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  1. But the playing field isn’t level once we are outside and we’ve given up all the level things we’ve got already. 70 million market Population against 450 million. Negotiations will founder because we won’t be able to diverge from EU common standards and do a US deal, or if we do a US deal and move to their common standards an EU deal is limited. The best way foreword is full membership of Customs Union and Single market and move forward from there. No cliff edges. EU supply chains will just redevelop to exclude U.K. yes in cash terms they send more to U.K. than U.K. does to EU. But in percentage terms, and thus how it’s going to affect the market the effect on U.K. is much more serious
  2. @Rhumsaa in Ronaldsway departures, wearing shorts, even though it’s freezing out.
  3. Are you sure that’s the reason. I think throughput, ie capacity, was to low to justify either side entering into a contract. The low price packages depend on a guaranteed minimum throughput. The big attraction, surely, is the fixed price billing for certain procedures, so you don’t get lots of different bills. That meant Nobles didn’t appear on the approved hospitals list. My experience has been that if you phoned the insurer and explained your location they would confirm cover for treatment at Nobles. As for billing, Ive always received bills direct whether it’s been U.K. or IoM treatment. In most cases the bills were also sent to insurers. I've chosen a larger annual self Insured excess to reduce premiums. I think we pay the first £1000 each year. It halved the premium.
  4. It was reported in the press at the time closure was announced, both in media and Tynwald, that closure would save £300,000 a year. All staff were kept, redeployed, so no direct staff savings ( there may be indirect savings on recruitment costs and agency costs ). There May be savings on heat, light, power. But a bit like the airport, I suspect, are the systems robust enough to actually record and allocate costs?
  5. That’s rather going to depend upon capacity. Other people will want to transfer as well. Patient Transfers wouldn’t be available at 06.30 to arrange the taxis back to Liverpool. Strangely, when a PT ticket is charged at £155 single, they often bump PT patients off to allow £60 fare payers to travel.
  6. That’s not quite what they were doing. They were revolving credit/trade accounts with a ledger going back 11 years. The ones that were being chased had debit balances. Each payment received is applied to the oldest debt.
  7. This time last year I went for private neurology appointments after my Liverpool Consultant asked Nobles, in May 2018, to refer me on the NHS about chemo induced neuropathy, which was, and is, severe. I waited 5 months, but nothing. So got clearance from my insurers. E-mailed my relevant records to the chosen consultant. Went to Liverpool for appointment. Then told he couldn’t do anything without bloods and nerve conduction studies. Bloods got done that day, but nerve conduction study was in Wilmslow, 2 weeks later. 2nd trip. Then 3rd trip to see original neurologist. He then said he should have ordered a glucose fasting test, but had forgotten. Both private consultants were NHS consultants at Walton. The oncology or haematology consultants at Nobles could have referred me. My oncohaematology consultant at Liverpool Royal couldn’t refer me direct to Walton as I was an IoM patient. Another U.K. patient with neuropathy was referred and seen at Walton in 4 weeks, had the conductivity test before seeing the neurologist and he accessed her Royal Liverpool blood results. We were comparing notes. I got wrong bills, duplicate bills, three consultant bills, one phlebotomy clinic bill, one path lab bill, three hospital bills for the consultation admin services ( reception, shared services, using the consultation room), credit notes. Took 6 months to sort out. I’m just pointing out that private medicine isn’t necessarily efficient and joined up.
  8. Does the branch serve something pressure sensitive, your combi boiler, washing machine, dishwasher. Perhaps it’s being used as a regulator?
  9. Mine were all pre Malcolm. ( Dr Couch ). I got the impression that the consultant I saw in the evenings may not have notified accounting of the consultation room use.
  10. Which is why the closure saved the tax payer £300,000 a year. It should have been contributing £1 million
  11. OK @Neil Down and @Grounds Keeper Willy. Enough insulting each other.
  12. What am I supposed to do. They had my insurance details. I got my insurance statements. They didn’t bill.
  13. No, never billed, now more than 6 years old. Can’t be claimed.
  14. Billing wasn’t unified or centralised. i got a bill from the surgeon and anaesthetist the only time I had a private operation at Nobles, and never got billed for any of the rest. Likewise I saw the oral surgeon privately, always in the evening. I was charged for each appointment, and the medicine he administered, every time, but only for the room charge on one out of six consultations.
  15. The bills for surgeon, anaesthetist, etc aren’t anything to do with the hospital. The bed rent, consulting room rent, imaging and path lab, medicines, consumables, nursing staff, operating theatre, theatre staff, etc were low, and frequently missed.
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