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  1. Just do a member search and read his posts, or the posts about his Freeman of the land court journey
  2. And I was pointing out how Bay Gateway suffered from many similar issues and progressed glacially ( contrary to your assertion )
  3. Topics veer off and circle back. One of the beauties of forums. But it was you that brought up the Bay Gateway. A road that took 70 years to conceive and build, started in 1985 and finished in 2016. And had huge design and build faults, still unresolved, as a comparator.
  4. The Lancaster By-Pass was the 12 mile stretch of the M6 opened in 1960 from Hampson Green roundabout south of Galgate to the A601(M) just north of Carnforth. It was the second bit of the M6 to open, after the Preston By-Pass ( which was the first stretch of motorway to open in the UK.
  5. And for BoJo and all the ERG traitors
  6. Actually it’s the Lancaster Western by-pass. It had a long gestation. The concept was published in the document "Road Plan for Lancashire", in 1948. The idea was revived in 1962 in the Lancashire Development Plan. The first phase, initially known as the Lancaster and Morecambe bypass, opened in 1994, leaving the bridge over the Lune and the actual motorway link unbuilt. Planning permission for this was granted in 2008, with the DoT accepting the "best and final bid offer" and confirming a funding contribution of £111m in 2011, final approval was given in 2013. Final cost was £123.9 million. That motorway junction has always been problematic. Originally there wasn’t going to be a Lancaster north exit, just Lancaster South at Forton ( Hampson Green ) and Carnforth ( which was the northern terminus of the M6 for 10 years ) which joined the M6 to the A6 via the shortest Motorway in the UK, the A601(M). The original M6 design had an exit for works and motorway maintenance traffic and a yard and compound. The connection to Caton Road was an afterthought. As for your list. A6, canal, river Lune, plus main natural gas transmission pipe to contend with Huge problems with roundabout design and Post construction usage, roundabouts remodelled, and speed limits lowered due to being ignored/driven straight across. Dangerous traffic light junction at Lancaster & Morecambe College, originally planned to be a flyover. Omitted due to cost. The section from Westgate to the College needed to be kept open as did Morecambe Road
  7. OK, @Josem, let’s tackle this a different way. How much were you paid by the MTPA net ( after tax deductions ) every month during 2021? How many a. Individual, b. Corporate, donors does it have? How many contracts with third parties to supply services or information? How much was the total gross income of MTPA from, and broken down by, sponsors, donors, and entities paying under contracts.
  8. Calm down before you get an enforced leave of absence.
  9. It doesn’t work like that in terms of effectiveness, either level of antibodies, or time it’s good for. IoM is giving those who are immunocompromised a third primary, full, dose; either pfizer or moderna. That will be followed by a booster in 3-6 months. Everyone else gets a booster. There’s no literature, unsurprisingly, about whether further boosters will be required. Pfizer booster and third primary dose are identical. Moderna booster is half a primary dose.
  10. Yes, and no. Moderna booster is a half dose. Pfizer booster is a full dose.
  11. Yes, and no. My first two doses were AZ. I had pfizer as my third dose. The pfizer third dose and booster are the same. But if it’s wrongly recorded as booster today, rather than third primary, I won’t get my booster in 3-6 months, without struggling to get the record changed. Moderna give a half dose as a booster, but a full dose as a third primary. So, there are differences and they are significant.
  12. Actually, I’d really expect it to take 2-3 weeks. A bubble like today has knock on transmission effects anyway. On a separate note I went for my third primary jab. Had to get form changed from booster to third. Then after my vax the nurse handed me a card with booster stamped on and I had to get him to change the card for one stamped third. Who knows what will show on my NHS App!
  13. Yes, and it’s total tripe. The introduction of some limited mask wearing and new travel testing from 4 am yesterday, is hardly going to show up in figures until the weekend or more likely next week.
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