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  1. The QR code is your e-boarding card. Same thing with planes.
  2. My last visit was probably 15 years ago. It’s not mentioned on the Town Hall website, in fact there’s no accessibility statement which is an equality/disability breach. It doesn’t show up on any of the sites like disability networks or accessable
  3. It’s perfectly possible that Manchester Airport policies for arrival from IoM don’t allow bag interlining because of the landside route they require passengers to take? But the same issue doesn’t arise the other way around.
  4. You’d be affected if you sat on that WC and a pre op trans MTF came in and used the urinal.
  5. Except last time I visited the hall itself isn’t accessible
  6. I like Velika. Service can be slow. Their coconut batter pancake chapatis are amazing. They do a mean deep fried soft shell crab. Sultan seems to have had a change in personnel. It’s up and down. I found an Indian food truck in Grimsargh, recently. Only Friday & Saturday nights ( don’t ask what I was doing in Grimsargh! ). It’s called the Delhi Lama. I enjoyed my takeaway, although it was eat in prices.
  7. The Indian taking the tenancy at Peel Road is supposed to be Vellika’s
  8. Not that using it 40 times, 80-100 hours, over the same 5 months, makes a much better business case.
  9. He pleaded guilty. 10% of his catch was undersized. The maximum fine set by Tynwald is £100,000. He’d have been entitled to duty advocate representation, for free.
  10. Isn’t Arrow a freight RoRo carrying containers on flatbed trailers? “total of 1,057 metres (1,156 yd) lane capacity, which means she can carry 88 trailers”
  11. The whole reason for the reinforcement, at great expense, of the quay wall was because of the scour of the powerful side thrusters being fitted to Manxman. And no, the 2023/4 winter timetable isn't out. But if they don't schedule Liverpool winter weekend sailings that leaves the new terminal and link span unused for 5 months a year.
  12. It's a lot to be laying out when you've got to pay off the purchase price out of profits and you've got a new ferrry bought on borrowed funds to pay off and Manannan needs replacing, with something, sometime before 2030.
  13. Is there any suggestion that there’s a lack of freight capacity ( except TT ) on the Ben, or when the Ben is out of action?
  14. The whole point of keeping the Ben was to provide this type of cover when Manxman arrived. Does this mark a change in policy? Is Ben going to be sold or chartered out? Condor/Guernsey are on the look out. it’ll spend most of its time crewed and at Anchor off Warrenpoint. Think it’s spent longer on charter to Condor than CalMac. In fact she’s en route to Jersey from Portsmouth now.
  15. Too much camping there, Gladys.
  16. Except the whole reason for the reinforcing of the berth walls, and the length of wall to tie up to, is to accommodate the new boat. ( 2 days a week, 5 months a year, if previous timetable patterns are repeated )
  17. Well, another admin mix up. Clatterbridge, last week, suggested my immunity to Monkeypox would be non existent, and that I should ask my GP/Nobles for a course of vaccine. GP referred me to Nobles. It’s administered by GUM clinic for obscure reasons. Yesterday I rang them out of hours. No answer. Left a message setting out my immunocompromised status and ( by then ) that I was having covid and flu boosters tomorrow, Friday. Phone call at 11.00 today. Very discreet. They’d cracked open a vial today, they’d already injected 4 and didn’t want to waste the one remaining dose. I again asked about covid booster contraindications and was reassured there were none. pitched up. Again asked about the interplay between the three vaccines in 24 hours. Hurried research to check reveals CCD guidelines of 4 weeks apart. Choice, have the smallpox jab and delay covid or vice versa. I’m going with the covid. It was the only vial they had left. I’ll ring in 4 weeks, but no guarantee it’ll be in stock. Chatting to the Dr it transpires they’re administering intradermally, just under the skin. Smaller dose. This allows extra doses and a better/quicker antibody reaction. However the course is two doses 4 weeks apart. They’re only giving one. Suggested it gave 85% rather than 95% immunity and the immunity only lasts a year or two.
  18. The fines for endangering protected species, environmental damage, cutting down trees, pollution, etc are high, and rightly so. I’ve represented fishermen charged with fishing out of season, in prohibited areas, or landing under size catches or prohibited species. The fines are huge. The boat and gear can not only be impounded, but forfeit, as well as the fine. The boat will be alongside and not fishing with consequent substantial loss of income. The catch is forfeit. Everyone in the industry knows the penalties if they break the regulations. Small scale local inshore fishermen, for crabs, lobsters, know the season dates, and the size limits. There are gauges readily available. Whether there should be lower fines because he’s older, has an unblemished record, has limited means, will (should) have been taken into account at sentencing. He hasn’t appealed, as far as I’m aware. He could have. There is a debate to be had about whether the top level fines really aimed at large commercial trawlers and factory ships should be applied to small scale operators. But my experience is that fines for a trawler, fishing inside the limits, or a prohibited area, or with wrong nets or gear, would be fined up to £25-50,000, have a catch worth £ tens of thousands confiscated, and gear worth the same also forfeit. I suspect, statistically, he got off lightly. ( the gear actually sells for very little after forfeit. It’s auctioned by DEFA. Fishermen have a gentleman’s agreement not to bid on another owners gear )
  19. It was being refurbished. The cubicle door and side panel were removed. You can see one of the brackets on the wall between the pan and urinal. New ones are now in place. However it’s quite usual to find the accessible loo inaccessible, or functionally unusable because it’s being used as a store. I just thought it was amusing. Anyway, the facility was, temporarily, disabled.
  20. I’m Manx. The landlord in Knutsford was formerly a Manx publican!
  21. Up to 80% of Russian gas to Europe used to pass through the pipelines running through Ukraine. The UKrainians don’t produce enough gas of their own to meet domestic supply. They used to buy from Russia. Since 2014 they buy the gas from Western Europeans who’ve purchased it from Russia. There are other pipelines, through Turkey and the Balkans and Greece and on to Italy in use or in process of being constructed, or planned.
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