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  1. Does this mean that MF qualifies as a religious group?
  2. I think the requirements will be more and less The regulators will need to be sure that grows will be fully controlled for quality and auditability. Glass houses are generally for lower grade grows, as the IOM initially is looking at medical grade for export it's implicit that high quality and provenance are a what they hope will set up apart from other jurisdictions.
  3. +1 for "The Other Place" I'd also strongly recommend "The Ravioli House." There is a new chef at the Habour Bistro who has a good local reputation so that might also be worth a shout. If you are prepared to go out to Lezayre; "Cafe Rosa" is pretty good.
  4. My son is after a VR setup for his PS4 but before I shell out for one I would like to test drive it. No shops seem to have one set up as a demo which leads me to think that they might be a bit naff. If anyone has one I can borrow (or one for sale) could they let me know? Cheer
  5. I can't find a reference to online gambling, just to gambling. I have only seen the report in the OP so I am guessing that some other report contains more information as to the nature of his gambling.
  6. Thanks, for the info. As for the double NAT you can normally get round that by placing your console in a DMZ, if you are gaming on a PC I can see why you wouldn't want to expose that via a DMZ though. I'll give it a try and see how it works.......
  7. @David2716 is that for an unlimited service?
  8. Following my glowing report of the 4G service, things have gone down hill, I have a 40 Mb/s service and the following are indicative of the service I actually receive: http://www.speedtest.net/result/7274420564 http://www.speedtest.net/result/7273287028 http://www.speedtest.net/result/7237785827 http://www.speedtest.net/result/7237416271 http://www.speedtest.net/result/7237288250 http://www.speedtest.net/result/7235860272 Which is painful at best, time to return to fixed line 4 Mb/s I guess..........
  9. On MF there's a lot more than one!
  10. I'm not sure that statement is correct. I think that other computer service providers have 27001 and 9001 a quick bit of Googleing tells me that Manx technology group and wimanx (not sure if wimanx qualify as computer service company even with their current radio ads) have 27001 and 9001. I think that synapse have some iso certs. I could poke at Google for longer to check on other companies but it's getting pretty late. Are you sure about argon and IT works?
  11. You clearly have never had to listen to my wife tell you about her day at work.
  12. Last minute? Last minute nothing. Four days until Christmas. Enjoy a couple of days relaxing and get on it later.
  13. mannin

    New Rules

    Although I have sympathy for the mods, I wonder if closure is 'letting the buggers win.' Even curtailing new account creation might be a step too far as without new voices the forums would die off anyway. I agree that there are too many trolls, they will be time consuming and generally irritating for everyone (even more so for the mods) but I have a suggestion (or even a few of) on how best to tackle them. 1. All users (existing and new) must be validated KYC style, think people are less likely to troll if their real identity is known, also will reduce the number of multi accounting concerns. 2. All users have to agree to a revised terms of use that should include those behaviors that are unacceptable. 3. New users to have first (x) number of posts approved by mods / trusted users, I think that this should be a quite a big (ish) number and I can see that it has a overhead. 4. Breaches of acceptable terms should include using any none forum method to contact mods (and trusted users as per above) for forum related matters. To reduce the chances of backlash regarding any of the above, there should be a few generic approval accounts created that can be accessed by multiple trusted users, that was no one can know which of the pool of users might have denied an post. Self policing of this type of forum should be possible, but doing so should be not have to take over the lives of those who are tasked with that.
  14. @maynragh From what I have heard this is a voluntary liquidation. On that basis all outstanding debts should be settled or re-saleable stock returned. Ultimately it's a real shame for the staff and any recent car buyers. It's questionable if Rammo could really ever support 2 fuel stations but I have been told the shop at Raymotors was very good.
  15. I have a unit on test and it's fair to say it's smashing for the money and much better than the copper service I can get out in the goonies. All the TV in our house is delivered over the internet (netflix / amazon / Iplayer / Sky go) and it works perfectly. Skype struggles a little (I'm guessing latency) or we might simply be running out of bandwidth. It's worth nothing that the 40Mbit is theoretical and the actual speeds that the modem reports are variable. Unlike with a copper service the modem doesn't connect at whatever speed and then stay connected at that speed. the idea of the 4g is that is bursts as and when required (although sometimes it doesn't)
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