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  1. Looks more like the check-in area than a gate. So they were miles away from the plane. All the gates at Gatwick have carpet if I remember corectly. There also seems to be a queue of folks behind them.
  2. Will make a difference if you're checking a bag in (certainly Gatwick).
  3. Feeder flights (which is what this will be when re-branded Virgin) don't make money anyway. Much the same with BA.
  4. Turns a full circle though. Flybe will re-open their base here in the Spring, basing a couple of Q400's here when Stobart give their aircraft back once their lease is up. Flybe are advertising for staff here I think (or so someone told me).
  5. Most of the flights I've been on to LGW and back have been rammed. Not sure how they would get a lot more business tbh. Surprised they haven't muscled in on Manchester yet.
  6. It was a relatively small 1993 mortgage, but yes, it paid up (or will do next month). We have moved on to another property in the meantime, but if we had stayed there, we would be mortgage free next month.
  7. Nope, because it actually made up lost ground and came good in the end.But yes, it was mis- sold, as the bank made out it was no risk, and it would pay off the debt. It might just have easily not done if the stock market hadn't been so strong in recent times. I also appreciate this isn't comparing apples with pears with regard to pensions. Just highlighting the similarities.
  8. Well when the bank push you into an endowment (it will be fine son, and will definitely pay your debt), and stretch you as much as they can on the loan, it's not easy to do anything about it if you don't have the funds. If you had taken the option of making a claim, you would have found yourself lucky to have got more than a handful of cash.
  9. 'You Cant' Why not? Exactly what the endowment companies told us. Sorry chap, not gonna pay what we said they would. You'll have to make alternative arrangements to pay off your house.
  10. cheesypeas


    They've a few out at that house in Santon by Port Grenaugh. The one you can walk past up from the beach (Lloyds chemist place)??
  11. cheesypeas

    TT 2018

    One of the comments he came out with the other day, before handing back to the grandstand was " .....and that's all from Ramsey hairpiece" Hilarious.
  12. Duh ?? Was simply stating facts you senile old twat. At the end of the day, we all know you like to suck Martins knob, but it's great to have a choice of venues.
  13. All well and good until you try and get served. Last night it took us half an hour to get a gin in Bushys. The queue was 5 deep for a beer. Ended up going to Hooded Ram, which was really busy too, but got served much quicker. They had a fab band on too (switch), who had the whole place rocking. Is the Hooded Ram tent and set up exactly what was proposed though? I heard there were some 'health and safety' issues with what they wanted to put up, which is why the end product doesn't resemble the plans . Was just a man in the pub mind.
  14. You're knocking against a locked door there.
  15. Yes it is though. Just how many competitors would be there if they were funding themselves? Probably about 5. If we can spend £300k to fix an airport queue, then I for one don't begrudge my taxes sending athletes away.
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