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  1. I owned the Savoy Hotel on Central Prom for a decade in late 80’s/90’s. We had a bar. They’d eat evening meal and then they were off. The coach company block booked 40 people, then, a few days before arrival they released 30 and you ended up with 10 staying, which didn’t cover overheads
  2. The only real money is for whoever manages to get them in the evening for drinks. Everything else is pared to the bone.
  3. According to the press reports, even his own lawyers didn’t consider it vital. They are alleged to have said they didn’t know why they were at the appeal yesterday. And it was his vital appeal, allegedly
  4. There have been plenty of these schemes before. OAP coach trips, 1980’s, Eastern European coach trips, 1990’s. Late September to mid November. Tourism and Steam Packet subsidise fares, tourism throw in discounted MNH site admission and trips on trams and trains, the coach operators screw the hoteliers down on price and option all the beds so you can’t sell to anyone else and then release half of them 2 days before arrival. And do they spend? No!
  5. It isn’t. It’s advertised as a hospice job on a government website. I know it’s a fine distinction.
  6. They’re out of date and, if strictly applied, discriminatory
  7. Not according to our Rob “James - as the new DHSC Minister, I can assure you that I have done everything possible over the past two weeks to take this matter forward to a point of remedy and settlement as quickly as possible, in order to bring closure for everyone involved. Unfortunately, there is a single clause from the August judgement that needs to be challenged, and it is vitally important that we get that legal ruling. Your comments are completely out of context, and unfortunately they are based on almost zero knowledge around this very difficult employment and legal case. That said, if it was in my gift to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion tomorrow I would - and I will be working tirelessly to get to a point of remedy and settlement as soon as possible.”
  8. What’s happened to MJ? He’s gone very quiet. No MTPA announcement for months.
  9. Because there may be current government employees who would be a good fit.
  10. It’s because they’re rationalising flight numbers. Because of Brexit EasyJet had to split their fleet. Some ( most ) are now operated by an EU based company with an EU AOC ( EJU) and the rest by a UK based company with an English AOC (EZY). The two companies now have different airline identifier codes and the numbering system didn’t make sense. EZY is the one based in UK, EJU is the one based in EU.
  11. They’ve seriously cut back on patient transport and in particular the services collecting patients to take to the airport for patient transfer flights. The PT office are applying the eligibility criteria under the 2004 Regs really strictly
  12. That’s really simplistic. And a minister telling the departments advocate to settle wouldn’t raise a vires problem unless the advocates had specifically advised there was no case to answer. Given liability is judicially established it’s now down to quantum only. Quantum does of course depend on the aggravation, or not, of the disclosure problems. But it shouldn’t be difficult, at this stage to establish and advise a ball park range. X if everything goes our way, Y if everything goes against us. Worst & best case scenarios. Especially as there is a costs risk in the worst case scenario. Ransom’s team will have figures for both ends of the range also. CW should have done that already. It’s part of the duty to advise. You'd hope, given that the current AG has a conflict, that he wouldn’t be advising either in CoMin or to the DHSC.
  13. You should thank your lucky stars. 40 pages of drivel. Headache inducing stuff.
  14. They should be two separate things. Comin to Callister. Bring this shit show to an end and settle. That doesn’t require legal advice. Callister to Callin Wild. You are to negotiate a settlement asap. However todays appeal has been a non event with advocates for both DHSC and Ransom telling the Deemster they didn’t know why they were there or arguing about, and that the AG’s employee has already given a witness statement about her involvement in 4 different classes of disclosure
  15. The how do I stop this shit show is a political question. Surely CoMin should be giving the steer.
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