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  1. It’s always been released in November, for sailings after end 1st week January the next year, at least since the merger/takeover. In those days it was normally released December for year ahead starting March and the timetable that year still hadn’t been released in February.
  2. Flybe to be rebranded as Virgin Connect
  3. I mentioned pay grades earlier. You didn’t like it. However, it’s true.
  4. Warm fuzzy feeling. All the things Declan listed. Has anyone posted in the secret Subscribers Forum recently? It helps Unisol pay the server costs of keeping this place going.
  5. I've rechecked. I have two drop downs on my PC. One goes Subscriptions -> Manage Subscriptions and I get a message saying "There are not any subscriptions available at this time" However if I go into Store the drop down offers a one year or two year sub. I chose 2 year and tried to put in cart and pay but got a message "You are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so". I don't get that message for a one year. I am able to go to the payment process and get a choice of PayPal or CC or Debit. Obviously not going to pay for a one year sub if I already have a two year sub
  6. Neil, I know you like to try to be clever. Its above my pay grade, so I cannot answer yes or no. In words you may understand, I don't know.
  7. They do. And when they accumulate enough points it becomes permanent.
  8. Have you reported? Moderators can’t read and approve all posts. Dilli gets suspensions a plenty. If there’s a tit for tat escalation both ( or more ) get suspended, if it’s seen. There’s nothing to choose between the originator and the responder. Given the subscription purchase system has been broken for ages there are no current paid up subscribers. Even if there were they wouldn’t get any preferential treatment. I’ll tell you what happened back then. Attacks on members and moderators got to the stage that some people had had enough.
  9. @Gizo Fact. I’ve not messaged or corresponded with Druid. Fact. Ive expressed a personal opinion. Just like you have. Fact. You have no idea what moderation takes place about the “knobheads”. You’re wrong. Fact. Neither my personal comment, nor my moderating have anything to do with my being a lawyer. Sorry the facts aren’t witty. I’m not half as obnoxious as some on here, if I’m obnoxious at all.
  10. Never downloaded a movie on a mobile device. Don’t actually think I’ve downloaded a movie on my sky box. I’m not fascinated by it. My phone and ipad are 5 years old. I use them to work remotely, in a manner that suits me. I do worry about video surveillance and facial recognition and other similar matters, and think that regulation is lacking at best and ineffective at best. Did you watch the BBC series correction over the last 5 weeks? Of course there should be testing, continuous, and review. The safe percentage isn’t something that’s quantifiable. Moral mazes, because that’s where we are, aren’t easy, for anyone. If a 1% risk of harm were chosen what would we lose? Cars, coal or oil power, alcohol, cigarettes, many medicines, vaccines. The fact is you can’t prove beyond doubt than something is 100% safe. It’s not scientifically possible. As for oxidative stress there’s no credible evidence linking it to WiFi, 3G, 4G, 5G, or to radio, tv, telecom waves or electric transmission. There’s evidence linking sleep, circadian rhythms, stress, smoking, infections, chemical pollution, inactivity to health issues attributed to oxidative stress. Are You certain about your claim that no insurance company insuring the developers and suppliers and operators of this technology?
  11. But that’s the point. They aren’t experts. They have no relevant scientific experience or expertise, nothing they claim, or self publish is peer reviewed. It’s the same with anything you link to or quote. A quick search reveals no basis, charlatans, snake oil salesmen. You listen to them and believe because their agenda suits your cause. I know you claim not to have a cause, but you do. You accept anything anti 5G at face value, uncritically, without thought. Im neutral. There’s no evidence for your point of view that’s credible or peer reviewed, that stands up to scrutiny, at all, nothing in anything you’ve ever posted. You demand 100% proof it’s safe before deployment. That’s impossible. But there is 70+ years of experience and research, published, peer reviewed, by qualified experts, that doesn’t support any of the scare theories you propound. You can understand my scepticism. Yes?
  12. 40 years gets your max. You can contact Treasury and they send a form you can fill out and then they send a forecast, showing how many qualifying years contributions you have, projected pension, etc.
  13. The hostile regime on immigration has changed that, EoI and Entitlement to Work Interview (EU/EEA). It actually drives some genuine immigrants into black market working.
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