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  1. Finch Road, back of VM Gardens, embankment across Broadway and then continue above/behind Castlemona Avenue. It’d sort overtopping.
  2. The Tribunal has now reviewed its decision and reduced the award by £528. This represented sick pay originally awarded but to which the ex employee was not entitled. The employer was still found to have unfairly dismissed.
  3. It’s less than 45 a week. Many, if not the majority, are here for a day or two. A week at most. Don’t confuse key workers fulfilling short term contracts who can come, work and self isolate in approved accommodation, without a 14 day self isolation, with people coming over for long term jobs who, mainly, have to do 14 days isolation before they start work.
  4. @The Dog's Dangly Bits and @Holte End you've shitted this thread for too long. Put each other on ignore. Don’t respond to each other. One more childish personal insult exchange - you’re both gone. Moderators decision, final, no correspondence entered into,
  5. If, and I stress if, someone removed it to prevent unlawful removal by others and always intended to hand it back, it would lack the intention to permanently deprive element that is an essential part of stealing, stole, theft, etc.
  6. And this is why no one should be named or identified until after finding of guilt. Not just sexual offences. Courts should be open, press must be there. They can report all they want of cases where there’s a finding of guilt. But it should be an offence, for anyone, press, media, private citizens, to print, publish, broadcast, disseminate on social media, the name of an unconvicted defendant.
  7. Very recent. Pleaded guilty on 8 September 2020. Commented upon on MF. In the ex cop, £60,000 & Rolex case thread. An inspector was charged with serious offences in 2003/4 but there was insufficient evidence for the case to proceed at committal. Around then, before the Sergeant’s aid abet benefit fraud case I’m referring to, Flinty said he knew of two command team as well. So above constable rank.
  8. No. 1. They’re entitled to return here for visits. 2. Anyone sentenced to life gets a tariff imposed at sentencing of a minimum number of years to be served before they can apply for parole. 3. The only jurisdiction that can deal with parole for a lifer sentenced here is, surprise, Isle of Man. 4. That’s for the families of victims so they can make representations. Natural justice. 5. The prisoner is entitled to attend his or her parole hearing and make representations. Natural justice. Its common sense that they have to come back as they approach parole. Also to
  9. Or, the Grand Island was in such a terrible state, hot and cold water running down the walls, failing electrics, threadbare carpets and furnishings, that a Nissen hut on the beach would have been an improvement, and IoMG got a good deal.
  10. Even that is wrong. It may apply to a very small percentage ( less than 10% ) who are civil trial lawyers. But even then it’s not clear cut.
  11. Well that’s one way of interpreting it. It’s wrong. You’re persistent, but wrong.
  12. That was Mrs Johnson of the Johnson & Johnson talc and pharmaceuticals family. She also set up Brightlife. No idea who owns them now
  13. Tell me more about the shopping centre. Wasn’t aware he’d developed one.
  14. AG’s Prosecutions still lists the Director of Prosecutions who left 18 months ago. There’s been an acting foe 12 months and now a substantive appointment.
  15. And we still have 3 deputy governors. And none could step up. Haven’t seen it advertised, either.
  16. First, creation PRoW can be created: 1. Creation order by DoI under Highways Act. If there’s an objection then there is an inquiry provision. 2. Creation Agreement between DOI and Land owner. Lots of the IoM Public long distance paths were created like this. 3. Express dedication by the land owner. 4. Presumed dedication, either under the Highways Act or Breast ( Common ) Law. Very few are acquired by 21 years use. in relation to extinguishing a PRoW you are correct they aren’t extinguished by non use. DoI can extinguish or divert by Order. Again there
  17. No. Not on line. Highways Act s.3 (3)The Department shall cause to be made, and shall keep corrected up to date, a map of the Island showing the highways which are highways (4) Every map made under subsection (3) shall be deposited at the offices of the Department and may be inspected by any person free of charge at all reasonable times
  18. Public roads maintainable at public expense, like U72 on the definitive Highways Map, since 1986, are very different to private or public rights of way, by prescription or not. Your definition isn’t in a nutshell, and is very definitely wrong - especially in relation to U72
  19. Have you visited Sweden. Less than half the population is urban. A lower percentage than the UK. The rural population is large and widely dispersed.
  20. I didn’t take offence, and certainly didn’t attribute the interpretation put on by @Gladysalthough I’m appreciative of her efforts on my behalf. The thing is that most of us aren’t at the extremes of total border closure or that Covid is a hoax. Its finding the common ground that’s reasonable and offers sufficient public health protection, based on real risk assessment and science. It’s also keeping it up to date. What happened in March, April, May was in the dark, with little scientific basis, because it was so new. The problem is that it didn’t protect one nursing/care home.
  21. Sarcasm obviously misses you out entirely. Whoosh, over your head.
  22. Fully agree, I’m not suggesting it’s difficult.
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