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  1. Banker said there was no threat from India due to red list. I’m pointing out that’s not entirely true.
  2. Fuck me ! Something we agree on ! Pass the champagne.
  3. Perhaps. But the law / rules state that unless you are exempt ie key worker, you must isolate for 10 days on arrival at LHR (you can’t arrive MAN from a red list country). Regardless of travelling onto the IOM. Our dealings with Border Force in the UK do not fill one with confidence, so it would not surprise me in the slightest, if people actually made it through.
  4. There’s plenty in the UK already though. Horse, bolted, door.
  5. Not on the red list until May 12th. Thousands already made it through. You need to check facts.
  6. Depends who you ask. I know of two people who intend to travel back from a red list country. They are arriving Heathrow, and ‘intend’ to transit directly to the IOM on the same day on a through ticket. They have been told by someone at IOM Govt. that this is fine. We however, are of the opinion that they will be either refused boarding in their red country, because they have no isolation booked at LHR, or they will get stopped at LHR and forced to isolate. Not sure who within Govt here gave them their advice, but it isn’t correct.
  7. Can you explain how hundreds if not thousands of Indians who are flying to the UK via 10 days in Turkey, are not a threat?
  8. I think it’s a bit blasé to assume anyone can arrange a charter holiday flight. Certainly without the right licenses, you would be scuppered. I was involved with the first batch of these flights when we used Aspro Holidays and Intra European Airways. If I remember correctly, they used Intasuns aircraft after they went to the wall. Anyway, there’s quite a bit of certification required, such as Atol. ....we went on one of the trips ourselves to Rhodes (refuel stop in Newcastle). We ended up in an apartment next to ‘Yankie Shimmin’. Jesus !
  9. DPF re-charge, new battery, disks and pads on rear - £480.
  10. Can’t get my head around what’s going on in India. The biggest exporter of vaccine, and yet the country is going through hell. Is the government there really more interested in making money than helping its citizens? Certainly looks that way.
  11. It did thanks. Even the stop / start came back (not that I use it). Guess the question is how long before the problem comes back ? ....oh, and I had the DPF filter ‘ regenerated’. Might end up getting it cut out though.
  12. At least your ability to have the vaccine didn’t though.
  13. .....battery tested. 67%. Time for a new one .
  14. I don’t have access to a drive unfortunately, so charger probably not an option. I do know the car was sat for a while in the UK, so having more than likely being flat hasn’t done it much use. May bite the bullet and get a new battery. I’ll get it tested first to see what the levels are.
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