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  1. Last really good seafood place here was Molyneux’s up near Collinsons ( corner of Traie Menagh ) in Port Erin. That closed 36 or more years ago.
  2. You’ve misread the report. It’s only the prosecution costs of £500 she’s paying off at £10pw. A suspended sentence is still a prison sentence. We don’t know her full circumstances, children, dependants, etc. Reading between the lines she’s already agreed a repayment plan.
  3. You didn’t read the Ranson Employment Tribunal decision, then?
  4. It’s fare income from the pink and blue books.
  5. Sat at Bilbao port, waiting to board to Rosslare. After check in told of 3 hour delay. This is their terminal. 6 years old. Covers 2 sailings per week by Salamanca to Portsmouth (1400 pax per sailing) and two to Rosslare (500 pax per sailing ). Plus from November the Connemara will be replaced by one of the e-flexers carrying 1400 on the Rosslare route. Also covers 4 freight sailings a week with up to 100 drivers. it's been here 6 years. I watched it being built to replace the temporary one built when BF took over from P&O. Admittedly no foot passengers. Paid for by the port authority as are the two link spans
  6. Hermes. Let’s see them throw that over the hedge
  7. Or if you catch it from your monkey? ‘Though that might involve other Authorities, of a non health nature.
  8. That’s all a bit wrong. A scheme of arrangement was explored. It wasn’t adopted. The bank spent ages in limbo, and DCS didn’t operate until in liquidation. Also DCS wasn’t funded ( still isn’t ). KSF (IoM) wasn’t really insolvent as it’s assets always exceeded its liabilities, just the assets weren’t liquid. Government funded the compensation. Everyone, including government, was paid out in full. Even after paying liquidation costs. The only loss to government was the substantial cost of drawing up the scheme of arrangement that went nowhere
  9. But that’s a totally separate issue to whether Ashford needed to resign.
  10. You totally, and I believe deliberately skew things. Immigration and visas and visa waiving is always discriminatory somewhere, unless you apply a free for all no restriction no visa system, or a restrict everyone system. What we had in the EU and single market was a system which allowed our nearest neighbours, with whom we did most travel and trade, even before 1973, on a reciprocal basis to come, go, work, export, import, retire, without restriction. That makes sense. No, we didn’t have to leave. And we didn’t have to leave on such disadvantageous terms so quickly. No one expected leaving to be so hard. Even Farage and JRM expected an orderly withdrawal over time. The referendum should never have been called. It was. It was mishandled. The leavers blatantly lied about the effect. It was a face saving effort by the Tories to stop their party falling apart and being in the wilderness. Once lost the negotiations were mishandled. Once notice to leave had been given we should have stayed in single market and customs Union for 10 years, and disentangled much more slowly. But most of the debate about freedom of movement and establishment and work was twisted to portray it as an immigration numbers thing, when we already had, a. the absolute power to control non EU migration, and, b. didn’t. Just like we had the power to register EU migration, and entitlement to establish and return people looking for work if they didn’t find it, and not pay benefits. That was a wholly UK political and legislative failure. Your point about cross border cooperation in criminal matters is well made, but of course UK HMG didn’t actually properly cooperate even in the EU structures. And as for superstate, you’re having a laugh!
  11. The situation is quite simple. The situation giving rise to the Tribunal, where his megalomaniac CEO bullied and was out of control, happened on his watch as Minister. Whether he involved himself, knew, was deliberately blind, is irrelevant. He has ultimate responsibility politically. He should have resigned immediately the Tribunal decision was distributed, and if he didn’t then Cannan should have sacked him. All the stuff about whether Ewart, or Ranson, or Glover, were right, or wrong, is irrelevant. Who was minister for DHSC? David. Which department did these terrible things? David’s. Who has to resign? David. if he’d done the decent and honourable thing there’d have been much less of the opprobrium. Why is there so much opprobrium? Because he didn’t do the decent thing. He’s now tarred, as is Cannan, with being tone deaf, attempting to cling on to power, not taking ultimate responsibility. A simple. “ It happened on my watch. The behaviour of the department towards Dr Ranson was insupportable. I apologise, as former DHSC minister to Dr Ranson, unreservedly. I regret it happened. I take full political responsibility. That is why I have resigned.” Would have been good.
  12. Strange, but not having the vaccine seems to make some people very vulnerable to conspiracy theories. Surprisingly there’s a free protection available - vaccine.
  13. Not me. I've spent 12 months on an NHS quango. The last 8 I've been bullied and isolated by the longest serving member. I'm about to whistleblow.
  14. Bet you aren’t half as keen on being fair by giving visa waiver free access to the UK and equal treatment by immigration officers to Syrians or Afghans, or Yemenis or Somalis, or Libyans, etc. you get the picture? And you overlook the reason for the EU passport lane. It was reciprocal because we got, in at least as great numbers, the right to live, work, travel, retire, as they, through economic self interest that worked well. We didn’t have to leave the EU, and even if we left we didn’t have to leave the EEA, or choose to become a third country outside the customs Union or single market. It was never in the wildest dreams of Farage or ERG to drop out so fast so far. It was to be a staged step by step approach. But after the referendum, and the unexpected win, caused at least in part by BoJo changing sides due to naked ambition, and the dithering of May, there was a hard right, hard Brexit, coup.
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