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  1. 13 notes in total, £5 , £1, 50p, and 10 shillings. They were in a display frame for 20 years. most in excellent condition, some with a central crease. If you are serious, and can pay with paypal or a cleared cheque, as we now live near Bristol, I will send you scans of the notes 200dpi. Catalogue value exceeds £500.
  2. We had a great time, staying in both Douglas then Port Erin. Self catering. Trip on boat Shona round the Calf, very good although the best wildlife has migrated back now. Even the dense fog all day last sunday was interesting, not seen it in summer before, all day.!!!
  3. Thank you all, we had great sunday meals at Bar Two Six and Bradda Glen. The Port Erin chipshop was also excellent, and the Railway breakfast on a shovel was a pleasure. Flash fried queenies from Peel were a new success and food at the Creek was lovely. As usual, the kiosk on the breakwater delivered lovely chips with a crab bap, We also enjoyed a pub lunch in the Queens near the horse tram terminus.
  4. We went to waterside bistro last year, chef and food were both very good so we had 2 meals in the week. shame its not operational.
  5. thank you John Wright, flash fried queenies are just the job for me. Interesting that the port erin Bistro has no mention. we enjoyed it there last year, and also loved the bar 26 but they tell me the menu has changed..
  6. guardone


    It seems to me, that for genetic reasons incest should be discouraged. If fully functioning adults, with birth control,wish to partake, its a matter for them. Parent and child incest can easily be achieved by domineering parents, so to prevent rape, the child should always be at least 18 and not deemed a vulnerable adult. By the same reasoning, domineering siblings are also at an advantage, so again both parties should be at least 18. Most of our complex laws on sex are there to protect the vulnerable, and sould not be relaxed too lightly. teachers in a position of trust are not allowed sex with pupils, despite being over 16. Same logic applies to family members.
  7. thank you all so far, I wanted to eat in port erin, but since Douglas is now on the agenda, any recent good reviews are welcome.
  8. thank you both so far. I was sitting on the page expecting it to update, had to refresh to see your replies, cheers
  9. Hi, off the island but visiting in a weeks time. can anyone advise please if the Waterside is still trading. I cant make contact and wish to book a table thanks for reading and helping. :)
  10. Let us be clear about a public place. If you put yourself in public place, a local road for example, everyone on that road knows you are there. it is a fact. They may not know who you are, but you have placed yourself in public view. There may be 1 or 10000 people on that road (I am thinking after a football match ). If someone publishes a photo of you on that road, (possibly with date and time) and the whole world sees it, what difference does it make. In connection with naming the person on the road, if a technical adult, what difference does it make to the fact. It is not a data protection issue to show that "mr smith" was on a public road at 9. am. Addresses and contact details are not included in my statement. There may be data protection issues but if you are in a phone book or on the electoral role you have allowed those details into the public domain so any recourse is philosophical and not realistic. The state security systems here and in USA are being enabled to identify people on the street. We all aquiesce with this policy. In a court of law, it would be illegal to deny your prescence if asked. So once you step out of your front door, you give up any right to privacy or anonymity. A young offender, in comversation, pointed out to me that babies born in a caravan to the traveller community usually failed to obtain a birth certificate. So when in trouble with the police, there was no proper record of their existence, and at a later date on a different site, they were not connected with the previous incident. (fingerprints aside for serious offences). The birth certificate confirms that we are all treated as state property and any "rights " we have are at the whim of the state and will be removed if they deem it necessary.
  11. guardone


    in respect of credit card purchases, I claimed £14 from my egg card when the vendor went bust, with proof of course, and they refunded it, so maybe worth a try if the jessops do not pay out in due course, for smaller amounts.
  12. If anyone is looking for these adobe cs2 details, a search on hot deals uk may prove useful.
  13. http://www.avaaz.org...bLjBtbb&v=20663 Sign up and sign the petition above., and send it to your friends. I have read recently about the situation in parts of India, where varities of sexual assault in public places and on public transport is very common. This lady fought back so they killed her.
  14. Hi, happy new year to you all. This is an edited post, as I queried if the iom landscale winner of the wave was actually IOM as I did not recognise the mast in the background, then 2 minutes later saw the pic on the telgraph link.
  15. Sounds like a good idea. I am always stuck for a good place to take the night sky with the moon, not a sunset, when you need an interesting clear shape like a church or hill on the land. If you subscribe to aurora alerts, they tell you if an aurora borealis is likely, Recently someone got great pictures from the lake district. plam now where you might go to shoot the northern sky. G1
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