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  1. 9 hours ago, Neil Down said:

    Pack it in dilli, he’s baiting you again hoping that JW steps in and bans you

    At least three of you up for a joint award.

    Ive only been dipping in this last week as I've been doing some serious travelling, not much WiFi about and MT data roaming is switched off.

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  2. 8 hours ago, dilligaf said:

    You still at Uni.? Grow up. Everything I ever posted about W K  was historic. What  the  fuck is so hard to understand about that.

    FFS, get a life, or better still get a woman. You are lacking something in your shallow life.

    "Really sensitive" and "raw nerve",  spring to mind

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  3. 1 minute ago, dilligaf said:

    Another who cherry picks comments. 
    My views on Will Kelly are / were of the person he was when I knew him, years before these offences were committed.period !

    My views on thieves are the same whether male, female or anything else. Unless one is stealing to survive, there is no need.

    This woman was paid by us, the taxpayer, but she stole from us. All of us. She was very much in a position of trust and was paid to make sure nobody took taxpayers money. What did she do.? Oh yeah, she stole some instead.

    I was teasing you, as you we'll know. Sensitive, much?

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  4. 14 hours ago, dilligaf said:

    She is a fucking thief. End of. Worse that she was a civil servant trusted to be honest, Lock her up. Kopek , don’t be silly.

    Dilli has a strange ethos about opinions on the character of people he knows and doesn't know.

    Male, known, rapist = ok guy

    Female, unknown, theft/breach of trust = see above.

    Sexist? Poor judge of character? Who knows?

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  5. 5 hours ago, ThreeRaccoonsInATrenchCoat said:

    I see no mention of a conspiracy theory. I was just replying to Phil who said "MAYBE". I think it "may be" correct given their longstanding problems. RBS Group (now NatWest Group) have been keeping them on life support with cash injections and Covid-19 has just sped up the choice: amputation or cut off life support. Looks like they picked the first, with unsustainable branch closures, and they may be trying to force IOM Government's hand (as UK Government won't be interested) to absorb or subsidise retail functions. Liquidation is very possible as I think NatWest Group long-term goal "MAY" be to pull out of the IOM altogether, hoping for another banking group along with IOM Government to step in and assume the IOM Bank operations.

    And more conspiracy theory stuff.

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  6. 18 hours ago, pongo said:

    That place downstairs from Sports Direct probably sell trainers costing almost that much.

    Nah. They don’t sell any. Just have them on display at crazy prices

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  7. 37 minutes ago, ThreeRaccoonsInATrenchCoat said:

    So they are trying to pull a fast one on us and sneak it in the liquidations under a different name.  

    What wonderful customer relations! It's an example of contempt for the general public. 

    Conspiracy theory without foundation. For RBSI international to have been given permission to register IoM Bank as a Business Name the Registrar of Companies and the Regukator will have required that IoM Bank Limited changed its name. If it had stayed as IOM Bank it would have had to be registered with the Regulator and supervised at not inconsiderable cost.

    Theres no suggestion it will be liquidated. Just fevered imaginations in tin foil hats.

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  8. 42 minutes ago, winnie said:

    630 and 860 make 1,500, which is what i said. I really don't think many people travel to the iom for non TT reasons during these 2 weeks.

    I guessed there were 3 crossings, but your correct it's only 2. I still think it's at least 90% TT visitor's as the ferry is booked up a year ahead. I think from tue of practice week to wed of race week is 100% full, and 80% full other times of the 2 weeks, so my 90% is fair. That gives adjusted figure of 22,000 by ferry

    Ok, reduce plane capacity to 80% over for TT, which i think is low, but that still gives 36,000.

    Total 58,000, less 5% tolerance leaves 55,000. You guess 45,000, i guess 55,000 so my original guess of 50,000 isn't far off the mark.

    C'mon Dilli, you say there's not a chance in hell of 50,000. How many do you think??


    I have the advantage of living here and travelling frequently, even during TT. There’s lots of non TT passengers on the boats and planes.

    You are vastly over estimating the number of days that boats and planes are at full capacity and the number of passengers who travel on those days who are travelling for TT.

    You started at 50k then jumped to 70k. Both are way out. By between 25% and 75%

    The official figures, which are widely accepted as fiddled upwards, registered 46k last year. The figure in reality is nearer 40k.

    The occupancy/load/seat figures and full days and quieter days support a 40-45k range. Your figures are pulled out of the air. You’re well qualified to make up the visitor survey for DoI 

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  9. 1 hour ago, winnie said:

    How many do you think then??

    My guess as follows:

    I've been on the ferry's and flown over for the TT many times in the last 25 years, and i think at least 90% of all passengers on boats and planes for a two week period are coming over for the TT. The window starts middle of the week before it starts, and will run right up until senior day, so lets say 14 days at 90% are over for the TT.

    Combined capacity of both ferry's is 1,500 and they are packed, so lets say 1,300 actual. Think there are three crossings each per day, so 36,400. 90% of that is around 33,000

    Last June 86,000 people flew to Ronaldsway, so lets say 45,000 (every flight is full) flew over in the TT 2 week period. 90% of that is 41,000

    That gives a total of 74,000 less another 5% tolerance to keep you happy, which leaves around 70,000 visitors over for the TT. Yes, some only come for the day, some come for a weekend, some come for just practice week, and some come for all 2 weeks. 

    70,000 is my guess, what your's Dilli?


    It’s a poor guess, because you have your facts wrong.

    Ben has capacity of 630 and Mannanan 860. They do two round trips per day each. But it’s a slow build up with  space on inward sailings until the Friday of practice week, before the races proper, start and on the Thursday and Friday of race week. There’s always space. So it’s  6 or 7 days full, 4 days at 75% and 3 days at 50%. 

