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  1. Here is what she said In a statement to the board, shared with Gef, Miss Quine said: ‘It is with the utmost regret and sadness that after serious consideration I have reluctantly decided to resign as both Chairman and Board Member of Castletown Town Commissioners. This is due to allegations laid against me in the public domain; questioning my abilities as chairman after an unfortunate incident involving my dog and an employee of CTC who had volunteered to administer ear drops to the dog. ‘The Town Hall was closed for maintenance Thursday 26th August to Wednesday 1st September; however this was the meeting place chosen by the employee as he was in Castletown at the time, whilst working from home for the period. After seeking legal advice I declined upon request of the Board to step down as chairman with immediate effect, believing my ability as a Chairman or as a Commissioner had no relevance to the unfortunate incident mentioned above. ‘A vote of no confidence was brought by Mr Cubbon, seconded by Mr Leather with unanimous support of the Board making the position as a commissioner untenable for me to continue, as a member of a team without support of board members. My political life has been dedicated to serving the people of Castletown and this decision has not come lightly. The unnecessary speculation and public humiliation has not only affected me personally but also members of my family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who voted for me in the recent election and all those who have supported me over the years.’
  2. You clearly don’t understand deterrence. It’s not just about getting punished, it’s about detection and getting caught risk. Knowing it’s happening has deterrent effect, not on kids but on retail staff, who are front line defence against such sales.
  3. Trading standards have always used this technique for Ciggies and alcohol. Fireworks is a logical extension. whether it’s morally justified is another matter entirely
  4. 1. I think they mean GLADYS rather than Gladys
  5. The truth is that the IoM routes have never been stable, we’ve had operators, from big to fly by night, come and go, with monotonous regularity and striking frequency, under both open skies, and the previous regulated market, over the last 70 years. The only ones who stuck it out long term, 20+ years, have been Manx & Easy. Most did a year or two, more likely a season or two, a few got to five and the odd one or two got to 10+. Whats for sure is that we don’t want a monopoly or an Aurigny. The balance between stable services and the demand for low prices is a hard one. As for @Cassie2 suggestion that LoganAir is locally based, that’s laughable. They aren’t. They station aircraft here overnight. They’d be gone like a shot if their routes weren’t profitable, or being subsidised. Having aircraft based here has upsides and downsides, for us and them. But to be really effective needs a critical mass like Manx had.
  6. No IoMG own and run the inter connector. From the main Scotland to Ireland pipe. And the pipe to the Power station. We have loaned money for MG connections to that and new infrastructure to connect The main conurbations ( Ramsey, Peel, Castletown and PE/PSM ) had their own local networks which weren’t connected to each other, or Douglas. Also to extend gas supply to places like Colby and Glen Vine/Crosby. Neither It’s all there.
  7. The LEZ operator will ask DOI Vehicle Licensing for owner details and send an invoice/charge. When you don’t pay they’ll sell it to a collection agency, which will badger you. Most modern vehicles are compliant. Just register. It’s free.
  8. Of course, but it has become obsessional. Apple clearly worked within the Manx Health Service. Begs why they left it in such a mess.
  9. You’ve really got a bee somewhere, and have it all out of proportion. 6 weeks is much better than a year, as long as the IT system is robust enough. It works in England. Of course it’s for the benefit of patients. If it reduces DNA it means more will be seen. Whats wrong with Third Sector, Charity and private involvement to deliver services free at point of delivery, where appropriate. Why would a PPU be available for NHS patients, except in case of emergency. I’ve no issue with a PPU attached to Nobles, as long as it costs the taxpayer nothing, recovers its costs from patient’s insurers and doesn’t take staff away from treating NHS patients. The old PPU didn’t deliver that. Hopefully they’ll find a concession operator who will and pay a fee. Win Win. Manx Care are 6 months in. They took over in an unprecedented health crisis. Nobles is a bit like a mega tanker. Takes time to change speed and course. I’m quietly impressed by the initiatives. Frankly I’m fed up of your incoherent emotional ramblings on here, always criticism, never positive, and never offering any solutions. You’re part of the problem.
  10. Just wish they’d be consistent, across the board. I’ve just received a letter, today, with a non urgent annual review physiology clinic appointment for Thursday 21 October. I’m off Island. I’ll have to ring to rearrange from Spain. Physiology don’t book a year ahead. Not even a week ahead! what utter cynical paranoid rubbish. As @wrightyexplains, it’s a much better system.
