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  1. Firstly I am aware that some people do not agree with the PAC and it is basically been phased out anyway but in my understanding this year 2014/2015 anybody with < £9300 income was entitled to £500 I asked the tax about this and they replied with There have been recent changes to the qualifying conditions for PAC’s as announced by the Treasury Minister in his budget speech on 17th February 2015. The amount of the PAC was reduced to £400 for a single person and the new qualifying conditions are: • You must be at least 65 years of age at the beginning of the tax year (being 6th April 2014) • Or to have been eligible for either blind person’s allowance or the disabled person’s allowance since 6th April 2014 If you do not fall under either of these categories then you will not be eligible for the Personal Allowance Credit. If you feel you should be entitled to more benefits, then please contact General Benefits at Markwell House. So I had a look at the speech which says this The PAC was frozen last year at £500 for those with taxable income of £9,300 or less. For 2015/16 the PAC will be reduced to £400 and will only be paid to the elderly and disabled with taxable income of £9,500 or less. My ultimate aim remains that this will be one of the benefits eventually replaced in a new benefits system. All benefits need to be paid via the benefits system to ensure that we are making payments to those who really need the support. I will ask the Assessor of Income Tax to work with the Director of Social Security to put this in place for 2016/17 so that 2015/16 can be the last year of the PAC. For people who previously benefited from the PAC the Income Tax Division will endeavour to ensure that they claim any benefits to which they are entitled. I again queried them and their response is Although you have just completed and submitted the 2014/15 income tax return form, payments for Personal Allowance Credits are made after 06 April 2015 and therefore the new rules apply. I am missing something here, surely the statement says the new rules apply to the 20156/2016 text year and PAC payment due now should be based on last year? Can anybody advise please.
  2. Lost car key, black fob no buttons with an Q&S White key fob attached. Possibly lost near Empress Drive area Reward for return Call 293175
  3. Been using this for over a week now, nice OS. Navigation is intuitive and HW support seems better than 8.1 64 bit. I have an older Dell Inspiron 1721 and 8.1 64 bit wireless drivers didn't work correctly (Limited Access Errors) but they seem to have fixed that with this technical preview, despite it using the same old atheros driver? Really cant complain about anything with this OS, it does ask for occasional feedback about "Do you prefer the new setting menu or the original control panel". At least MS are making a proactive effort to gather consumer feedback, this should hopefully translate to a more user friendly OS in the future. And for the paranoid among us, remember it is evaluation software so expect it to send usage information, if your dealing with sensitive data then obviously use a secure OS and encryption as standard.
  4. Is this still available? Do you know if it will support 64bit virtual servers?
  5. Try The AA Car insurance they compare loads and got me a really good deal.
  6. Good result tonight for a Caca Team!
  7. They do that "You got wires going in..." tune
  8. Amadeau used to have one 474475 or something like that.
  9. Apparently there has been a murder - this came from a scaffolding friend of mine - they had to put the scaffolding up to access the flat apperently.
  10. I got my Hanspree here they have the newer one with DTV tuner now. http://www.clearancebuys.co.uk/Hannspree-X...er-p-16913.html IOM Delivery was £34
  11. Buddhist mode on... We are all part of the whole therefore Heaven and Hell is in essence are all part of itself and not part of anything at the same time. Racist mode on... I blame the humans.
  12. access55


    Don't like the sound of an ageing car ferry with a hand full of guards sailing this past us! A ship described as 'an ageing car ferry' is due to sail from Sellafield this week, down the Irish Sea, with hundreds of pounds of bomb grade plutonium oxide on board. The former roll on roll-off ferry, which is not being named, apparently has 'a handful of guards on board'. http://www.manxradio.com/readNEwsItem.aspx?id=16693
  13. I have a contract and it's been fine - like the rolling free minutes got about 1 million hours now ;-)
  14. Loads - very little data is transferred during on-line gameplay. If you download content demo's etc then that will use a lot more bandwidth.
  15. I accidently bought the N95 8GB version of the case which doesn't quite fit the "normal" N95 - I have the proper case now. If anybody wants the N95 8GB clear case - PM me and I'll pop it in the post for free.
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