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  1. There was a forum software update yesterday. It’s now resolved itself
  2. It was a misjudgment to go. Just like Boris and his trial scheme to avoid isolation, which he had to row back from. It identifies insensitivity to the public mood. A case of do as I say, not do as I do. Of course, most of its down to his (mis)handlers. It sent out the wrong message. And his reaction to it being identified and reported makes him look petty. He wasn’t in a clinical area, or a ward, nor did he meet patients. But there are immunocompromised patients in hospice. I suspect he’s tired, worn out, maybe demob happy. It must be a difficult job, even at the best of times. And the last 12 months hasn’t been the best of times. I’d be snappy as well, in all honesty. I chaired a tribunal on Nobles site last week. Not in a clinical or ward area. Boardroom. No patient present. The reception staff weren’t bothered about me signing the declaration that I had no symptoms or been off Island, I had to remind them it was necessary. We were made to wear masks and Perspex face screens all day. I did notice that the two medically qualified people present wore their masks “below the nose”, for a substantial part of the proceedings, however.
  3. Gladys has provided the answer. Condoms to stop government spunking cash
  4. We no longer have a motor home. I miss it.
  5. Was I in a wheelchair? (actually I didn’t leave the house yesterday )
  6. John Wright

    Manx Care

    Yet it was always admitted publicly that the additional administrative cost of the separation into a service commissioner and an arms length service provider would be £2,000,000 a year for at least the first 5 years. Once you have such a system you have to have extra people commissioning and submitting the bids. Extra staff at CEO/Board level, and at commissioning were inevitable. The agenda and board papers for the July Manx Care board meeting are revealing as to the difficulties caused by poor information systems and data collection and collation, but, where data is available, the low hanging fruit savings to be made by comparatively small changes. I hope it’s a sign of things to come. The Breast Cancer catch up initiative is great, but staff must be put in place so the job can all be done here. The mental health therapy staffing initiative is also good. Both make you wonder why the old DHSC delivery teams had allowed staffing to become so inadequate. We now need to replace the locum consultants, specialists and nurses with full time substantive appointments. There’s a huge saving to be had there.
  7. You only need means testing when supply is inadequate. Build more. Charge market rents. But support those who can’t afford. Reduce market rents by building more private, as well as public, first time buyers and old persons and sheltered housing. Housing costs are dictated by two things, shortage of supply and cost of borrowing. The increase in housing purchase price knocks on to rent. The low interest rates make overpriced housing “affordable” to the few. We need to fully explore government and local authority provision of serviced plots, like happened in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s, shared ownership, buy to rent, and housing associations. This could be funded by transferring all our public housing to one or more Manx National Housing Associations. Sell of up to 50% shares and issue bonds. Use the money raised to satisfy demand. Allow tenants to buy, but reinvest the sale proceeds. Inject the other 50% into the NI fund, or a Manx Infrastructure Investment Agency.
  8. John Wright

