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  1. It’s not a rumour. It’s just when not if.
  2. London City likely scrapped in 2024. In its place, double daily LHR.
  3. Away with you and your sensible answers
  4. Why does the airport have a chimney stack?
  5. There probably needs to be a point where folks agree to disagree, and move on.
  6. You cannot exterminate terrorists by force. You love quoting history, so presumably you know this. That’s what makes this whole Israeli exercise pointless. Seriously, your avatar does you justice. Unless you are able to widen that extremely narrow mind of yours, it’s pointless engaging with you.
  7. Perhaps they should have all left on air conditioned busses when told to move then. It's a little difficult to move tens of thousands of people with no infrastructure to do so. You can't wheel granny and grandad down the road in a wheelbarrow. Your continued lack of condemnation for what Israel is doing is quite sad. I actually feel a bit sorry for you.
  8. Nobody is condoning what Hamas did. The response however has been totally disproportionate. Remarkable that foreign governments aren't doing more to stop this genocide.
  9. Anyone still supporting Israel and its tactics at this stage is frankly as bad as Hamas. This ethnic cleansing will achieve nothing, except spawning even more new Jew hating Palestinians. Long term, Hamas aren’t going anywhere …and in case you’re also blind as well as a war crimes supporter, take a look around the world at the support for Palestine. Don’t see many protests in favour of Israel funnily enough.
  10. You’re not fooling anyone you dinosaur. Stuck to this thread like some porn addict.
  11. Why don't you take your obvious 'stiffy' and go and live there? You're clearly loving the whole sorry episode.
  12. Tend to find the terrace chips a tad anemic. They clearly have a fast turnover, so perhaps they're not in the fryer long enough. Doesn't stop me going mind !
  13. Just to de-rail the thread completely (sorry). Here’s one of Henry’s sons pulling rock in Gores. One of seven sons, so yeah, they made their own entertainment in those days 😬
  14. The Waverley was in Waverley Terrace, just off Broadway and behind York Road bus depot
  15. Emily ran the other. Yes, the missing finger hahah. He used to tease me with that too. Anyhow, chips cooked in beef dripping. Blanched in the afternoon ready for the evening rush. What’s not to love. Thanks for remembering.
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