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  1. I agree with face off that was gash. I was made to watch The Notebook which wasn't bad but by no means great. Also i started watching Broken Arrow the other night which was pish.
  2. martyn

    Saw 4

    What does everyone think of a 4th Saw film? A bit different this time as Jigsaw and Amanda are dead. I saw a trailer for it and it looks ok, I just hope they don't go for a 5th or try and do what seems to be 'fashionable' in horror films recently of making a prequel. What are your thoughts?
  3. you're absolutely right, they'd be fucking nothing without Ross. Not entirely sure what you mean by needs to improve so much though, they're looking to get coverage and publicity not for an entry to the blues hall of fame. They're equally as good if not alot better performers as the vast majority of bands in the UK charts today.
  4. here some nice ones to try out i've read recently Darkness Visible by William Styron My Idea of Fun - Will Self American Psycho (i'm on at the moment) A Brief History of Tractors in Ukranian - Marina Lewycka
  5. sam was ace last weekend.. HE PLAYED DEL AMITRI! haha
  6. hahahaha he's such a freaky short arsed bastard, Mickey that is not Ricky. I did hear some strong beats coming from the outbacks doors last night. Well onto him.
  7. i don't want to watch it incase i end up electricuting my knob on the tv screen. Michelle Ryan looks well hot in it. If there's any scenes where she gets her circuitry out be sure to post it up here
  8. nice poster. I can't make it unfortunately but have a good night.. After my appaulling effort at turning up last time I shall be having a boxing day blowout in AmberBarBearBeer. Godspeed you Social Security people
  9. hey everyone. myself and the good people of vive la rock promotions have pulled off a blinder this Halloween. Zombina and the Skeletones will be coming back to the island after 3 years. We're very excited about this gig as trying to book them this time of the year is like gold-dust. So mark your diaries on 25th and 26th October at the "Home of Live Music" The Trafalar, Douglas. tickets are £5 each night or £8 for both nights, and they're selling well so get down to the traf and get yours now. Support on both nights will be from the Rock'n'Rollers, The Poison Hearts. there'll be a prize for the best costume AND at midnight on both nights there'll be a special screening of a classic horror film, as chosen by the oogie boogie monster and the creepy ghouls at vive la rock. Remember the Skeletones haven't been here in 3 years and it could be that long before they're back again! This will be THE Halloween party to be at.
  10. did anyone see the Ken Loach film on channel 4 last week? Gutted i Missed it.
  11. yeah happy birthday dude! haha i've noticed that we're regulators! Warren G would fucking love to have us in his gang
  12. bollocks. if i'd read this yesterday i had two. Did you get some anyway fella?
  13. woop! I'm listening to MC Hammer and Eurovisions greatest hits to psyche myself up for this! see you all tonight.
  14. Mr Fish don't expect much mixing, i'm a bit too out of practise, but they're definately be some ace songs Zippy jump on a magic carpet and that'll take you down.. I hear KITT from TV's Knightrider is a big kruder and dorfmeister fan so maybe you can get a lift with him.
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