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  1. Many years ago David Quirk agreed with comments said on Manx radio that the OFT was a toothless tiger. Now an MHK he is in charge of it. Nuff said.
  2. Today is the first day of me not buying Manx newspapers. Examiner costs 75p and Indy 70p. It is a rip off. I am one mug who will not buy their rags any more. And! They are very selective in printing letters from readers. Anything that really upsets the establishment (Tynwald) never gets printed. I really object to the treasury using my taxes to advertise in these offshore owned and printed comics.
  3. In view of the after comments I have my doubts.
  4. Most of us have all had a laugh about the behaviour of Watterson MHK. Including me. But there is an aspect that perhaps we have not considered properly. Some of the best social workers and charity workers have evolved from wrong doing and used their experiences to help others. Watterson is now more qualified than many a person to warn about alcohol abuse and its effects because he has been there and bought the tea shirt. While many of us still wear the tea shirt getting smashed over this festive period. The best person to discourage folk from drug abuse whether it be alcohol or the other stuff is someone who has reformed and kicked the habit. So while I think Watterson has behaved like a stupid tit I think he has the opportunity to turn this around in the months to come as our Minister of law and order and security. Through his experience he may be more compassionate and understanding of so many on this Isle who fall victim to drugs and their effects. And Chief Minister Bell has quite rightly offered forgiveness in this season of goodwill to Watterson accepting the mitigation he is a young man. As Topaz quoted from the bible earlier, Jesus Christ said: “Let he who is without guilt cast the first stone.” Whether you are religious or not that is a relevant statement of true logic.
  5. "holy crap this is worse than when princess di died , pull yourself together. i never seen so much emotional crap from people that had never even met the dog. Condolenses to the owners tho." What a pathetic human you are. I hope Santa has used your chimney as a toilet and dropped the biggest shit ever down it.
  6. Unless you find it on a Manx bus.
  7. The Roman Catholic Church has no monopoly over abuse of children or adults. All organised religions are guilty of abuse. The Jewish faith circumcises baby boys for religious and not medical reasons. That is child abuse and assault on a minor. The Islamic faith circumcises young girls for the same reason and then forces them to marry. Other offshoots of the Roman Catholic Church (protestants) have other ridiculous Practices and beliefs such as the Amish in the USA etc. etc. When will people on this planet wake up and realise that there is no GOD. The concept of a god is designed by man who cannot accept that when he dies his consciousness is terminated. And when will people stop putting the religious beliefs they have which are stunting the proper evolvement of mankind which science wants to pursue but is hampered by the god freaks. Even on our Isle of Man we have a Bishop in our Tynwald who leads prayers to an almighty nothing and all the members of the dishonorable court go along with this mumbo fucking jumbo. When will all this bullshit end and parliaments throughout the world start looking after people and disregard the crap and do the job!?
  8. Private Secretary: Your Royal Highness, your mother will expect you to visit the Isle of Man next year. Prince Charles: Yes I am aware of that Forthersey –Ward, there should be no problem should there? PS: No sir they are all subservient folk and you will only meet a select few of this group they call Tynwald, what. The natives will not give you any trouble. Tynwald is making sure they are so poor they will not have the strength to protest. PC: But why should they protest man, I have done nothing to them? PS: Exactly Sir, you have done fuck all for them except giving awards on behalf of your mother to members of their parliament. And let’s face it you married Camilla but the Manx peasants loved Diana. PC: Oh dear. PS: And Sir they still remember the Sun Newspaper leaked phone call between you and Camilla years ago which was sexually crude. PC: Oh dear. PS: Do not worry Sir, The Governor and newly appointed President of Tynwald Claire Christian will protect you and wine and dine you. PC: Christian? I vaguely remember her father, was it kerruish or Krook? PS: It was Kerruish Sir. PC: Oh sorry I thought it was the same thing. Duh me. PS: Anyway you will be given a grand tour of the Island and it will not include the slum areas such as Lord Street etc. You will not meet any low lifes Sir. PC: Oh that is excellent! Can we go fox hunting too? PS: No Sir, that is illegal on the Isle of Man. PC: What a bore! How long will I be on that rock? PS: About half a day Sir. Enough time for you to realize that they are a bunch of primitive backstabbing assholes who do not give a shit about each other, let alone you. PC: Just as well Camilla is not coming then what, what? PS: Yes Sir, it will save the Governor building a kennel for her if you have to stay overnight? PC: What is this Chief Minister chap like? PS: Depends on your preference Sir? I would rather not go into that. PC: Will the Isle of Man pay for the trip or will I have to chip in? PS: Do not worry about that Sir, the Manx Government is cutting the cost of public services to ensure there is enough money to cover your visit. PC: Excellent, what, what!
  9. Welcome to my world! Stuff the Steam Racket and the local scrooge shops. They have had their day. Let them rot. I do not give a toss about the Manx economy. I never benefited in the boom and I am suffering in the recession like most.
  10. The chains of collective responsibility. In other words if you make a noise you will lose thousands in extra pay towards your pension matey. One has to congratulate Bell for his actions on becoming CM. he has basically stitched the whole Tynwald up with pay increases for being department members so they are faced with money or morality. It looks like money takes precedence. Democracy in the true sense? NOT!!!
  11. According to the media, all members of Tynwald have agreed they should pay into their pension fund. All MHKs agreed this prior to the general election. That is great! But wait…hang on…Tynwald members are entitled to £6000 per year expenses (which not all of them claim) but apparently it is proposed to merge this into their basic pay which the local TUC claim is a 17% rise in pay. They have already received – every one of them – a £10,000+ rise in their annual basic pay by the Chief Minister making them all members of departments of government. And newly elected MHK for Michael, Alf Cannan, who is the new Chairman of the Civil Service Commission is now criticising the President of the Manx Trade Union Council for highlighting this. Perhaps Alf should go and see his dad and learn a few things. Remuneration is a contentious issue for public service. But when one considers the numerous folk who claim nothing for doing charity work and the fact members of the RLNI get no pay for risking their lives and other folk in numerous organisations etc., our politicians are really taking the p***s. Shame on them.
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