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  1. The capacity issues on local microwave link or other EMF non cable link systems, and the susceptibility to atmospherics, rain, and other interference is the problem. I have a microwave link internet connection in Spain. The nearest phone exchange is 10 miles away. We do have copper wire phone cables but they don’t have internet capacity. Thunderstorms, rain, sunspots even temperature, time of day, barometric pressure, all affect internet reception. And when school is out the village kids are home and speed drops. We get our fill of UK TV by an iptv box and it’s not able to connect m
  2. Search it yourself and then, when you find it, share the link. I understand it’s important to know what is in the placebo. Especially when looking at side effects. Injecting something totally inert might tip off those on the placebo. AND these types of trials are all about difference.
  3. The sample size is 24,000 and my figures are correct. I went to the Oxford test report. The sample sizes are large enough, at 12,000 vaccinated and 12,000 on placebo for there to be a high degree of statistical accuracy allowing you to safely assume that absent vaccine exposure and infection rates would be broadly similar. The difference between 102 and 33 is highly statistically significant. There will also be figures from outside the trial that the testing can be compared with, like Covid infection rates in the area the trial volunteers were from.
  4. Those weren’t the figures. At all. The trial was 24,000 persons. Roughly half had the vaccine and half had a placebo. 135 got Covid 102 of those receiving the placebo got Covid. 33 of those who had the vaccine got Covid, but it was mild or asymptomatic. Those who got the vaccine were subdivided. Some got 2 full doses, some got a half dose and a full dose. There were fewer positives in the different dose sample than in the equal dose sample. 90% to 62% and an average of 70%.
  5. Get well soon. Sorry you felt the pitch of and tone of comments meant you felt you had to come on and justify. It’s no ones business but yours.
  6. Suspect not. People transiting are mainly locals and the VC notices “luces controllada per radar” signs went.
  7. Not sure that they’ve proved successful. Next village but one to where I have my holiday home had them for 10years, set at 30kmh. Place was always jammed. Removed and replaced with Pelicans. Traffic flows more smoothly and seems just as safe.
  8. And it’s a red eye. Out 06.50 arriving back 10.05. Cheapest fare £140 return
  9. He’s been “sent to his room”, permanently.
  10. Responsibility remains with Minister Ashford who published it by reading it out. The writer only published it to Ashford. Ashford published it to the world. Guess which attracts the most damages, if it’s defamatory, which I doubt.
  11. A 2 feet high threshold wouldn’t solve the problem of the Stanley as is, given internal floor and ceiling levels. A new development will probably need underground parking to get planning. Sure it’s possible to tank, but a raised threshold to protect subterranean parking from high tides is more problematic.
  12. You’ve missed the point. Some of the flooding isn’t down to tidal water permeating through the harbour wall, under the road, and through the cellar walls. Rather it’s overtopping. Explain, with diagrams and calculations if appropriate, how tanking will resolve that.
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