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  1. No it doesn’t. And yes he was named. So much for conspiracy theories.
  2. Well, I’ve voted. Advance vote. Can’t change it now. I narrowed it down to one I could stomach. So I plumped.
  3. Or is he AOM? Rather than DAD? Is DAD a bit like his Doctorate, an honorary title? AOM - Airport Operations Manager
  4. Is there any announcement about City. It’s not bookable beyond 30 October on LoganAir. BA at long last, this week, cancelled and refunded, my December flights, having given up on the pretence that they’d Route me via Dublin, 8 hours out and 11 hours back.
  5. 5. It was 8 when we bought and 9 when it went into service. Started service originally in 1998. And Jonathan Swift, as WestPac Express ( about 5 metres longer than Manannan ) for 12 or 15. Jonathan Swift seems to manage the Irish Sea storms better than Manannan. WestPac/Jonathan Swift must have suited the US Navy. They had 10 subsequent ones built.
  6. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/not-one-of-our-finest-moments-says-minister/ if you listen to the second, longer, clip, he still says nothing. He avoids blaming anybody. I’m happy with that. There needs to be a proper enquiry before anyone is blamed BUT after four days it’s inconceivable that the paper trail hasn’t been examined and the break in the chain hasn’t been identified.
  7. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed, Civil Servants don’t get a vote in the CM election. I think we may have another big clear out again.
  8. He’s already said he won’t. He was the compromise candidate because no one wanted anyone else. He sort of snuck up on the blind side. If you’d said in June 2016 that he’d be chief minister by October you’d have been offered counselling, at best, sectioning, at worst. The worrying thing is that there’s no stand out candidate to replace him at 12 months out. Would Juan, who’s ambition knows no bounds, be willing to give up his robes? You bet. Would Alf throw his hat in the ring? Absolutely. Will LibVans try and push Hooper? Josem as much as said so. Will Ashford try for the job he’s be studying for since before he was out of nappies? You bet. Help.
  9. No one has actually said what the booking times were and whether its a misapprehension on the part of Aurigny a miscommunication between Aurigny and Ronaldsway, or a Ronaldsway cock up. I know what my money is on.
  10. Apart from Hamilton it’s normally tagged on to the end of an existing shift/opening hours. Hamilton was preebooked.
  11. Lewis Hamilton. Every time EasyJet landed and departed late outside normal hours, and particularly three at once.. Flybe planes from Manchester or Liverpool being delayed in the evening.
  12. @Lewis be careful what you wish for. Conviction politics? Last time any politician had a conviction was the ERG, and look what that got the UK.
  13. Minnie and Armistead were childless
  14. Searching Nigel Caldwell may not return a result. It’s Nigel Cordwell. He works at Tower Insurance up to 3 days a week.
  15. Airport has just remembered its FB page. My emphasis added. The get out clause GA Aircraft may now take advantage of the Guernsey Air Bridge further information is available at https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/private-vessels-and-aircrafts/. Additionally, any GA Aircraft intending to land anywhere on the Island that is arriving from outside the 12nm Territorial Limit is required to land at Ronaldsway IOM Airport (during normal opening hours), and clear all relevant Border Entry procedures before continuing on to their destination. Charges for landing in order to clear border controls will be waived providing the aircraft departs the Airport within 1 hour of arrival.
  16. Rather depends on job description and T&C. But if you work in a service like ports, airports, police, hospital, emergency services you’ll not only have shifts you’ll also be on call.
  17. Heysham Harbour currently closed to all traffic. Spill of Nitric acid from container.
  18. I don’t know. Hence the question marks. If those times were UTC I’d expect it to say and if 11 I’d expect UTC 10+1
  19. In summer. Is it as simple as that. Aurigny mistook UTC for BST? I thought times were stated UTC + x as standard so this was avoided?
  20. More information is dripping out in the marine/ferry press and social media. Its said the new boat will be hybrid gas/battery powered. its also said the steam packet directors had a long inspection of Queen Jenuvia, latest vessel from the yard in Korea, now undergoing sea trials before entering service next month. At 170m she’s about 30m longer than the SP new vessel. The interior design is of a very high standard. “We remain in Asia today. We discover the interiors of Seaworld Express new 170m long Ropax QUEEN JENUVIA. The boat will imminently join the Korea - Jeju trade and replace SANTA LUCINO. The boat seems to offer very interesting interiors. Keep in mind Isle Of Man Steam Packet people have inspected the vessel before signing with Hyundai Mipo a week ago! They must have been quite impressed! Interior has been designed and outfitted by local expert Jeitek. Operator: Seaworld Express Design & yard: Hyundai Mipo Where: Mokpo - Jeju, Korea When: starting within weeks“
  21. Speculation only. No basis in fact. They're reluctant to be publicly available because they’d be inundated. I know that when I had reason to complain last year that there was a definite filtration going on, so that it was claimed that correspondence to the generic airport e-mail address with a clear and explicit request to forward to Mr Spake wasn’t forwarded. Their PR and customer service isn’t the best.
  22. So 2 hours incarcerated in a plane on the tarmac at Manchester is a brief delay?
  23. The job titles enable identification of each one of them by Manxies, which is unfortunate. For a disciplinary body that’s trying so carefully to anonymise its judgment to not realise that in a small community each of those titles is readily identifiable. Its a worrying error by Dr Byrne and his legal team of things taught in Mitigation 101. If the facts are established ( and they were way back in May ) make sure any one you ask to provide a reference is fully briefed as to what has happened, so they can properly decide what to write, and whether their glowing testimonial is justified. By the time they were written he was suspended from practice and no longer able to determine pay, holidays, conditions, if he ever was.
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