Partnership in the UK. They didn't do very well at the General Election, their sole candidate in Wokingham achieved 34 votes .
  6. What would the motivation be? "OK lads, we're playing a pro team so let's not get our areses kicked by more than 10 " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I would say that the Isle of Man team are comparable to a lower Unibond League side. If my comparison is accurate then they should do very well in the NLS Cup. Every time I have seen the Island play they have certainly seemed like they were trying, now whether there are things going on behind the scenes which show them to be less than commited I don't know. If he were to go then as replacements Dixon (St Marys, temporarily forgotten his first name) and Chris Bass are two names that immediately leap out. Now whether they would want the job is another matter. You are right in asking the question if he was to go who would he be replaced with. I'm sorry to be pedantic but the Island side didn't play Bolton, nor have they played Premiership or First Division clubs. They have played League One and League Two sides, it is quite a gulf still though I agree. On your last point, if that is the frame of mind a team has going into a game then they will not be disappointed. My point was that it is seen by some as being part of a managers job to get the players fired up (I tend to think that players shouldn't really need much firing up), it seems like it is the other way around in the Island side with the manager lacking motivation- certainly regarding the Football Festival.
  7. It is fair to say that the players may have been tired when the Football Festival came, they did play five games in five days in the end afterall. Manning just doesn't inspire confidence to me though. I thought that the tactics in each of the games were flawed, nine men were stuck behind the ball in the Oldham game with the result being that there was no outball, the team seemed to be trying to play a passing game but ended up passing it backwards due to there being no-one forward. Things were looking up in the first half of the Port Vale game, with some good Football being played, but once the Island went 2-0 down it was back to nine men behind the ball. It is always being reported that he dislikes the Football Festival, he said so again on Manx Radio just before the tournament that he wasn't a big fan but that it was his job to motivate the players. I find it bizzare that he is trying to motivate the players when it is obvious that he isn't really motivated for the tournament himself, and if he had his way I get the feeling the Isle of Man team wouldn't be competing in it. To be fair though, I thought the lads were trying their best and did seem to be motivated. It was disappointing to have the Island side come back medal less from the Island games, and I would probably have expected them to come back with something. This is probably far more concerning than the performance in the Football Festival as nothing was really expected in the latter. Maybe progress can be made in the National League Systems Cup, we shall see
  8. Did anyone else go?. I think that the scoreline is probably a bit unfair on the Island side, although Oldham did dominate. I don't think the cause of the Island team is helped by having ten men behind the ball all the time, as soon as the ball is cleared defensively it just comes back. The lads were obviously trying though, and to be fair I think that the visiting Football League teams are of a different class.
  9. It is a rather good point though, what if this man had blown himself up?. The security services would have taken such a pillorying, "why wasn't he taken out?", would have been the question. I get the feeling that those in the security services are damned if they do and damned if they don't sometimes. The Muslim Council of Great Britain is starting to get rather animated about this, I am reading. To be honest I don't understand the mentality of someone that when confronted by the Police, having done nothing illegal, runs away. That isn't to say it doesn't happen though. Perhaps this man had something else to hide which wasn't related to the offence?, although that probably is unlikely.
  10. I have bought a CD online which arrived through my letterbox this morning. The CD in question is Murder In The Graveyard by Lord Sutch and The Undertakers. I am trying to get it to play on my PC but to no avail, the CD isn't being detected, and when I click on the Drive I am informed that there isn't a disk in there. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could get the CD to be detected?. There definately isn't a flaw with the CD as it is new and I have just tried it on a CD Player.
  11. Ant

    Empty Forum

    I often look at the Forums in the early hours and find, many times, I'm the only one online .
  12. I think that the people of Holland and France might well be voting against the EU itself. I'm aware that both of these countries are viewed as historically "pro Europe", especially France. It is really just a guess though, no-one knows what is in the minds of the voters but I would doubt that it is a vote against the national governments. I am anti EU. I think that what the British people voted for initially- the European Economic Community isn't what they are seeing now. They are seeing a body which can issue guidelines on the maximum number of working hours, on the disposal of asbestos etc. I also think that the talk of being competitive is a bit misguided. If there are to be rules for all members states on the numbers of hours workers in each are allowed to work that, in my judgement, is not competitive. I feel that countries should be competing with each other and if a nations government wants to allow its workers to work longer hours than another nations government then so be it. It will either be rewarded with greater productivity than its neighbours or less productivity as some Unions would have us believe. I also feel that the Isle of Man should not have to follow any EU rules or guidelines.
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