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  1. I have two double glass cabinets for sale which have built in downlighting and have a mirrored back. I also have a single glass cabinet for sale which also features a downlight but would need rewiring. Dimensions: Double: 72" high x 26" wide x 14" deep Single: 63.5" high x 16.8" wide x 14.4" deep There are 5 shelves in the double cabinets and 4 in the single. The doubles are finished in silver and the single is finished in pine. I'm selling the doubles for £80 each and the single for £60 each, Buyer would need to collect.
  2. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells modelling clay? I'm looking for something like Fimo or similar (can be set in a home oven). Thanks
  3. Looking for cheap (or even free) sleepers or similar wood to be used to make raised beds. Any ideas for sourcing welcome Thanks
  4. Have you tried reinstalling the factory disks? Sounds like you're rebuilding a fresh install rather than as it came out of the box? Sony machines, like Dell are really bad when it comes to drivers specific to the machine, so it's likely to be a driver issue rather than anything else. If it was me, I'd rebuild it with the disks it came with and see if it works then. If it does, then you can sort out the driver issue, but it will at least clarify hardware vs software issue.
  5. Rich

    Bay Festival

    I see this has dropped off the radar, does that mean everyone is now ok with their hard earned being lost on it and given up? I would suggest any customers who bought from hmv.com push them more on their terms and conditions originally stated on their website at the point of purchase. Currently they're still shifting blame and pointing people towards the Bay Festival website. The Bay Festival were just the supplier to hmv.com, hmv.com carried out the sale, so anyone who purchased off their are a customer of hmv.com not the Bay Festival. I'd like to know if hmv.com have a legal obl
  6. I can't help too much from experience but only from what I recall seeing on past upgrades. I'm pretty sure you should be able to add a second drive and point the upgrade to it. You can try this without causing any undesired effects anyway as you'll either get the option or you won't. Before you reboot you'll want to switch the new drive to be the master and the old drive you originally booted with to be the slave. Don't know whether you'll get bootcamp options (dual boot), but you might again I've never done this but the theory makes sense and again you can't go wrong trying as every
  7. Have you tried running the same setup to a different monitor at a lower resolution? Most likely the GPU causing the freezing.
  8. Rich

    Bay Festival

    Is it time to bring out the ginger witch from watchdog yet?
  9. Black Leather Office chair, practically brand new and hardly used. Swivel chair Arm rests Adjustable height. Only £65 Buyer to collect.
  10. Thick heavy lamenated wooden table in dark cherry. Originally purchased locally from B&B furniture for £275, this table is for sale for £125 which is a bargain for a quick sale. A classic looking table that should suit any room. It has two large storage drawers along with an open storage section above the drawers. It's is almost in perfect condition with minor chips to the joining edges which are tiny. This table is for sale due to lack of space since moving house. Dimensions: Width: 140 cm Height: 75cm Depth: 79 cm Buyer to collect.
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