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  1. Uncanny likeness of the Mrs too ! Lithuania plans abandoned thanks to Covid. Settling for Blackpool now (probably).
  2. Thank you for the input. If we do end up getting there, will let you know, so you can add it to your record.
  3. Morning Mr Wright. Appreciate your input. We already have a raft of questions for them, so will add content from your response ! This is the surgeon. They have very encouraging feedback. I have corresponded with a few 'customers' just to clarify the place actually exist (yes, bit cynical I know). Everyone seems more than pleased. https://www.nordorthopaedics.com/en/hip-knee-surgeon-abroad-lithuania Would be more than happy to call any recommended contact you may have, thank you for that ! Cheers.
  4. £7k - including seven days rehabilitation treatment.
  5. Bit random, but has anyone been (or know anyone who has been) to Lithuania for orthopedic surgery? Waiting list here is going to mean loads of debilitating pain, so seriously considering flying to Vilnius. Waiting time is less than a month ! Cheers
  6. Was suggesting the officials were napping to be honest
  7. Actually John, this is the official link. Would appear someone at the port was napping. https://www.esteri.it/mae/en/ministero/normativaonline/decreto-iorestoacasa-domande-frequenti/focus-cittadini-italiani-in-rientro-dall-estero-e-cittadini-stranieri-in-italia.html Croatia, Greece, Malta, Spain: the Minister of Health, with an Ordinance of 12 August 2020, in addition to what is already provided for EU countries, has established that those who enter/return to Italy from these countries (after a stay or even only transit) from 13 August and until further notice, must also: a) present a statement that they have undergone a molecular or antigenic test carried out by means of a swab and a negative result within 72 hours before entering the national territory; alternatively b) undergo a molecular or antigenic test; to be swabbed upon arrival at the airport, port, or border location (where possible) or within 48 hours of entering the national territory at the reference local health unit.
  8. Italy are testing travelers from Spain though. https://newseu.cgtn.com/news/2020-08-16/France-considers-mandatory-face-masks-at-work-COVID-19-daily-bulletin-T0mXJIkTh6/index.html - Italy has announced anyone returning from Spain, Croatia, Malta and Greece will be tested at the airport. Most of the 629 people who tested positive for the virus had recently came back from one of these countries, the health ministry said.
  9. Crew in quarantine following period of essential training overseas (in Germany)
  10. easyJet have released flights to Manchester, from 26th October Where did you see that?
  11. Does anyone have a clicking noise from their router. Every minute or so. We're on MT fibre.
  12. I wish our business was doing well ! We're 60% down on turnover as a direct result of the virus. Effectively we are treading water, but appreciate we are in a better position than some companies. You may find that those 100's of jobs could be the same jobs duplicated by different employment agencies. Certain sectors of the economy here are doing very well, but by no means all sectors. When the Govt stop financial assistance for employers, I think we will see a few more casualties yet. I also believe the promenade will dent VAT. The amount of Amazon and Asos parcels I see whizzing around leads me to believe most retail spend is being done online.
  13. ....but the restaurant has alluded to moving on to a new project. So does look like they will be opening as something different.
  14. The Southampton flights will involve 14 days isolation.
  15. Like being almost pregnant? You probably just need to move on. We are derailing the thread to be fair.
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