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  1. My simple analysis is that the three test wouldn’t have made much difference. It was testing all the household and separate isolation that would have helped avoid lockdown 2 and locking down a week earlier would have reduced lockdown 3.
  2. In case anyone listens to the live stream here it is recorded in Croit e Caley in 2016 Really had a lovely tone. That “noise” was unrestored, after sitting in a damp closed chapel for 2 years. It’ll be interesting to compare the sound after the rebuild and in the grander space of the Montserrat chapel. The tune is Penlan.
  3. Doesn’t look as if there will be a reconciliation, nor a rebuttal response before the DHSC appears before the PAC. The Department of Health and Social Care has listened in detail to the Public Accounts Committee’s recent session with Dr Glover around genomic sequencing. The department continues to express interest in Dr Glover’s expertise in biomedical science and ability to translate a complex field into a simple message for all to understand. The department values all technical and peer-reviewed evidence in supporting the Council of Ministers’ pandemic response plans. Dr Glove
  4. Clickbait title. It worked, apparently.
  5. If you’ve received a personal message from one of the above with a link to sexyelsa please don’t report. They’ve all been banned. We can’t remove the messages. Just delete. Don't follow the links We’ve dealt with 30+ reports so far. A report is only necessary if the message comes from a new sender apart from the 3 above.
  6. In 1903 Mount Tabor Methodist church got an organ. In 1912 it was replaced and the 1903 organ was moved to Croit e Caley Ebenezer Methodist chapel. Croit e Caley closed and several years were spent trying to find the organ a new home. Last year it was found a home in a baroque church in Sevilla. Tomight is the inaugural concert. It’s being live streamed on YouTube at 18.00 (BST)
  7. Yes, that one is one of the ones already banned.
  8. Albert, we’ve had 4 new members all sending sexyelsa messages. Please report so we can remove the poster, if it’s another one. I’ve dealt with 12 overnight reports this morning, plus we’ve had another 2 sultan personas.
  9. That isn’t the point of data protection. I knew nothing about the other guy. I’ve now got name, address, phone and dob. I’ve also a list of 6 prescription medications, which means I have some idea about his medical condition.
  10. I think sending her to Croatia is a creative move in plausible deniability
  11. Your post was racist/anti Semitic and you’ve not been banned. You’re still posting. You were suspended. If you want a ban just carry on being critical of moderating decisions.
  12. That’s not quite true. Personal data relating to health and biometrics has tighter provisions.
  13. The cartridges are expensive. The was solid sticks are cheaper. But the printer is more expensive.
  14. If you have space I’d keep your multifunction device and use it solely to scan. Lowest ink cost are wax/solid ink cartridges. Non messy. Easy. High quality. Xerox Colorqube printerbasic model is £450. £100 ink will buy you 8000 pages.
  15. All done. I’ve alerted the prescribing Dr, the pharmacist and the person the drugs should have gone to. Just glad it wasn’t a prescription of mine that’s gone to the wrong address.
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