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  1. I think lots did the brew thing. I’ve no idea why he was moved from Italy back to UK. He had lots of stories about the dessert. My favourite was about a senior officer, who lost the plot, who sent men out to collect Jerry cans and built pyramids with them. He went out on patrol one day, never to return, and was later found shot in the back. I know his stop in Italy was very short. He ended up in Hanover for 2 years, as fraternisation and normalisation took place he was put in as technical liaison for the reintroduction of Hanover Opera. The Opera House was destroyed but there were musicians and singers. He was involved in construction of a stage in the Orangery at the Herrenhausen Gardens and did sound and lighting. He took us on a motor home trip across northern France, Belgium, Holland and Germany when I was about 10/11. Showed us where he’d been. In those days, 20 years after the war the remains of destroyed bridges and bailey bridges could still be seen. I found it fascinating. My sister was bored. We went round the Herrenhausen Gardens, statues of Electress Sophia and the 4 Georges. He’d stayed in contact with one or two people he’d met, we camped out on the drive of one. No shows on, but we got a tour around the Lower Saxony State Opera back stage. After I’d left home he used to go away in his motor home, on his own, for 4-5 months of the year. One year he crossed to North Africa. He would have been in his mid 70’s and he followed as much of his route in the 8th Army as he could. We set off several years to drive down Italy to see where he’d been, but never got any further than Rome. Tended to be we got somewhere nice and stopped a week, or two.
  2. I was using short hand. There are so many different versions, both American and British, as well as an “official” version penned by a Brit. Im well aware, my dad was in the Signals attached to the 8th Army, landed in Italy, then was sent back to UK where he went over on D Day+1 and was in the column that tried to push up to Arnhem.
  3. This do you. But it’s only one agency. https://ria.ru/20200406/1569611571.html and picked up by these https://www.inquisitr.com/5983035/russian-news-boris-johnson-ventilator
  4. D-Day Dodgers was just American Soldiers irreverent words to the Lili Marlene tune. Tommie Conners wrote the “official” English lyrics as Lily of the Lamplight which were used by Dietrich in her 1944 recording. There was a German propaganda version of the original German Lyrics ( a 1915 poem) in English, broadcast by the Germans to the Allies by Radio Belgrade which had the most powerful transmitter on mainland Europe for a while, and could be picked up from Portugal to North Africa to the UK. Both the original German lyrics and the propaganda version were recorded by Lale Anderson. I suppose the German copyright wasn’t worth much or enforceable during hostilities and for a few years after.
  5. Here’s the Joe Loss version
  6. Yes, on the sideloaders. Cars weren’t carried before 1961, when the service was first abandoned. Stella Marina which ran the service in 1968 was a rear loader, but there wasn’t a link span then. When the service was restored in approx 1971 they’d built a landing jetty that could load cars. Service withdrawn around mid 1990’s. Service was seasonal and tide dependent. So it wasn’t regular days/times. Stena carried freight only and put in the link span and marshalling yard. Problem is that the Wyre is silted up.
  7. There’s a Joe Loss recording, also. Not sure it would ever have been sung by a woman. Its a song about a man in BAOR occupation forces to a German girl who is a refugee, probably from East Germany. The soldier is going to make Rosaline his bride.
  8. I’m not defending anyone. I’m pointing out the irony in @chancer not reporting but launching into a poisonous foul mouthed rant.
  9. This guy: https://ontheroadtattoo.com/ But beware that face tattooing is against the law on the Isle of Man, and it’s not yet an essential service under the Emergency Powers and is incredibly difficult at 2m social distancing.
  10. The moderators haven’t received any reports or complaints, just the poisonous whingeing bastard rant from a nameless keyboard warrior above. Full of sweary stuff as well! Suggestions please.
  11. John Wright


    Don’t waste your time with recorded delivery. A letter is deemed delivered within normal course of post, unless it’s returned through the dead letter service. Write your name and address on the back. Keep a photo of addressed stamped envelope and of you popping it into the letter box. Note date and time of posting photos and location of the letter box. Its a small hotel. Chances are the owner lives on the premises. Copy the letter to both IoMOFT and Tourism. Neither can force the hotel to return your payment. In your letter ask the hotel to refund you, tell them by cheque, direct to your bank account, or refund to your card. Give account details remind them that your contract, which has been for you to pay them and for them to provide you with accommodation between (dates), has been frustrated or fundamentally breached by them closing and not being able to provide the accommodation. Give them 14 days.
  12. As long as they are tested on arrival that’s unnecessary. Home isolation is fine.
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