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  1. Where would I get the video clips if they didn't? You wouldn't. The comment was based on my recent experience at the NW where there was little point in leaning over the hedge because all that could be seen was a row of outstretched hands holding mobiles, disappearing into the distance.
  2. I thought it would be obvious that they close the roads to reduce incidents. It goes without saying that the less time the the road is open the fewer accidents there will be. A bit puzzled because the series of events you portrayed will all have happened well before the road can be closed. The road closure has no impact on the traffic already ahead of it.
  3. Maybe I'm cynical but it seems quite obvious that the police have a policy of closing the road at every opportunity. The story about having to because of H&S and their officers at risk is nonsense. They must be confusing themselves with marshalls who do have the unenviable task of going into the road protected by just a yellow flag, which seems to indicate to a lot of riders a 5mph reduction in speed. Not all road users are sensible but I would be amazed if anybody totally ignored blue flashing lights up ahead.
  4. Just a pity that so many people nowadays just seem more interested in taking pictures, especially on phones so they can broadcast to the world.
  5. When there's not a lot going on with the racing I tend to look at this forum just to pass the time. One or two names seem to appear with staggering frequency, namely 'Evil Goblin', who I assume is using the name his parents gave him, and 'Militant Dog Owner'. It isn't clear whether the dog is militant or its owner, either way I'm sorry to say that dogs always conjure up images of dog turds so I suppose it doesn't really matter. In any event the TT ends tomorrow and I won't be going anywhere near this site for the next 50 weeks. You meanwhile..........
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