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  1. As quaero hasn’t visited since October 2005 I wouldn’t hold your breath, if I were you.
  2. And the cabbage is off the rails once mord https://fbwat.ch/1SLKCktuONMT9eCc
  3. That’s fine. I’ve no problems with that. If it had been possible we would have followed his wishes. Instead we spread portions of ashes in places he loved. Funeral director had $ signs In his eyes, disappointed, it was cheapest coffin and just the hearse. Then, a couple months later a celebration of his life, whole day, jazz band, marquee, catering. Lots of laughter. Yes, I remember the bin bags off the back of the boats, the seagulls following the boats. And one trip a 7 or 8 year old collecting cups and saucers and hurling them over board. If it had continued we’d have been able to walk to Liverpool.
  4. I used a humanist celebrant for my fathers service at the crem in 2002. Only issue is that the religious symbols are fixed, can’t be removed. I think at the lawn cemetery chapel they can be swapped for other symbols, although there are multiple crosses on the entrance wall. Dad had asked for a bin liner and thrown off the back of the ferry.
  5. Only if the Scottish Court decision is in the Supreme Court, which is the only U.K. court. Otherwise they are persuasive, only.
  6. No, they just had better things to do.
  7. That’s a survey from 2008. Lots of people have living wills/advance directives, saying don’t resuscitate or prolong life with certain treatments. Hospices aren’t suitable for everyone/every terminal diagnosis. Doctors aren’t being asked to kill anyone. Society is being asked to allow someone with a terminal condition and no quality of life to have the choice of being allowed, whilst mentally and physically fit enough, to decide to end their life to avoid pain and indignity. That capacity and the nature of the condition is evidenced by doctors. Then, at a time of your choosing, you can either take the pills yourself, or have a family member or friend give them to you, and it’s not murder or assisting suicide. In part it’s a problem brought about by advances in medical science, we now have the ability to keep people alive, who would have died, but we haven’t changed our philosophy to deal with the question of judgment of the worth, or otherwise, of that additional time to the patient who is kept going.
  8. I’ve no wish to become involved with all the KYC, AML, CDD source of funds I’d have to do. What’s more I suspect, actually I know, I drafted the rules, acting as stakeholder in a gambling transaction would breach client account rules. In any event, I haven’t undertaken any business involving holding client funds for 16 years, so I don’t operate a client account. Im suggesting you contact Richard direct, rather than publicly, BTW.
  9. Please now do this by private message. Any more public willy waving and virtue signalling will get you both suspended.
  10. Were you a member when the board was programmed to substitute “bumsex” for one particular word or phrase? I’m starting to get a hankering for those days every time I see you trot out this overused hackneyed cliched phrase
  11. I am. But they’re properly boxed and the boxes are sealed.
  12. Last year I bought a boxed, unused, Sharp Optonica linear vertical double side playing deck. I had a full Optonica set, amp, tuner, double tape deck and speakers from 40 years ago. I’ve had them serviced and the belts on the deck replaced and I’m enjoying my vinyl again. Haven’t played a CD in years. I Recorded the ones I wanted to listen to and I’ve downloaded a lot over the years. I carry it all on my ipad or iPhone for ease of listening. Especially when driving. Had the Clarion radio unit in the Figaro upgraded ( it was cassette and Japanese frequencies. Now got European frequencies, a CD player, blue tooth and hands free. Prefer the vinyl sound. Now I need to get someone to go up into the attic and find my box of cassette tapes. Not had a working cassette deck for 20 years.
  13. @Manximus Aururaneus and @RIchard Britten stop willy waving
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