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  1. Had a smashing meal in the Swan a couple of months ago. Really tasty, and the lass serving is a right character too.
  2. Our Hermes delivery individual is actually very good. They told us last week that Hermes had told the drivers they were reducing their pay. Our individual said it would make the job no longer viable, which is a great pity.
  3. It’s only £16. Bargain.
  4. I really don’t know why some of you lot don’t feck off to Albania to live. Nothing better to do than moan about the TT scoreboard ! It’s all a bit sad.
  5. Has anyone been to Dubai recently? Regs say that UK NHS PCR test certification not allowed. Wondering if anyone has been, and what test they used. Cheers
  6. Has anyone (double jabbed) returned to the IOM from an Amber list country via England recently? I see that England wants to see that you've pre-booked tests before you return. Do we get around this by entering IOM home address? Cheers
  7. Perhaps it would help those unsure about getting vaccinated to make an informed choice. Didn't Wrighty mention a UK hospital with 28 on ventilators (26 unvaccinated). If I was unsure about getting a jab, that would sway it for me.
  8. Really? If you’re double jabbed, surely there’s a good chance you are not suffering the same symptoms, and not coughing and spluttering the same ? Doesn’t that mean you have less viral load?
  9. Yeah but on the plus side…… ……I’ll get my coat
  10. I've started wearing a mask to go into shops. Mainly because I've noticed an uptick in the amount of folks doing the same, and I believe (purely personal choice) it's the right thing to do at this point. I'm double jabbed, but well aware I can pass it on, so hopefully doing my bit to help protect others. The vaccine is doing it's job. I hope Nobles doesn't get stretched. They've all been through enough stress. .....those figures someone posted about Israel earlier can't be right can they? More cases in folks jabbed than un-jabbed? Hopefully someone got their spreadsheet headers mixed up.
  11. Only three fully vaccinated people were being invasively ventilated. Also, only two people were connected to an ECMO external oxygenation machine, and neither of them were vaccinated.
  12. Mine is in the show your GP health record section
  13. Sex dwarf. I loved that track !
  14. Well I’m not due my second until 23 June. Are you suggesting they ignore the suggested gap between the two?
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