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  1. You’ve missed the point. Cabins may have kettles that can be filled from bottles. The coffee barrista machines and hot water geysers for crew catering and passenger catering are all plumbed in.
  2. Yes. They’re low level, but they never seem to end, there are always new and different ones. And SPCo have had her for 6 months, now. SPCo have never debunked the myth about excessive fuel consumption, and there do seem to be ongoing issues with turning in Heysham and loading/unloading times.
  3. They've had her since early June. She arrived in Douglas Harbour on 1st July after sailing half way round the world
  4. You are Buck Ruxton, and I claim my £5.
  5. Brought it home, removed lock, covered hole with duct tape. They took it down south.
  6. It’s not a big piece of paper. A6 I think, one of those duplicates. The cops aren’t sitting at a desk, they’re filling it in, on the hoof, during the stop and search. Yes, it’s poorly filled out. There are some crossing out errors and someone wrote 20 when it should have been 21, then corrected.. Somewhere, someone asked about the luggage trolley. Presumably if she had put luggage on that it would have been pulled off for searching.
  7. His opponents got 77% of the votes and 113 seats in the 150 seat parliament. He got 37. You need 76 to govern.
  8. Had to replace a small fridge I keep in my en-suite for medicines and cold water and ( soft ) drinks. I think I paid £50 for it 10+ years ago. Replacement cost £90. Willing to pay the £36 fee. Would they take it? No. Why? It is lockable, therefore it must be commercial. They don’t take commercial waste. It’s a cube, 15”x15”x15”. Is it any wonder people fly tip. Asked if allowed to remove door. No!
  9. Well, I suppose if you call 23% a majority. I doubt he will ever be able to form a government.
  10. Yeah. Don’t be a cunt at Christmas.
  11. Perhaps it’s because it’s Catalunya. Perhaps it’s because we know lots of the local workmen, we’ve had lots done over 20 years. But, honestly, generally, they’re faster than here. That being said, had a problem with tumble dryer yesterday. 15 years old. Drum stopped turning. Took photo of model info, contacted Centigrade at 4pm, described problem. Told them I thought the belt had gone. Turned up an hour ago. Brought belt. Replaced. Fully working now.
  12. Yes, but, traa dy Looar make mañana look like express.
  13. I’ll give an example. Ordered some goods from Amazon Spain. Was able to choose Correos courier service ( which is actually DHL ). My address is remote. Got an e-Mail to state undeliverable as address didn’t exist. The automated web system is inoperable. The phone system sends you round in circles. We deduced the packet was at their depot in Constanti, outskirts of Tarragona, and hour away. Pitched up. Had tracking number. No good, they locate using the failed delivery barcode, and as they claimed we didn’t exist they hadn’t left one. After an hour someone took pity and linked tracking number and handed over. It was packet one of two. Thought we’d lost packet two of two. Next morning the bell rang. Our local postie. He had the second packet. We asked if we had the correct postal address. He confirmed. Asked why the issue with the first package. He wasn’t polite about his employers. Hes good. If we aren’t in he leaves a note and drops stuff at the nearest shop with postal collection. We are in 43715 code. Shop is 43816. He should only leave in 43715. Except nearest 43715 shop is 20km, and 43816 is only 5. Not the first time they’ve told us it’s a non existent address. I now use google map coordinates and ///what3words. It doesn’t help.
  14. Suspicion of money laundering. It’s got to be intelligence led. I’ve given examples above. There is a police presence. But Lancs Constabulary aren’t all that concerned, in their bigger picture, with drugs leaving their patch. There’s lots of shared intel between Lancs and Manx forces, lots of tip offs. Manx police can only police Manx soil. The flow of drugs and cash are just two sides of the same illegal drugs trade. Lancs are happy to leave Manx matters to the IoM. There isn’t an offence of being concerned in exporting controlled drugs ( although if caught at Heysham it’s still PWITS ) Exactly
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