    Manx Care

    Announced yesterday Manx Care are recruiting another 10 therapists/psychologists in 2021, with more in 2022, and training another 8 locally. Sounds as if one is to be embedded within each GP practice. Long overdue. Kudos to Ross Bailey and Teresa Cope for moving this forward
  9. 8 weeks 6 days and counting
  10. I’d always assumed Hebrew with the “el” ending. Like Uriel.
  11. Ariel has probably popped off for 40 minutes putting his girdle round the earth.
  12. The way the EAG have used loose language is the issue here. The standard figure, internationally, is normally, I think, a 14 day average. But 7 day rates and other rates, are often and confusingly quoted. It’s an oranges, apples and pears thing.
  13. There was only one existing commissioner voted off, and no he wasn’t a trustee or governor of Corrin Home. Two of those re-elected were governors.
  14. Boy David clearly has a friendship with our own TJ ( oh, wait, wasn’t he claiming 12? )
  15. Moderator message. Stop being a dick. You’re being deliberately provocative and attempting to show off.
  16. No. Legal aid for Domestic Violence is means tested. The only non means tested legal aid is Mental Health Review, Duty Advocate at police station and court, and Hague international convention child abduction cases. At least it was when I last looked and when I was Vice Chair of the Legal Aid Committee. And Legal Aid lawyers aren’t expensive. I rarely do legal aid. It was frozen in 2009 at 75% of the level Tynwald had agreed was appropriate in 2006. It’s now only worth 50% of what it was then in real terms. I can do private work for an hour and get 3 times what I would get for the same work on legal aid. Ive just completed my very last civil legal aid case. It’s run since 2016. About events in 2009. The claimant was the woman. She spent a year challenging the legal aid of my client, for which I didn’t get paid, and wasted another year on irrelevancies for which the court has disallowed her costs. I can only say this because the case has been in public. But I don’t think my opposite number was advising those tactics. My opponent was doing as instructed. Not withstanding that I’ll continue covering duty advocate legal aid, at court, police stations, in and out of office hours, weekends, 03.00. Because it’s the right thing to do.
  17. Except the money in the joint account is also her asset and taken into account for her entitlement to benefits and legal aid just as much as his. Im sorry you find the explanation of the system funny. And of course it’s written by an advocate. But one with experience and compassion. Im not sure what you would suggest that protects the children. The relationship is clearly over and there’s resentment or hatred, probably on both sides. And neither of us are able to really know what’s happened. You may be close to “Dave” but even you are only getting one side.
  18. I’m sorry I don’t measure up. Any system will be a compromise. No system the forensically examines each major and minor allegation hurled either way, with the advocates in the middle trying to keep a lid on it. Advocates haven’t the time or ability to ascertain whether what their client instructs is right or wrong or true. Although they will check for contradictions and question. The courts are too slow. Parents use the kids as missiles. That’s wrong. But the present system is a mid point between the father automatically got custody as in C19 and early C20 and the wife automatically got custody post WW2. Also, the court daren't ignore the allegations and it escalate to something much more serious. Years of sad cases, including horrific abuse and death have proved that. We don’t now have awards of custody, except in the most exceptional cases. Custody remains joint, with shared residence and contact. The problem is feelings and emotions. And pride. And self denial. The last two I’ve advised I basically said forget the allegations. Agree the exclusion and partner non molestation ( but with the caveat that you don’t accept the truth of the allegations ). Put them behind you and now start on repairing things to normalise child support, residence and contact. It’s pragmatic advice. It’s sensible advice. But it’s never accepted. Its all well and good criticising, courts, social services, advocates, charities, your partner. But what do you suggest is put in place that safeguards the kids, puts a roof over their heads, and provides stability, fast.
  19. And yet you would have subjected him to criminal proceedings, and he could have afforded to defend criminal proceedings and survived a criminal trial? You don’t need to employ an advocate, you can give your own evidence and ask questions. And if he had no funds and was truly penniless, he’d have got legal aid. And Deemsters don’t make up their minds on an ex parte interim application.
  20. I agree that the ones who suffer most are the kids. But what you suggest is going to cause more suffering and possible more serious injury. Inevitably these incidents occur in the home, unwitnessed. The evidence is he said, she said. There’s never going to be criminal convictions. You’re condemning abused and children to live with abuser in a pressure cooker until much worse happens. Not good. There is evidence in the proceedings you criticise. Sworn statements, or statements of truth on pain of penalty for perjury. The court makes a provisional order for a limited period. The alleged abuser then has the opportunity to challenge and not only give evidence but cross examine the person making the allegations.
  21. It’s not a fact. It’s an unsubstantiated allegation. There’s no evidence. And it’s made by men, disgruntled by the fact they haven’t got what they thought they were entitled to. What you postulate would be unprofessional to the extent of warranting a striking off, and would be a criminal conspiracy to defraud the Treasury.
  22. I did 20 years of family law. I still advise occasionally. I met just as many, no probably more, mothers and kids who lived in penury, without a safe and secure roof over their heads, because dad hid earnings and assets, didn’t pay, swapped jobs to avoid attachment. And no one, and I mean no one, makes money out of legal aid. Im not aware of any advocates who do anything other than attempt to represent their clients to the best of their abilities and all of us advise mediation and stress that contact is the right of the child. Truth is in the emotional stress of separation and divorce there are crap dads and abusive dads, and vengeful mums and overprotective mums. And if the advocate doesn’t get the right deal they can end up being sued. It’s lose, lose. we need better and earlier, and compulsory, alternative dispute resolution from day one. Take it out of the courts. And a fixed statutory scheme for child support and capital division ( with judicial discretion in exceptional circumstances ).
  23. John Wright

    Manx Care

    That’s to misunderstand the roles of DHSC and MC. The DHSC roles will not be clinical or medical or nursing or care, or management of those services. So no duplication. Its a problem of this sort of commissioning system that it’s wasteful of management on both sides agreeing what is to be done, setting the budget, reviewing etc. It’s a duff system which England is rowing back from just as IOM launches. It has one, well two, possibly, advantages. Immunity from political interference and ability of politicians to plausibly deny any responsibility for service delivery
  24. John Wright

    Manx Care

    At least they’ve got a back up plan to ensure meeting service targets. It’ll be so much more expensive to use private services or locums, so hopefully they’ll put together the right package to attract permanent staff, and, of course, no one should have to go off Island for treatment that can be done safely and well here. It’s a daunting struggle for many. I’m speaking as someone who did 50+ day trips for chemo over a 6 month period, twice a week.
  25. John Wright

    Manx Care

    I thought there had been a public statement? It’s been all over the media for 48 hours. MR may have only decided to cover it. Good on Mrs Cope. She’s getting her teeth into things. Remember she’s only been in a position to do so for 3 1/2 months. MC have identified the numbers, the delay, and negotiated a temporary solution plus put in place the route to permanent resolution. And in a pandemic. I just hope this is a taste of things to come. With improved referral deadline targets and improved treatment delivery for all requirements across all specialities. There are some, especially community mental health, referral lags that are appalling. Community Psychologists take 18 months from referral to being seen. Obviously need half a dozen more psychologists.
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