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  1. please can you think about editing the second part of your post. It is defamatory at ptresent, we do not know that Mr Irving has pocketed anything or that anyone will be out of pocket. It may be your opinion, but that will not stop Mr irving chasing MF

    As for EVA, Nate is a convicted multiple con man so that is OK


  2. I have set invisible the front page herald post/link and one naming Ryan Giggs

    The Herald did not post that picture on the Herald online as web sites, and forums are accessible in and read in the English jurisdiction we do not want the lawyers suing MF to disclose who posted


  3. your recent topic was set invisible. You are commercial. if you wish to advertise then you have to pay for advertisng


  4. set your daltrey/tommy topic invisible as one already existed with a link to GVM box office

  5. so where are you from? and how old, to remember that? i was brought up in hest bank, north of morecambe, we went to booths in blackpool abd preston, then they built a booths supermarket at scotforth in lancaster.

    i call in there or carnforth whenever i can on the way to the boat, although the garstang one has to be the biggest


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