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  1. Yes. The fines outstanding are fixed penalty. No warrants available.
  2. Just as well I’m not moderating anymore. This tit for tat, turn of the screw, escalation of insults was on my suspend trigger list.
  3. Strange how different countries are moving out of Covid at different speeds. Had to go a pharmacy last week. I’ve developed rhinitis. Wanted a nasal spray. Entered pharmacy. Was glared at and told to wear my mask. It’s only a couple of weeks since I stopped carrying one, just in case! Had to return to the car where there was a pack still in the glove compartment. That requirement is under discussion to be rescinded, possibly on 8 February, as well as mask wearing on/in public transport ( buses, trains, taxis ). Still remains for GP surgeries, clinics and hospitals.
  4. My question was rhetorical really. It’d beep like mad if I drove it through the body scanner. It’s mildly frustrating, but I can’t see the alternative.
  5. I get patted down. The swab tests done. And my chair subject to intense inspection. Every trip. Unconscious Disability discrimination? Or Justified.
  6. No, but it’s the only proportionate plan to se solve the issues caused by inconsiderate, petty, selfish, stupid parkers. Its a problem created by society. What societal plan do you propose, to deal with it? I had a row with someone on FB last week. About parking at the hospital. There was a photo of a car abandoned outside Keyl Darree, blocking another car in a disabled space. It’s happened to me. Someone suggested it was an A&E emergency or ManDoc. I pointed out that A&E and MEDS were at the other side of the hospital, 1/2 a mile away. With their own parking. Then someone posted that it might be an emergency like rushing to see a dying relative. I suggested that wasn’t a medical emergency and didn’t justify blocking someone in. Got shot down.
  7. It’s inevitable. Driven by public demand. The rows there’ll be at security if Ronaldsway is the last airport standing with 100ml limits and plastic bags, demanding you open your hand luggage and confiscating stuff. Plus, it should speed security. However incompetent and jobsworth security are, it’s the idiot passengers who haven’t a clue about packing and act surprised at having to bag liquids, remove IT, take off jackets, belts and boots, that cause the holdups. At any airport.
  8. I think the drivers are Perception of 9-5. My chats with prosecutors indicate that not to be true plus they’re all on an out of hours and weekend on call rota to advise police about sufficiency of evidence and charging advice. No management involvement Lack of need to invest in business and develop Pension entitlement For some it’s a career path move. There are several who have moved in and out of the AG’s. Perhaps they had a no competition clause in their private employment/partnership and the AG’s was a convenient stop gap.
  9. Only high salaried for the AG, SG and DP. And nothing like £250k. Prosecutors and civil law advocates seem to be on a scale of £50-80k, less than Manx private practice, but much more than in England. There are quite a few civilian staff, who are on CS pay scales anyway.
  10. I’ve been watching the Island’s close every road at the slightest sighting of a snow flurry policy, and comparing with what happens here. Last week everything was gritted and salted, and plowed if required, with demountable equipment attached to the local authority 4x4 pick ups. Today on the road up to the French border at Puigcerda/Bourg Madame the police are standing by to assist if anyone gets stuck. Im not saying it’s better. Just that there are different ways of tackling the problem.
  11. Perhaps there’s been a divergence between the drag of music hall, variety, panto and working class pubs and the strand that’s lypsync and OTT costumes and bitchiness embodied by RuPaul’s drag race. I don’t take to the drag race type drag, but I’m happy for it to exist for those who do. As I said much further up, I wonder what the point scoring standards and break down/allocation will be.
  12. As in Billy, or speed? People would surely fly with the latter.
  13. I don’t find it funny. Mrs B is played en travestie or in drag. But there’s no humour. Best drag act I ever saw was Rex Jameson, aka Mrs Shufflewick. Think it was in Royal Vauxhall Tavern or Black Cap in Camden around 1977/8. I was at Uni. Foulmouthed in the extreme, a Roy Chubby Brown in a frock. But very funny, and by todays standards politically incorrect in the extreme. Rex had been a big name in the 50’s & 60’s. Had his own TV and Radio shows. But his drinking and outbursts ruined that for him. Always in a scarf, a wrap around and tie pinny house coat, Norah Batty stockings and shoes, and a ciggie between his lips. A char lady, with gin in hand, sat in a corner who suddenly launched into rambling regalings of past sexual conquests, which were all innuendo. At one stage in the 50’s he’d taken Danny La Rue under his wing.
  14. Except you didn't “The four existing ones standing will get in”
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