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  1. Two actually and Im trying my best to make the rest of your sentence out of date as well. On the 3rd July you posted you had 3 children. Are we to assume one of yours has gone missing or are you just making it up as you go along, if you must tell "porkies" you need a good memory. I wont be posting here again for obvious reasons and I hope this time next week to be living in Little Sutton having firmed up on arrangements today However, Im not going to allow you to call me a liar especially as its encouraged knee jerk Gladys to join in together with such lovely people as the one who calls himself Spook. It isnt the case, as you have claimed, that Ive lied about my children.I have three children who come from two relationships and thus, have two fathers. My eldest is the result of a relationship I had at uni. My two youngest are from a long standing relationship with a Manxie guy who is currently back living on the Island. Im hoping he will be coming back with me again. It only remains to thank you for your genuine Manx welcome.
  2. hey Sacajawea, last night i saw from your thread angry heads that you are having a tough time , so i wrote you a haiku poem to cheer you up and posted it in that thread. its no surprise that it was lost among a sea of sacastic and unsympathetic posts!

  3. No; you are wrong. The IOM should not be making its living by damaging the economies of other locations. OMG !! are you really serious? You have just articulated the case against the IOM That is such a distorted view of the IOM situation. The truth is the IOM has been living a lie. While people in Barnsley and Birkenhead have been suffering; the Isle of Man has been encouraging companies and big transnationals to stash thier money here. Away from UK taxes. Dont you understand you have been harming people in england ? Its not just my view. you have described extremist views. I believe people in the Isle of Man will need to attend de - extremism classes in the same way German people had to be de nazified last century. Its really worrying that you all seem to think what you are doing is just fine and dandy !!! omg. Its not ok and please stop it
  4. Right ( wing); knee jerk Gladys; I honestly think youre colours are firmly nailed to the mast.Every subject you could possibly imagine has you doing a nifty one sentence right wing post. Believe me: you would be a radio regular in the Wirral area for your quaint views. No issues with you; but please try presenting your extreme views as if they were mid stream at least. Amazing but so very Isle of Man. How much would you like Manx Pensioners to pay so business can carry on tax free ?
  5. We used to have an advisory service ran from our house. The the Union payed for it. My dad was such a strong man but he is so ill now and I did all I could to look after him. I bathed him, cleaned him and did all that personal stuff for two years.. I dont think my kids suffered; I did about 17 - 18 hours avery day for all that time. My man left me cos I know he was right. Id neglected him and looked after everyone else. I wish I hadnt. I just wish I could put everything right
  6. hey He is ok no prob with me. I love fun. You are ok too. I wish I didnt cry so easy otherwise Im fun as well! Think I just gotta snap out of it. Its late and ....well whatever
  7. That comment is offensive and completely out of order. It was a micky take out of her "why so angry" OP stance ffs, nothing more sinister than that, stop shit stirring and get a life. bananaman is never offensive maliciously, pretty obvious the context in which he posted. Hey im not offended Just so depressed I get through ....no worries
  8. Making up an having him home an not being asking all the time. I wish
  9. Whatever! Anyhow; some peeps have said I am you. So glad to meet at last. Am I u?
  10. I dont really despise anyone and dont want to either. Just wondering why. Thnx for reply
  11. I know this isnt the first thread about unfriendly Manxies but I didnt want to be associated with all that inter breeding rubbish and insults in the older threads. You probably know a lot of older people who worked in hotels here in tourist times think Manxies are "sneaky" and not very nice people. If you didnt know that; Im sorry it is me who had to tell you. Of course a lot of other people think Manxies are friendly It has to be said though they tend to be people with Manx connections. I really dont know what to think. Why do people scowl at you in the Douglas shopping street ? Why did my baby get told to shut the f up today on the beach ? Why do people rant so much about "come overs" and then try to get off with or even marry them ? Why are there so many grumpy and angry heads on this forum? Ive really been shocked at the bad manners here and sometimes even upset. Why is it like this? You dont have to put up with thousands of people losing their jobs over night (like Cammell laird) . you dont have to put up with people having guns in the street over drugs You dont have to put up with unemployment for generations or with associated poverty. So why so angry? Its noticeable that compared to england there is very little sense of community here. Is that the reason? I guess that might be related to all the immigration for finance sector ? Id love to know why lots of people, not everyone, is so angry and grumpy.
  12. I never knew about these people when I came here and didnt really get any help from anyone. Edit: Some one just suggested I should elaborate. I ended up looking after my kids and my dad with not much help doing at least 17 - 18 hours every day for just ages. Im ashamed Im not still looking after him but I just cant do any more. yeah: lazy little slapper Since then Ive been told these guys are really good and offer practical assistance; not middle class conscience salving. CrossRoads Note to Forum Bosses; Would it be a good idea to set up like a "services" section so people could just follow links to this sort of thing. Or even do what we used to do for campaigns: invite a politician to say some policy and advice and then leave him / her open for questions and criticism for say a week ? Just an idea Thnx
  13. Thanks for answering. It really does seem as if ordinary people such as pensioners and working class will have to pay to allow the Isle of Man economy to tick over providing low or no tax for business ? That doesnt make a lot of sense to me but obviously it must suit some interests.
  14. Are you sure this is going to happen? Its been kept very quiet if its true.
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