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  1. You misunderstand what the post is about. I have explained.
  2. I think it’s more outward looking. Bribery & Fraud elsewhere and developing strategies to ensure that IOM based financial services advisers and providers and traders avoid getting involved. As for the inspectors at Markwell House, the fact we see those cases is a testament to their success.
  3. I wasn’t thinking of compo. Does the info commissioner have power to award? Will the firm self report? Complaing at Curry’s on Island, about a GDPR breach that probably happened at their off Island repair facility, won’t get near head office Data Officer.
  4. Report to the information commissioner, although they should be self reporting.
  5. Two different construction projects, half a mile apart.
  6. So, we’re unlikely to have use of the Pier Head floating landing stage beyond the end of the 2021 summer sailing schedule.
  7. Quite, the real criticism is the amount they’re paying to develop Summerhill ( ex Glenside ), where they already own the land, and the £600k paid for empty bed spaces. Again, because of lack of transparency and an inability to be frank, even to PAC, and perhaps because PAC is playing politics, I suspect that there is a large part of the perceived overspend on Summerhill is demolition and getting rid of the asbestos in Glenside.
  8. It all comes back to honesty, transparency and openness. Or more the lack of it. We have an ageing population. The government hadn’t been renewing its estate adequately or in time. They really did have to close Glenside and Albert Terrace ( or at least stop accepting new residents ). There weren’t enough private developments coming on line. They want to outsource to private operators because long term it’s cheaper because they lose the employment add on costs of pensions. The decision probably was justified. But presentation and explanation is abysmal. Just like Covid, Liverpool landing s
  9. It’s a breach of data protection principles. It’s the merchants obligation to not release the info they hold about a customer ( even that you are a customer ), whether it’s otherwise publicly available or not.
  10. They’re looking for CoMin sense, not common sense
  11. One requirement, one only. Transparency. Publish the data upon which decisions are based in as near real time as possible. Then there can be meaningful debate, and decision making can be held to account
  12. It’s important because they are providing tests privately as well as for public health purposes. They do pre travel PCR as well as incoming traveller PCR. Private testing, like private medicine, should not be subsidised by the state. Ive worked with public bodies which traded. They didn’t have a clue about staffing, property or utility costs. It gave a wholly artificial view of the viability of the trading. Added to which all stock was carried on the books at cost. Some stock was clearly unsaleable. Writing it off would have caused a loss. You get the idea.
  13. Cabinet seeking applications for the Emergency Advice Group. Suitable job for forum posters? @Banker and @Nom de plume should be a shoe in. https://www.gov.im/public-appointments?fbclid=IwAR0puPK3ytw037S5iwv3FfwwUWqcOszSFLo96Dko4-UJ7erdnClH78-1St8 A comprehensive information pack containing full details of the knowledge and skills required and an application form are available on the Cabinet Office website https://www.gov.im/public-appointments or if you require a printed or an accessible version of this application pack (i.e. large print, audio or Braille) please contact the C
  14. Accepted, but at the price she calculated there’s a £31.25 margin for fixed and overhead costs. I’d be surprised if that much can be attributed to each test, I’d be very surprised if it was more than £50 as claimed by DA
  15. And yet David claims it costs government more and they run each one at a loss. But can’t/won’t produce the fag packet workings
  16. Considering that UK allow you out of isolation if you’ve done a pre travel PCR and at day 5 and they’re both negative, or 10 days isolation no test, as opposed to day 1, 7, 14 testing or 21 day isolation, the disparities are large. We've had day 1 and 13 testing for 15 weeks, and day 7 testing for slightly less. I wonder what the stats show for when positives are detected. As it’s about risk management that should be available and fed into the decision making. Perhaps it is. Why isn’t the info publicly available?
  17. And, as we’ve both posted, it doesn’t seem to be.
  18. Which means the info on the NHS data base needs to be 1. accurate 2. accessible
  19. Yes, but where are they going to get the verified info from?
  20. But it needs type of vaccine entering, and it needs to produce a QR code. Otherwise you’re thrown back on the bit of card.
  21. Now we know why they stopped. Chinese takeaway
  22. It’s certainly taking the scenic route
  23. Yes, but the photo you posted was Motor Yacht A
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