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  1. John Wright

    Pubs closing

    Yes, because the previous owner, not brewery, surrendered his licence immediately before the transfer should have gone through, and they had to start with a new application from scratch. It’s all on the public record.
  2. John Wright

    Pubs closing

    Earlier in this thread it was said Hooded Ram was closed. Seems to be open on North Quay and selling Hooded Ram brewed product. Certainly been busy with FB postings. I noticed the big warehouse on Hills Meadow is up for rent. So perhaps it’s not all doom and gloom.
  3. John Wright

    Pubs closing

    Brewery didn’t try to stop them, either in Walpole Avenue or Peveril Square.
  4. John Wright

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Has there been a departure on pricing? Does the existing UA cover passenger and freight fares, or just passenger?
  5. John Wright

    Basic Maths?

    He borrowed £100, paid back £2. So he owes £98. He’s got a pair of jeans worth £97 and £1 which is £98. The question is a trick, Max. He doesn’t owe the £98 + £2 paid. He owes £98 after paying £2 and he’s got £1 and the jeans. Expensive jeans. Must have gone to flannels.
  6. John Wright

    Steam Packet to be sold

    A new user agreement hasn’t been negotiated yet. Let alone a new one in place. The old one continues. Crystal Ball territory.
  7. John Wright

    5G Network Radiation?

    The guy hasn’t successfully appealed yet. He was convicted. The trial didn’t make any findings about 5G. Just that you can’t scream murderer at people lawfully going about their business in the Street. Yes, he’s applied for leave to appeal, presumably on new evidence grounds, that application was due to be heard 8/2 but has been adjourned because CPS haven’t been able to interview original witnesses about what Steele is now alleging. Of course that being reported by Steele as being oppression, attempts to delay to wear him down. It’s hyperbole. Standard stuff. Appears he may have been taken to court in mid January for something else like an order that he doesn’t carry on with publicising his allegations pending the appeal. Not clear what happened. Seems the judge refused to “gag” him. Seems to be something he uploaded to YouTube. The only report mentioning £11,000 costs is the “Trust” piece. Given the inaccuracy of their reporting of the first case, I’d not rely on anything they print. He is fund raising to avoid being sent to prison. However that’s a red herring. He was fined £180 and ordered to pay £300 towards prosecution costs. Total £480. Payable £5 per week. Only going to prison if he doesn’t pay.
  8. John Wright

    £400K to seduce immigrants

    UHT is down, considerably
  9. John Wright

    Understanding the Law

    Thanks dilli.
  10. John Wright

    Understanding the Law

    It’s word for word the same as what is printed in the paper, on the front page, and readily readable in the link you provided Neil
  11. John Wright

    Understanding the Law

    Yes it is.
  12. John Wright

    Understanding the Law

    It’s copied in the link in the very first post, made by you!
  13. John Wright

    Understanding the Law

    Isn’t it just the paper regurgitating their article on line from the print edition on 7 February? Nothing new?
  14. John Wright

    Plans for lord street

    what makes you think it wont? The developer will have gone to a lot of trouble and expense, first with the tender and second with planning. They have pre let/expressions of interest from Travelodge so the only likely reason not to go ahead will be if they, as anchor tenant, withdraws. That and manx crabbism