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  1. If you need a qualifying time for a long course comp, the time you achieve in a 25m pool will be penalized by around 3%.
  2. The same Labour who pay rent for their HQ office in London to a company in Jersey ?
  3. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Ben chartered out when Manxman comes in. Maybe a done deal already.
  4. Just raise tax allowance by £3k for all those under a certain earnings limit, until fuel prices settle.
  5. Ban BBQ’s? I thought the steam trains were causing more fires ?
  6. Increase the population! Brilliant. I’m game. Dragged my old Barry White albums out of the loft, got one of those scented candles that smells like midnight in a Paris dustbin and told Mrs Peas to dig out her brightest lipstick. If anyone had a six inch splint, I’d be grateful for a loan. Brace yourself love.
  7. ….here is said petition https://t.co/SvYHSQvVPc
  8. Refund yeah. Hotel? You’d have to book it yourself and try and claim it back. Food? Doubt it.
  9. If they pull the ‘ exceptional circumstances’ card, you’ll get nothing.
  10. You can, but the Greeks just slip an extra blank piece of paper (page) into your passport, and throw it away when you come back. At least that's what they did with us.
  11. Perhaps they should just pull the late flight then. At least we would all know it means boat and train. Having tried to navigate U.K. airports in the last week, you’re lucky to get to the gate on time anyhow.
  12. We have an airport that closes before most 12 year olds go to bed. It’s not really easyjet’s fault.
  13. Took me almost three hours to get through security at LHR last week. Amsterdam is even worse. Actually gave up on coming back from there and jumped on a ferry. Lufthansa have cancelled 900 flights. They are overselling every flight that is operating by 25 seats. BA cancelled 1000 flights. Scandinavian have gone into chapter 11. Easyjet are all over the chippy too. The whole world of air travel is a real shit show right now.
  14. Perhaps. It’s true nonetheless. As boring as it is.
  15. He’s here visiting relatives.
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