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  1. The Southampton flights will involve 14 days isolation.
  2. Like being almost pregnant? You probably just need to move on. We are derailing the thread to be fair.
  3. What a load of cobblers. Some self employed people still have work coming in, although not as much as usual. They are therefore entitled (as long as they don't earn more than £50 a week, and have paid their 'stamp' up to date), to mera support. Do you actually research all your topics his poorly?
  4. Then you probably need to read it in full. I'd assumed you'd missed the bit that invalidates your 'false claim' remark.
  5. Really? The Manx Earnings Replacement Allowance ('MERA') provides an income of £200 a week to people who have either been laid off or made redundant from their employment, or have lost their self-employed work, since 2 March 2020.
  6. 'which are not included in the jobless figures for some inexplicable reason'. Probably because some are not jobless. My Mrs is self employed, can still earn up to £50 a week (MERA T&C's), until demand returns to normal. So she's 'ticking over', and MERA is taking the sting out of the situation a little.
  7. My old man spent time in there with Polio. He said there was ' a lot of it about' in them days. Iron lungs he mentioned too.
  8. cheesypeas

    easy jet

    Perhaps those additional flight will allow an increase in medical kit (testing and the like) to get here too.
  9. cheesypeas

    easy jet

    ....also noticed that IOM / Heathrow has started up (whilst City is closed), and an IOM / Manchester service is in operation. Handy for anyone desperate to get out. I understand they are flying back empty due to obvious government restriction. Apologies if this info has already been posted. Cheers.
  10. Yeah but Tesco will have half it's usual footfall.
  11. Shut the airport / harbour down now, tonight. Has to be the only way.
  12. What other airline would you prefer? Just curious.
  13. If I'm going for cardiac surgery, I wouldn't honestly care.
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