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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. They need a mediator, someone who is qualified in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Two things. 1. Both parties need to agree and engage to try and resolve their differences 2. if it fails it’s all confidential and what’s said can’t be bandied about in public or used in court. Given the parties behaviour to date would that be possible to achieve? There, I’ve disqualified myself.
  2. I fear the over 80’s not being offered first dose until mid February may be connected with the first dose cohort in weeks one, two and three is getting second dosage in weeks 4, 5 & 6. It ties in. If so it’s a total abdication of responsibility.
  3. Keith O’Brien is just a reporter. There’s no reference to sources. And it’s 10 years old. Try this. https://transformdrugs.org/drug-decriminalisation-in-portugal-setting-the-record-straight/
  4. I don’t know why you’d say “even you”. I’m not a government apologist. I’ve pieced together what appears to be their vaccination roll out policy, from the briefings and press releases. I can see it as a logical and pragmatic way forward. I can see, even with the cases, that there isn’t a rush. BUT The fact that we have a Vaccination Board that has had a programme for delivery since at least 21/12 and it still hasn’t been published 4 weeks later is not acceptable. Neither is the delay in commissioning Ronaldsway, or even starting Chester Street, vaccination centres. I suspec
  5. Not crowing. Stating facts. Pfizer ramping up production isn’t likely to make any difference to what UK gets or passes on to IOM. Think it’s 40 million doses of pfizer to 100million doses AZ. Moderna is an also ran at 17 million. They’ve got 200million plus on order from 4 other developers still in trial.
  6. Just search one word. Skelly. That works.
  7. There was actually even more revealing information about the (lack of ) understanding of the senior departmental civil service heads. They were, by then, receiving the CoMin agenda packs, but apparently hadn’t twigged that they might be expected to read them, warn their minister of conflicts or even protect their minister.
  8. Andy, the links keep expiring. Just go to IOM Freedom of information home page and then search. Use Skelly as your search word
  9. Especially when, at the previous CoMin meeting, he had declared an interest, and it was minuted. How can he have known he had a conflict one week, but not the next.
  10. Ashford announced it at one of the conferences either just before or just after Xmas. I’ve no idea what batch size is. They’re producing 3.6 million doses a day, increasing to 5 million by mid February. PS. I’ve gone back to 20/12. That’s when Ashie confirmed initial vaccination roll out would be 3 days a week and that they had received the initial allocation of two trays, from same batch, and the first people vaccinated from tray one would receive second doses from the second tray. I’ve always assumed we were getting 2 trays of 975 nominal each week. The reports of the briefi
  11. I got the same figures. And yes, after the drop in output the rise will be good news. However AP report the drop in supply as that it won’t be able to fulfill all of the promised deliveries in the coming three to four weeks. For whatever reason the IOM has chosen to try to ensure that those vaccinated get both their doses from the same manufacturing batch. Not sure why this is important. Doesn’t seem to worry any other jurisdiction any where in the world. Hopefully once AZ comes on line things will speed up. The delay in getting the Ronaldsway check in hall and Chester Str
  12. And low and behold the very thing the IOM vaccination policy was designed to avoid, interruption of supply, has come to pass, with pfizer announcing considerable drop in production for about a month.
  13. Some government web site pages are difficult to link or seem to disconnect after a while. Try these https://iom.icasework.com/servlet/servlets.getImg?ref=858861&bin=Y&auth=0&db=ZVD1ZPdIGvo%3D&access_token=eFAI_syDUw16aUMpVB8xlrtlWrOD-r5-rHWmOFzN-0Qu-_Un9CHOo3HLXZLyYwi1.Nq-831DCJK0gulC_QB0sMQ%3D%3D https://iom.icasework.com/servlet/servlets.getImg?ref=858961&bin=Y&auth=0&db=ZVD1ZPdIGvo%3D&access_token=SyZ4LgZJgBURxZ3pd9JXwNHll5HkAdNwOuVGYGEeV89T29o30-J0pUwOpinNtVTj.pOnjXA9vHYfbIeI1pqNVLA%3D%3D Аngela Main Thompson has a really good analytic skills.
  14. There is a discretionary exemption provision. It’s there for cases just as this. Someone in DHSC or Cabinet Office has exercised their discretion, and exercised it wrongly if the facts are truly as we have been told. It’s clearly legally unreasonable, using the Wednesbury Unreasonable rules as long as the man is prepared to isolate with his partner, not share the bedroom, test on days 1, 6/7, 13, and care for her. Its also unreasonable to make him move out and pay rent elsewhere. Not just from his view point, but from DHSC view point. If he’d refused DHSC would have had to pay for her to
  15. I think Andy Corrie has done a good job. The convenience stores are small and cramped, but that is what he inherited. They’re well stocked. When Covid came along he recruited staff to keep shelves stocked and to keep customers distanced and moving. Ramsey is good, lots of stock, full shelves and lots of Manx produce. And he introduced home delivery from Ramsey at the start of lockdown 1. I don’t often drive to Ramsey. I wouldn’t go to just shop at the Co-op. But he’s done more than Shoprite or M&S. I’m sure if they did on line shopping, either with delivery, or click & c
  16. Oh, I don’t know. Howard, Boris, Jacob “Happy British Fish” Rees Mogg. Moulton may function better than any of them.
  17. So well informed that when pressed they have to admit it’s assumption and they don’t know
  18. Quite accept I stated it baldly to make a point. The problem with your statistic is it’s completely untrue and unsupported because the developers didn’t test the effectiveness of a single dose at weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, so there’s no way of knowing how effective it is on a single dose between day 22 and day 83.
  19. And you’d be mad if your Nan was in UK and had her first dose but was in the 50% non effective part of the population and caught it in week 9 and died. And your Nan would have been much more likely to be exposed in UK than here. So, gamble, yes, but our odds of granny getting both doses and surviving are a much better bet.
  20. All the CD, DoT etc were supposed to get pro rata. I’m just pointing out that it hasn’t necessarily worked out that way in terms of delivery schedule. In fact Gib isn’t just vaccinating it’s own population but 22,000 cross border workers. Gibraltar got a first delivery this week of nearly 7000 doses.
  21. But they aren’t our peers. Their situation is somewhat different. I understand they may have received extra doses. Gibraltar certainly has. It may be to do with supply line length, or just be politics. They were expecting to receive 35,000 doses this week but in fact received 70,000.
  22. You clearly haven’t understood the approach. No, the answer to the question what is the rush isn’t obvious. We’re way ahead of most of the world, even most of Europe. Bleating repeatedly that IOM sat on its arse doesn’t make it true, especially if there’s a valid plan for delivery. the bleeding obvious is we aren’t way behind we have a delivery plan its better than that of the UK there actually isn’t a rush. The paper work is something that’s been seized on and it’s a distraction. On advice, from their experts, the plan is not to give someone the first
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