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  1. I have it on good authority that at the EGM tonight, Rowany Golf Club was saved from liquidation
  2. Two sides to every story. Its about £1200 a year to register a jet here, so 500 planes is around £600,000 a year in fees. Add some sundry one off fees on top and maybe its £750,000 a year (doubtful). You have a big Chief Execs salary, good salaries for the minions, office costs, final salary pensions, other benefits, IT costs, travel to exhibitions and marketing, and now an additional expensive hire they can't complete to add to the cost base. It probably makes fuck all net a year just like the yacht register. Another case of IOMG believing its own hype about the commercial "success" of an essential IOMG department. If true maybe this is another case of "toys out of pram syndrome" by another government CEO confused as to what a "budget" is? £1200 a year? A quick look at the scheme of charges on the registry website would suggest your talking out of your arse Hboy. Renewal of a certificate of airworthiness is £60 per 500 kilos of Aircraft. Now I'm no expert but your maths seems to indicate you believe biz jets only weigh 10000 kg?
  3. Quote from the article posted by Dave1978 "Two of the major components were castings, which had to be made by specialist suppliers and special castings take sometimes a longer time than normal ones. Initially, the delivery for these items was set for October" So why were we originally told by the SteamPacket that, for reasons outside of their control, it couldn't be fixed until April 2012? It seems to me that the decision to not fix until 2012 was made by the SteamPacket and if so, what an absolutely massive error that has turned out to be
  4. I didn't say people have died on the End2End. However, if you want to ban the TT for being dangerous, then surely you must start banning any other event that has the potential to be fatal. Mountain biking is dangerous, people have died doing it and by the law of averages, sooner or later someone will probably die taking part in the End2End. Thus, extending your own reasoning, it's better to ban it before it happens, as those taking part can't possibly be allowed to put themselves at such a risk. You are welcome to your opinion on the TT, it's a free country after all. What annoys people is your continued baiting of pro TT members with your callous and calculating posts masquerading as genuine sorrow and remorse for another lost life. I remind of your post that started this thread "Just announced on Manx Radio that a rider was killed at Greeba in last nights practices, 49 year old Neil Kent. Rather sad" A clever post, just enough pretend sympathy so you can defend yourself and claim you care. But it's true purpose is obviously to get the pro TT members backs up and generate another slanging match. You don't like the TT. We know. You don't like motorbikes. WE KNOW!!! In all seriousness, if you don't like it, why not actually try and do something about it? Rather than just sitting at a computer and bleating about it anonymously, why not get out there and publicly campaign for a referendum on the TT? The general feeling around MF appears to be that, in reality, more people on the IOM want the TT stopped than support it. If true, then surely the government couldn't ignore the majority of the population? Or leave, because, like it or not, the TT is a big part of Isle of Man life and if you can't accept it, go live somewhere where road racing isn't permitted.
  5. I notice pauld is conspicuous by his absence. He's usually all over posts about public sector housing etc
  6. People get seriously injured and worse riding mountain bikes, are we going to start calling for the End2End to be stopped? How about the parish walk, people die all the time walking around. I think they should all be protected from over exerting themselves and walking all that way! Now that it's broadcast on sky sports, it's a spectator sport and it's only going to encourage more nutters to take part. In PL's world, the proles obviously can't be trusted not to kill themselves at every opportunity and so he, being so wise, should be in charge of our lives. 1984 anyone?
  7. Motorsport is dangerous shocker That's one reason why the people who take part enjoy it! What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done Peirrot. Eat brie that was slightly past it's best? GIVE IT A REST!!
  8. To summarise" Some people think the way the Steam Packet has behaved is unacceptable and should lead to the user agreement being changed/torn up Others think that it's beyond the Steam Packets control and they're jolly well doing the best they can in difficult circumstances. All conducted with the usual Manx Forums witty humour and occasional point scoring off each other thrown in for good measure
  9. Even if they slashed the airport taxes, I wouldn't trust those robbing barstewards that are Flybe to pass the savings onto the paying public Soon as the charges got slashed, flybe would not doubt bump their prices up £30 or so
  10. That's one long sentence. Has someone stolen your full stop button?
  11. Does anyone else suspect that they're "fattening the cow" in preparation for selling it off? Investing as much as possible to make it look attractive to potential suitors, such as Peel Holdings, in the hope of selling it at a good price as the new owners wouldn't have to invest in any new infrastructure for years? This is the IOM Government we're talking about, crazier things have happened
  12. What Max Power is trying to say to all those who disagree with them, is that it's obviously just sour grapes as you haven't been clever enough to save your hard earned cash by choosing to live in public houses rather than renting or owning in the private sector. I'm all for looking after the less well off in society. But when a friend of mine, with a wife and a 2 year old, who works for the local commissioners earning £16k, can't get a public house as they're all full, but (and this is a true story) another friend, who earns £45k a year for the Civil Service, lives, on their own, in public housing, something has gone wrong. There are a minority of people who are quite clearly taking the piss and it is those who the anger is directed at.
  13. I think a few people have hit the nail on the head, the reason people hate Flybe is because of the way they "nudge" the price up once you've chosen your flights. And yes, I know that's the way all budget airlines work, but we don't have ALL budget airlines at Ronaldsway, which is why Flybe probably get a lot of stick As an aside, it recently cost me £85 return from Gatwick. That was booking 4 months in advance and using my Flybe Credit card points for my so called free flight. Taxes were around £50, so there's still a hefty charge for booking etc
  14. Unlikely that Easyjet would take over, but agreed that Flybe are taking the piss. Booked a flight yesterday to Gatwick, £18 credit card charge. Anyone who makes BA CitiExpress look good must be dreadful
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