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  1. Darren who ran grill pit and timber pit at laurel bank ( and now grill pit at coffee cottage )is still doing shed orders and construction. He has a FB page as Grill Pit, you can Message him via there. He’s putting up my new store shed tomorrow.
  2. Not interested whether the assertions are false. I’m not in a position to determine or take sides. Just interested in stopping the pair of you from being dicks. By answering back you’ve challenged a moderator decision. 7 day suspension.
  3. @RIchard Britten and @paswt - enough. carry this on and you’re both for a long suspension. Understood?
  4. There’s a real howler in the IoM Today/Mananan Festival article/press release. Don’t know if the press release or it’s interpretation by Iomtoday journalists is at fault, but this is pure drivel “The programme sees something very different on Saturday, June 22, with a production of the opera the Sleeping Queen, written by Gilbert and Sullivan, along with the playwright Michael Balfe.” Michael William Balfe was an Irish composer, 28 operas. He composed Sleeping Queen to a libretto by Brougham Farnie. Nothing to do with G&S, who didn’t get together until 1871, a year after Balfe died!
  5. The driver who got taken to court was insured. His insurance will pick up the £4500, as its compensation, the equivalent of damages. What worries me is the thought that the cyclists, with expensive bikes, and the potential to harm third parties, didn’t have insurance. It’s cheap. I’ve got it for my wheelchair. Fully comp. Public liability. The lot. £60.
  6. Of course they had no “extra” costs as it was specified and costed into the contract. Duuh! Talk about spin!
  7. @manxy you say WHO say that 5G is unsafe. But actually they don’t. And what they say about bio electromagnetic effects hasn’t changed this millennium. The World Health Organization has classified radio frequency electromagnetic radiation as Group 2B - possibly carcinogenic. This group contains possible carcinogens such as lead, DDT, and styrene. For example, epidemiological studies looking for a relationship between cell phone use and brain cancer development, have been largely inconclusive, save to demonstrate that the effect, if it exists, cannot be a large one.
  8. But they have, time and time again. But even if you accept that ( which you don’t, I know ) they don’t, by their very nature, prove 100% that 5G or EMR/EMF is safe. That isn’t how science works.
  9. Yesterday, 10.17 am. 4 pages back. Why not use the search function? Or rather than search or research would you rather just rely on random stuff you come across that fits in with your world view, rather than checking that it’s safe.
  10. Of course you’re entitled to a view or opinion, but you have to base it on peer reviewed research, not on random ramblings of people with less scientific background than you or I, if it’s to have validity. That’s something you have to search for, you don’t get it on FB or YouTube. I did a research degree, many years ago. I do at least understand scientific method. You keep on coming up with asking for conclusive proof that 5G is safe. That isn’t how science works. As long as that’s what you look for you’re in a cul de sac/dead end. In the dark, won’t ever be enlightened.
  11. You do know that the commonest form of EMR/EMF is (visible) light?
  12. Yet the fact remains that by far and away the largest number of rapes, and sexual assaults on underage children and young adults are committed by persons known to the parents and the youngsters: so where does that take you? As for EMF, well its been around for a long time now, starting with Morse code, telegraph, early radio, TV, electricity transmission grids, electricity and radio and TV in the home and street and work place CRT, computers, and mobiles. You clearly use a computer or mobile device linked to the internet. Yet you don't know its safe. You can't know its safe. The problem is that most of what you are relying upon ( including the table you post above ) is unsubstantiated rubbish, not attributed, not peer reviewed, and is disseminated by people who have paranoia's, hidden agendas, bees in their bonnets, as gospel, and lots of decent people are taken in and fall for it. A bit like a cult. They don't critically review. Its no different than scare stories on FB, which when you check on Snopes are total fabrication. Most testing is independent, especially the research into EMF over the decades and the clear results for some forms, as causing an increased risk. But the frequencies used by 5G at the very low powers, aren't new, and if the higher powers used for 405 and 625 Analogue TV weren't found to cause these unspecified diseases, there is a strong likelihood that its OK. We are all aware of negligent testing, hiding the results, especially in drugs trials, think thalidomide and its disastrous and terrible aftermath. But it came out quickly. Given the history of EMF and its prolonged and extensive use, wouldn't it have come out by now. Conspiracies are hard to keep in the dark. Yes I worry, id be daft not to. I have had leukaemia. But no one can say what caused my blood stem cells in my bone marrow to mutate. It may have been summers in Cornwall as a kid, exposed to radiation from the granite, or fluoride in toothpaste or water, or benzene at school in the lab, or EMF, or SBK I used when clearing my dad's jungle or treatment to pressure inject timber with anti woodworm stuff in my first house. Or it may just be that we live longer, our cells degenerate with age, mutations happen with every cell division, most are benign, but some are nasty. What you propose would put us into a bubble, not protected or insulated from the real world, but trying to ignore it. North Korea sound OK? Its a bit like closing your eyes, sticking fingers in ears and wearing a tin foil hat. It doesn't help. I'm a member of several APL forums/survivors groups, maybe I'm lacking in imagination or maybe I'm stoical or just plain stupid, but the three things that tempt me to leave are the constant quests for causation (with some pretty wacky suggestions - none of it peer reviewed), the angst over that, the fad diets or non medical cures, swallowed hook line and sinker, by the gullible, and the Americans, let down by having non socialised medicine who offer prayers and have to seek gofundme because their insurance ran out and they are being denied treatment, without which they'll die..
  13. It was tongue in cheek, Roger. The name change is recent. Last summer, I think. But the slanted TT is clearly a knock off. Must register TT Law.
  14. So, how long would you postpone introduction for the tests. Many of the things you are concerned about may take 10, 20, 30, 40 years or more before there can be any detectable adverse results. You're also naive to think anything can be proved safe. That’s not how testing works. You can prove something unsafe, you can prove low risk, based on testing results, at the time, with the science available, and depending on how long you run tests for. Oh, and the honesty of the tests. But you can’t, for 5G, or anything similar, test that it’s safe, and eliminate all the other factors that might cause cancers, Leukaemia, low fertility, etc. Etc.
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