  11. They’re the same App. TAC stands for TousAntiCovid
  12. Kids have got it, kids have got long Covid, kids have died. There is most definitely a risk to kids. Most other countries are double vaccinating kids 12+. Moral mazes and compasses don’t change with geographical/political boundaries. Morally bankrupt, corrupt, Boris led, Britain hasn’t any claim to the moral high ground on Covid, as the figures show. And now IoM figures are worse.
  13. That’s TAC Verif. Yes I’ve downloaded from App Store whilst in IoM. You scan in your NHS 2D bar code. It’s flaky and you keep having to repeat. if you’ve got the NHS printed pass with one code it’s straightforward. If you’ve downloaded from the web site and have the two 2D bar codes you need to scan in the second, not the first.
  14. The inconsistencies are legion and staggering. Manx entry requirements are so odd. I’ve been in Spain a month. I went back to London for a long weekend on 30/9. I had to have a pre flight LFT and a day 2 PCR. I could have flown home ( in transit ) and not bothered with the PCR, or any test. The IoM is not alone. Prior to 10/10 Brits couldn’t enter Bulgaria directly. I could fly from Spain with just a declaration. Now all Brits can enter as long as they’re double vaccinated and take a pre flight PCR. Doesn’t matter where you’re flying from or how long you’ve been there. I’m flying to BG on Tuesday with Spanish friends. They don’t need the PCR. The kids thing seems to demonstrate poor communication by NHS or government. Kids are a major vector of transmission between households, catching at school and taking it home. It makes sense to vaccinate.
  15. So why aren’t we vaccinating kids and dual dosing at that.
  16. You only have to look at UK and IoM extremely high infection levels and high vaccination levels and compare them with much lower, and reducing, infection levels in most of Europe, where distancing and mask wearing mitigation are still in place, and sometimes vaccination levels lower than ours, to answer your question. Mask wearing, numbers limitation and distancing work. And are they really an imposition. I’ve been in Spain for a month, I’m off to Bulgaria next week. Compliance isn’t an issue.
  17. It’s not wages. It has to cover Law Society membership, Professional Indemnity Insurance, rent, staff wages, office overheads ( library, physical and on line subs ) IT soft and hardware and maintenance, heat, light, power. It has to cover tax and NI and pension contributions before there’s any spends. With 300+ lawyers in practice there’s plenty of competition. Most of my work is at £135 and my tribunal work at £89.50. However, I reserve the right to do private work, and will quote a rate appropriate for the job, based on my expertise, the complexity, money involved, and the means of the client. And occasionally I’m asked to do things by people who want me to advise for free or want me to do something I don’t really want to. I can be persuaded to swallow my pride at an appropriately insulting hourly rate. Meanwhile I do lots of free/pro Bono/charity/public interest work in my own time.
  18. For the record and posterity, screen shot in full
  19. So, in answering the question you spoke to/with them!
  20. You’re conflating two issues. They’re related.because the police are part of, and representative of, the wider public. So gross and unacceptable unprofessionalism reflected in police brutality, racism, homophobia, or just not bothering to investigate black deaths properly ( Stephen Lawrence ) etc is clearly a reflection of societal attitudes as well as institutional attitudes in the police service. But, having a categorisation of crime that expressly criminalises hate offences helps the police, and, by extension, society, by allowing proper recording, and, where appropriate, action plans to tackle. The police have always campaigned. It’s from their lived and worked experience, applying the law as it is, that the holes become apparent. Don’t think motoring safety policy isn’t driven by the police. You only have to read Dels posts on here over the years. OK, the politicians haven’t reacted as he, and the police, wanted. There are lots of crimes here with a hate element. I see them. I’ve experienced them. I advise offenders who’ve committed them ( when I’m duty advocate ). Lots of its casual. Low level. But as we recognise the identities and rights of gay, trans, women, BAME, faiths, disabled etc as equal and valid society has to try to ensure their opportunity to live their best lives equally and without threat. After all, we recognised it for the police years ago. In my day student demos were replete with chants about porcine plod. That’s been an offence for years under Public Order as officers, as part of the public, and as police, are offended. Its not policing thought. It’s not 1984. It fairly simple. It saying “commit an offence whilst screaming racist, trans, homophobic, ablist, abuse and it’s elevated to another level. There’s lots of that in criminal law, a scale. Common assault, assault, ABH, GBH ( with or without intent/a weapon )
  21. They are. As I say, it’s an aggravating factor in sentencing. It’s not an additional parallel offence.
  22. Yes, that’d be the same, in effect, whether they raised capital by issuing shares, or debentures, or borrowed commercially. The government loan was over a longer period and at a lower rate than the market. Whats your point?
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