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  1. I have a 28" flat screen Sony TV with freeview built in. It's the bulky type, (two man lift) It comes with a Sony DVD player and the correct sony glass stand. It has a skybox which I have been using to get freesat. All the three remotes are included. Everything works perfectly. These need picking up from Peel. (Ground floor flat) Best to call me on 463621.
  2. Be very careful with where the water goes. Modern cars packed full of ECU's, sensors, and more electronic kit than you'll ever know don't mix well with an engine steam clean.
  3. I am just vacating a flat in Peel, the greatest of views, £650 a month, 'I'm also going to bin a lot of furniture, flat has white goods included.
  4. Yikes. Thebees stalking me. I'm scared!
  5. Bump. Is this not worth anything?
  6. Update, Police say they are concerned for his welfare and believe he may be wearing a dark green and black Regatta outdoor coat, dark green combat trousers and old walking boots.
  7. I bought the following off here 2 years ago and have never used it. Luckily I've found the previous chaps details of it. Is it worth anything to anybody? I just need it gone. Any offer invited. My number is 463621 playstation For sale Black slimline playstation 2 excellent condition includes slim dvd remote eyetoy + eyetoy 1+2 cds 2 x controllers 1 x controller extension 1 x 8mb memory card 1 x 64mb memory card including 25 games! call of duty 1,2+3 medal of honor (frontline, european assault, rising sun and Vanguard) lego star wars 1+2, TT superbikes 1+2 plus loads of other top games will throw in a cd folder full of ps1 games (32 games in all and original demo 1,2+3 cds) and 3 memory cards as well bargain at £90 ono Please note i will not split, needs to go as one as i need the room!!! call cheers NOW SOLD
  8. OK MB, I'll bite, if the above was the only problems, then fine. Utter sheds are driving on the roads here. More checks, the better.
  9. I agree MB, but we need way more roadside checks to get the unroadworthy vehicles off the roads. There are just too many accidents waiting to happen.
  10. " So as the 100% truthful, bike riding, used(?) car sales person with 'no axe to grind' perhaps you could provide further and better particulars to back up your allegations of the 'Highway Chiefs" dishonesty in making up the statistics, presumably because they hold a grudge against all in the "motor trade"? Perhaps you could recommend a good place to buy a new/ second hand vehicle ? pswt, I could repeat myself, but won't. You could drive here on slick tyres and defective brakes and worn/dangerous steering/suspension or a combination of the above. I don't need to provide any facts to surport what i'm saying. most people will know what I'm saying makes sense.
  11. How can I answer that? I would suggest that the Highways Chiefs input could be a little more guarded than mine. He has way more vested reasons than me to guard his position. I know that what I've said is very sadly true. Why would I make it up if it wsn't true? It doesn't benefit me in any way. What I've said is sadly the facts. It does worry that a lot of people here drive round in cars that shouldn't be on the roads and I ride a bike and that means I could be a little more at risk than I should be. As usual, on here, the truth is always questioned, very often people don't post, because they get challenged. I have no axe to grind whatsoever. I'm just stating the truth.
  12. During my years of experience working at a car sales site with a big turnover, I just can't agree with woolley that "How many people do you know who are happy to ride around in a death trap? Not many." I can't agree with MP that "Not many people would be happy driving around in a defective vehicle but there are those who do." We get loads of dangerous cars in p/x that we crush because it's obvious they are scrap and shouldn't be on the road. We also get loads of very nice looking cars offered in p/x and upon driving them, have severe and dangerous faults. sometimes the owners have no idea of these faults, often they are well aware, but still drive them, (with their kids in them) whilst they shop around to swop their car. I do agree with MP that cars need a biennial test, (I'd have put biannual if I hadn't read the above) but the roadside checks need to be on a selection of cars, not just the rough looking ones. i can't believe how many well spoken, seemingly well educated people don't have their cars serviced regularly and seem fine driving round on nearly slick tyres.
  13. This may well be worth a look. http://www.carsforstars-iom.co.uk/about.htm
  14. Does anyone know if the races have been moved to this evening?
  15. So far, this is the quietest Mad Sunday I can ever remember.
  16. Fair comment Mish. In 1977 I got run off the road and an ambulance was called and I got a bill for £25.00 and back then it was a lot of money.
  17. Beat you by 3 minutes Mish! You're slipping.
  18. grant

    Car Keys

    Addie, what type and age is the Hyundai? Did it go through an Island garage when/before you bought it. PM me if you wish.
  19. I just don't get why ScotsAlans opinion is irrelevant just because he doesn't live here anymore. He was a marshal before he left and is very entitled to his view. He did only leave due to losing his job remember, could happen to anyone.
  20. It was just the MG and Vanden Plas Maestro that talked to you.
  21. They will commence on Monday 14th May and run daily until Sunday 16th September inclusive
  22. If you're named on the insurance certificate Mr Thriller, if you transfer ownership at the time of taxing then no problem, you can then change the ownership back to the keeper when the reg doc gets back to you.
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