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  1. Yes and don't know Yes to trouble with the police, not sure if you have to declare it. Question is can we forgive? I guess that depends on the alleged wrong doing, not for I. Best of Kipper Baps
  2. One night out and another in Bad for horses but good for sheep Myr sniessey da’n oie, slhee mitchooryn
  3. Blustery WIND goblins Ten out of twelve owners said their cats preferred whiskers. 1000 Isle of Man people surveyed - of the 1000 whom expressed an opinion the majority expressed preference for Alan Bell - result - the people of the Isle of Man surveyed expressed a choice of Alan Bell to be Chief Minister - conclusion of survey - Alan Bell is peoples expressed choice which in turn leads to a wee report. For what it is worth the chap with the alleged unusual voice will be Chief Minister. Story ends life goes on. Blustery WIND goblins are loved by all for their never ending comedic entertainment. Ginny the witch loves to poach grouse.
  4. You are obviously far to posh to have ever had the pleasure of using national transport Big bus small bridge - 11/4 you get through 1/3 you dont and 1/100 you get to do the route again but this time you turn up captains hill unless you get 10/1 to have another go. If only it had been an election victoty tour. Ah well
  5. Would anyone mind if I wore nowt in public or maybe a very large fig leaf.
  6. I live in the West but when I look left or right I am surrounded by the East, I must be in the middle. Ban the muslim as they are proximate cause.
  7. Hmmn I was looking forward to this thread as I thought it was was going to be a review on Porsche. drat
  8. Affers you My posterior is on fire most days but it has more to do with my chrones. Just a thought.
  9. All Gnipa to you I have just listened to an interview on manx radio with a Mr Howton. In my alleged personal opinion the chap is absolutely crackers. I would hope that there will or should be a viable alternative to Howton - in my opinion he is like well off the wall. Or if you like - Crumbs!!!!!!!!! Balladoo love for now
  10. That doesn't really answer the points raised so far though, does it? How much dangerous traffic it would actually take from the roads, and hence whether it would be worth it is precisely what's being called into question here. As for the rest, those aren't really points: 'give a major boost to retail in all major towns' is simply conjecture until you back it up with something more substantial (and it's dependent entirely upon what the likely uptake is), and 'providing a development project when the Island really needs one' is facile construction industry lobbying. Does the Island really need one, or do the building firms? The two are not one and the same and that question is part of a much bigger issue: that being the government's continued subsidy to the contruction firms and developers and whether we should really be perpetuating it rather than weaning them off public money which we can barely afford to spend keeping them afloat on the Island. Chris makes the right noises and is a decent backbencher, but, and I honestly don't mean offence here, he's significantly weaker when it comes to proposing things himself and ideas. If his record on here is anything to go by, my personal impression is that he simply doesn't think things through or to nearly enough depth. He's got a knack with bold statements and appealing slogans, but his arguments are usually quite poor and he sometimes seems to have difficulty following other people's arguments, which to me doesn't speak highly about his ability to reason or how serious a player he is. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he got in given the competition in Douglas East, and I think he should probably stay, but to me he's very much a politician first and a political thinker second and is much better situated on the backbenches than he would be in a top role. You are entiled to your opinion of me but how about answering the question. Given the circumstances described would you link the tram track and the MER during the course of works or not? Well Beings of Guttery Gable No - No Link - and No relaying of track. Muckle's Gate whispers for now
  11. Oooh Kione Droghad rate dodgers Aiport to Peel around twenty queens head pounds - Doolish aqua marine centre to Liverpool twenty four queens head pounds and a half queens head pound. Top value as far as I can see, for a boat. Off to watch an eighteen rated Skeerey Chairbre for now
  12. The cool ruuning water of the slough Crikey he is at it again. Thought he learned his lesson last year with the butties and fishing rod. Balley ny Croshey sewage works for now
  13. Oooh the coral reef of Doolish lake. Why do the dense public put up with handouts to the film industry both here and the UK. Constantly accepting persons signing on for extra ordinary benefits and then willing to see them paid royalties for sub standard work for which we paid them to do. Its madness I tell you, madness! More peat for the big burner for now.
  14. Oooh Trimble and Thatcher Marginlisation when in fact they have marginalised themselves. As always the ethnic minority when faced with cuts choose to show their form of self defense. Crime was/is a socialist issue for Tshitcher and Cmaeron. Manage the marginlisation. More power to the Dolphin fishermen for now.
  15. rippled thames What odds they will not recognise the situation as a race problem? Yes there were some white persons involved in the most extreme violence but in the main! What odds the do gooders skirt around it? Send in the troops - No send in the GURKHA'S that would really confuse the knob heads. calmer under currents for now
  16. How green is your grass WOW what a fecking mess - disenfranchised brown youths (bullshit) whom (in the main but there are also a few whites in their also) are allegedly bored - no alleged future - no prospect of jobs - weird how they communicate on blackberry and twitter - thought they were skint? Fecking Knob heads send in the troops with the shoot to kill policy - the scum bags are really doing no justice to their alleged cause of harassment. Apologies to all but it has to be said that the majority of the knob heads kicking off in London, Birmingham and Liverpool are not of white persuasion. Do they not realise that they are feeding the the far right all the ammunition they wanted and require to further their (the FAR RIGHT) demented cause. Welcome to London enjoy your 100 meter sprint, appears there are plenty of contenders. Dont cross your sprouts for now
  17. cheers Darn the lateness It appears I am some years too late. Oh for the chance to wear my MUSTASH once more - seriously would of liked to have seen this. tally ho for now Per chance one has read this incorrectly - come along and join in with I, you know you want to even if just curious? rumpy pumpy for now
  18. cheers Darn the lateness It appears I am some years too late. Oh for the chance to wear my MUSTASH once more - seriously would of liked to have seen this. tally ho for now
  19. The greenness of the grass Free the mushrooms - mushrooms be free. lets get natural for now
  20. Far from it, Flymaybe are a shit outfit. The harshness of it all I witnessed a sign "Welcome to the Isle of Man"! basking shark skin for now
  21. Trinket smoochy I agree I did indeed leave a deposit but tankards at dawn the interest rate went against moi. Apparently they called it Bill which is rather ironic. So much for afternoon tea. sweet grass cuttings for now
  22. Wowzy Woosh Have to say I have had many a pleasant afternoon tea in a council house before returning to my country spread. cool on the cucumber for now
  23. yeah and it provided the opportunity for you to talk shit, those people are lawless twats no doubt, but they are continually harrassed by racist police, just occassionally boom it all goes off, no matter what the trigger point. Hmmn Eh?!? No the lawless racist twats continually harass the the rozzers - simples - Toxteth - Handsworth - Broadwater. starry starry night for now
  24. Wishy washy What is twitter? 50% of for now
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