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  1. Interesting that neither Medicine or Psychiatry appear on your list. Or are the mixed science and arts? Or dark arts?
  2. It’s for voluntary travel. I’d expect to be charged. It’s different if it’s patient transfers.
  3. As they have the basic machine it’s running cost, heat and reagents. On the scale we are talking of the through put won’t change those ingredient costs per item. Throughput isn’t at the level to give rise to bulk purchase discount. Not sure what the cost of the swabs are, but it isn’t much. The testers are there 08.00 to 13.00 whether they do 1 test or 400. ive not moaned about the cost. I didn’t do the 7 day one in October. As it would only have derestricted quarantine a bit. I’ve paid between €135 to £289 for PCR in UK or Europe, depending on turnaround time. I think Boots cheape
  4. Nothing to stop you from voting in two different general elections in different countries or three devolved administration general elections if you’re qualified and on the register. Quite a few of these KWC students are from Hong Kong, or Singapore, as well as UK.
  5. No always said test cost was £50 when day 7 testing was introduced
  6. I can’t add up. It’s 2800 per month/700 per week @ £50 per test x 3 tests = £420k
  7. I see they’ve delivered another tray of pfizer this week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. They’ve now announced they’ll continue vaccinating tomorrow. Not clear if that’s another tray of pfizer at Ward 20, meaning Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or just at care homes with AZ
  8. We’ve had 700 a week , or more, since June. The 99% or 99.5% isn’t of the 700 travellers it’s 99% or 99.5% of travellers who have Covid. And your comment is randomly unrelated to the post of mine you’ve quoted. So, if Alf has worked out his £420k on the basis of 700 a week ( why they travel is irrelevant ) and three tests each Thats £50 per test. That is exactly what they said it was, £50 cost price, in September/October Edited to correct error between 700 per month and week
  9. Actually it doesn’t. Testing was only introduced 00.01 on 23/12 and was only days 1 or 2 and 14. Most people had arrived back on island before then.
  10. The Israelis are paying a 40% premium to pfizer to queue jump and to be able to collect and interpret the data. Not sure how reliable any data out of Israel will be. After all they’re excluding 35% of the population they are internationally considered responsible for.
  11. The cases are about the meaning of residence. Yes they relate to Electoral Registration, because in 1971 votes for 18 year olds arrived. Cases confirmed that residence had its ordinary meaning, there was no special meaning attached to it by the act relating to electoral registration or reducing the voting age. Just the same there’s no definition of what residence means in our Covid regulations. So the ordinary dictionary definition applies, as interpreted in those two cases and hundreds of other UK & Manx cases before and since.
  12. That’s what both the cases I listed were about. Electoral registration. Yes you can be on the register here and at your term time address
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