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  1. Why. It’s only going to be open to traffic going north on the prom filtering to the left. Traffic is still going to be using the walkway until the carriageways are linked up. That’s expected for 15/7. The roadways north or south aren’t actually connected to the ellipsabout
  2. John Wright


    I’m stating fact. Not speculating at all.
  3. There are stop lines at entry rather than giveaway
  4. I think that if you get an overhead shot looking down it’s absolutely clear where traffic goes. It’s round the outer lane. Unless you’re in a big vehicle
  5. John Wright


    The odd thing appears to be, according to Ettyl, that the report was made about, and the police are allegedly investigating, Ettyl’s lenders documentation. Of course the police haven’t confirmed any investigation. Read into that anything you want
  6. Yes. The hard polycarbonate washable/reusable ones have been around years. They cost about £30, or less, per pack of 100 in bulk. Allegedly unbreakable. We had them in the SU bar way back in 1975. Think they were called skifs? It’s then the issue of washing on site and storage between events.
  7. Licensing and police won’t give permission for outdoor use, special permission.
  8. I thought the various commercial stalls were franchised out. Supplies and glasses weren’t the responsibility of Pride organisers, surely?
  9. @Mysteron I've thought of another example of the then attitude of the police, and, in this case, children’s services. Police became aware of a group of men who were hanging around the Lord Street bus station loos and picking up young boys, taking them to nearby homes. Sexual favours remunerated by gifts ensued. Bear in mind there was no age of consent in those days. Man on man sexual contact was illegal. One fine day the Islands finest pitch up at the school of one of the boys. Full jam butty and uniforms. Lifted 15 year old from class in front of other students, staff. To
  10. Name is irrelevant. It was institutional. Apology now needs to come from the institution through its current leader. He’s an old man. He’s had his own tragedies.
  11. I noticed his evangelical born again scribbles have been remaindered and steeply discounted. You may be correct. Think he’s near Shrewsbury. I meant around in the sense of alive.
  12. Still around. Is, or was, chair or president of the Island Commonwealth Games Association, high up in the Order of St John, Chancellor I think. We did three Prides. Whole day events. Properly licensed, publicised. First was invitation only because of licensing restrictions. Huge marquee on the lawn ( 1.5 acres of lawn in those days ). 200 attended year 1. 500 in year 3.
  13. No. There was a specific, very narrow and peculiar, definition of privacy that only applied to male with male sexual contact in the English 1967 and Manx 1992 decriminalisation legislation.
  14. There were people arrested, harassed and treated poorly apart from the toilet purges. The toilets may have ben the subject of one or two complaints from the public, but the bible carrying CC ( and officers who wanted to curry favour and attended his daily prayer meetings ) set up mass observation activities, over months, hidden in ceilings. Then arrested dozens over a weekend. No duty advocates in those days. Encouraged most of the detained persons to sign statements admitting ( the CCTV was B&W and indistinct - no one one who contested was found guilty ), then released a list o
  15. Growing up. Most of the people who go through the criminal justice system at a younger age stop offending when they get a job, marry, have kids. Its really difficult to do direct comparisons. Fines have the lowest reoffending rates. But that’s because fines, like all other sentences, are targeted by seriousness of offence, previous, ability to pay. Most people fined are first offenders, are never going to offend again, whatever the sentence. My view, after, 40+ years of appearing in courts, is that better support intervention by school and social services, before the first offen
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