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  1. Just remember. Case is now sub judice.
  2. July always shows a jump. It’s the month school and college leavers sign on if they have t got seasonal employment. In U.K. they produce seasonally adjusted figures. IoM doesn’t seem to.
  3. @paul's got wright you are as confused, selective, deflective and diversionary about moderating as you are about the flat earth topic. Same applies to @manxy on the 5G thread. Moderating is entirely separate to my personal posting. You conflate. 1. You haven’t been banned. You were suspended for a short time because of your abusive and offensive mentions of other posters. The snark, as China describes it. 2. The fact I may personally take an opposing position in a debate on here would never be used by me, or the other moderators, as grounds for using moderating powers. No idea where you get that from. It’s very hard to discern your position to agree or oppose in any event. 3. You’ve not been deprived of any right of response. It’s merely been delayed. 4. I’ve not been personal about you, nor have I abused you. I note your attacks on me personally and in my capacity as a moderator. I’ve no idea what the Mona incident or post was. You’ve no idea what goes on behind the scenes, the correspondence we’ve had to deal with, from lawyers, police, courts even. We moderate against that background. 5. We try and moderate with a very light hand, mainly, if not entirely, responsive to reports. I understand you may not agree, but moderating decisions are final, attacking them won’t achieve anything. It may get another suspension. 6. I suspended someone yesterday for passing themselves off as another poster. I’d requested they stop. I got abuse. They’ll be back. Strange thing is that poster was complaining bitterly about another, claiming they were known to me, privileged, protected. The other had been suspended as well and was complaining I hadn’t taken action against the first. Both dissatisfied with the result. Probably means I got it correct.
  4. But without a photo ID requirement, and given that you can buy a ticket in any name on line, and for cash at sea terminal or at a travel agent the QR code boarding card doesn’t help much. For anything. Clearly they are adopting a system that will allow for picture ID checks for sea travel within CTA, just as Jersey & Guernsey have done. But as we are told that Brexit won’t affect CTA travel it’s nothing to do with Border Agency. It’s a security thing for ferry operators, just like it is with planes, and airline operators, both at check in and boarding. I know they’ve had ID inspection on CTA flights arriving in Ireland for years. I always use my driving licence photo card. The Prevention of Terrorism cards and channels weren’t linked to immigration/border Agency but special branch. Not sure what they did with the cards. They didn’t read them. I’ve family in Dublin. Used to travel regularly. It was a legal requirement to give your real name. But the rest of it, where staying, purpose of visit?
  5. Could be because General Gaol ( Crown Court ) doesn’t sit in August. There’s a provision preventing jury trials then
  6. Frances, you are more intelligent than this. Steam Packet aren’t collecting ID details, not even driving licences, let alone ID cards or passports, and they aren’t connected to the border Agency data system. Yes, I suppose it could be extended. But, now, it’s just modernising the system to mean they don’t need to transfer the cross check between check in and actual loading manifests manually.
  7. We will have to agree to disagree. Deterrence has never worked. Law breakers generally don’t think of the consequences when they break the law. Most of them don’t think they will get caught, so the sentence they might get is wholly irrelevant.
  8. Deterrence doesn’t work. Especially for the multiple repeat offenders, who often have serious mental health issues. No changes in the system will stop them, apart from permanent deprivation of liberty. I don’t favour that, means they have nothing to lose inside.
  9. The number of multiple repeat offenders, career criminals if you will, who never grow out of it, or can’t be rehabilitated, is low. Why throw out the system for the rest, the vast majority, just because a few “can’t be cured”. Its usual for there to be a spectrum, and magic wands don’t exist.
  10. I clearly cannot confirm whether I’ve ever represented, or not, a specific individual. BUT I can say generally, there are many lost souls, let down by family, education, social services, psychiatric services who offend once, or twice - and get help, and don’t reoffend, and at the other end of the spectrum there are multiple repeat offenders for life, who are never rehabilitated.. In the middle there are a large number who go wrong in their teens and who grow out of it by the time they are 30, married, with kids. Again it’s anecdotal. Best I can do.
  11. Because I haven’t updated my thesis research from 40 years ago. So I cannot say unequivocally. So what I say is anecdotal and must be stated with those qualifications. It was 40 years ago. the crime rate in 2017 was no higher than in 1978, taking into account population increase. My anecdotal evidence is based on 40 years of being in court every week, representing 6-10 people per week, being duty advocate for more than 20 years, so it’s observational, yes, but not far out. And BTW 1978 was the last year the prison had a week with zero prisoners. Now it rarely drops below 100. If we imprisoned proportionately to the crime rate and English prison figures we’d need space fo about 40. Make of that what you will.
  12. It’s drivel, legally, scientifically and without basis in fact. But you believe it if you want to. Anyone can write something and title it Human Rights Report. It gives it no weight, lends no credence, especially when the author is an anonymous pseudonym ( unless it really is Crystal Vibe the Ukrainian musician )
  13. No there aren’t criminal conspiracy charges anywhere. It’s something that’s been misrepresented and you’ve fallen for it, hook line and sinker. If I’m wrong please provide a link. The only make believe here is yours and the the conspiracy theorists you’ve thrown your lot in with. im intrigued that you think that a frequency can absorb anything. As usual, and as with your reading, you have things back to front. I stress, as I have before, I wait scientific proof. All the pseudo science you’ve linked to is discredited, I’ve linked through to the material showing this. on a side note, the above is me personally. Not posting as moderator. You recently posted a bizarre attack on me confusing something id posted personally, with moderating. this is now me moderating, sock puppetry suggestions will get you suspended.
  14. What’s happened to the original V5? Why isn’t it with the car? Has it been lost or has it been surrendered as the damage is so severe it’s been written off and the V5 surrendered..
  15. If it’s less than 3 years old you shouldn’t need an MOT? But it may depend on insurance write off categorisation?
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