    There’s no justification for your 90% projection as  being TT fans on planes or the boats. Possibly 75%. You know we Manxies still travel to and fro, even during TT fortnight.

    For flights the build up is much the same. With nothing like as many in practice week as in TT week, and with race days morning flights being busy with day trippers. Again there are lots of locals and there are always seats. At a price. 

    The limiting factor nowadays is accommodation 

    If I had to “guess” I’d say 45,000 tops. More likely closer to 40,000.

    DoI claim 46,000 in 2019, the highest since records in present format began. DOI are known for wildly optimistic over estimation. So it won’t be more than that. And the true figure will be considerably lower.


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  10. 20 minutes ago, hissingsid said:

    Just saying ....people travelling across on medical grounds and returning to Island are exempt from paying the 50 quid. if the decide on having test.

    And I’m just pointing out that free or £50 ( and the two I’ve had to have recently to travel cross border in Europe cost €135 each ) the effect is not worth it for the 4-6 days of continuing restrictions. It’s window dressing.

    As for the suggestion it’ll make people in your household feel safer? How so. By the time you’ve spent 7 days together they’ve been exposed and will have to do 14 days isolation if you’re positive. Plus you’ll have to start the 14 days all over again.

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  11. 9 minutes ago, hissingsid said:

    There is virtually still a 14 days quarantine for people entering the Island which is good.   True you can take a test after 7 days and if negative you can then enjoy 7 days of very restricted movement which is very good.  I have put this as simply as I can for the benefit of Banker who seems incapable of ingesting the information available and just bangs on about what he wants.


    7 day test only if returning resident. Not applicable to visitors 

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  12. 30 minutes ago, Banker said:

    They won’t be locked in for 2 weeks if they get a test, whether you’re in a place for a day or a year makes no difference to catching virus if you don’t take precautions 

    So, that hypothetical family of 4 has to shell out £200 ( if it’s possible - which it isn’t, see below and the link).

    If they’ve arrived over the weekend they have to wait for a Monday and the results may not be available within the hopes for 24 hours. 

    Then for between 4 and 6 days they can’t go to public indoor venues such as pubs, restaurants, cafes, theatres, gyms, swimming pools and nursing homes. Oh you May be able to return to work, if employer agrees and you aren’t in a public facing role ( not much good for a visitor ). You can’t even go and have a crab bap at Peel Breakwater cafe or an ice cream as al fresco dining is forbidden.

    You can’t even use public transport.

    Its not all that brilliant, even if you’re a resident.

    BUT you are overlooking one important facet of the 7 day testing regime. It doesn’t apply to visitors. Only returning residents. Visitors have to do 14 days isolation.


  13. I’m starting to think about my return and how I’ll transit England and get on boat, least risk to self and others.

    I’ll fill up with fuel in Spain before getting on ferry. Then no need to stop between Portsmouth and Heysham apart from a comfort break.

    Ive a cabin on both the Cap Finistere and the Ben. Drive off Ben and straight home.

    Ive thought about the test on day 7. As I arrive home over a weekend the test would be day 8 with results on day 9. Then there are still restrictions. I work from home, so there is no rush to get back into an office. I’ll probably give it a miss.


  14. 13 minutes ago, Banker said:

    But that’s 4 coming from UK as compared to 2 so there’s more chances of bringing it over!

    also what about elderly residents who are unable to travel and want to see family who can’t visit?

    Why can’t older people travel?

  15. 14 minutes ago, Boris Johnson said:

    I would be more concerned about being 4.5 tonne in what I think is a 3.5tonne GVW truck, but I may be wrong.

    Shows what you know. Niesmann Bischoff Flair 7000i. Tag axle. Fitted with Fiat 2.8JTD. At the time it was the most commonly used Motorhome power unit.

  16. 3 minutes ago, Derek Flint said:

    The future lies in average speed cameras. On a route in my native Fylde there was a catalogue of fatal collisions. It was a single carriage way country road that actually ran past my parents pub. Eventually something was done - gantries were put up with average speed ANPR cameras, and it has remarkably improved driver and rider behaviours. 

    It really is that simple. I for one am sick to death of the inertia in respect of road safety. We are going nowhere, whether regarding speed limits or anything else which may even be arguably more pressing. The DHA minister should be held to account. If he doesn’t believe in what Bill took through he should have the balls to progress his own strategy.

    Totally agree. But I think insurers will insist on smart boxes in cars to determine usage and driving style and to arrive at premium. The big question is protecting the data.

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  17. 13 minutes ago, HeliX said:

    I was under the impression we didn't have the legislation to prosecute based on speed cameras? Perhaps an old wives tale.


    There’s a raft of amends due to the RTA. Including the 2ug deemed unfit level for Cannabis. Easy to slip in the necessary speed camera and APNR legislation.

    I had my 2.8JTD fiat motor home remapped. It weighed 4.5 tonnes and was slow on hills. Had to use the crawler lane. It improved performance no end.

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  18. 19 minutes ago, Lagman said:

    So what about Conister or another pre existing bank expanding services?

    No one wants to offer counter services ( ie branches ) anymore. They are loss making.

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  19. 15 minutes ago, manxst said:

    So there’s actually no offence, AND the police doctor said he was fit to drive....but the cops still charged him to court? It’s either amateur hour at the station that day, stupidity, or else purposeful abuse of power. Or a combination. Should be getting a hefty payout for undue stress. 

    No there is an offence of driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs. Drink is now given a fixed level, 80ug in blood and 35ug in breath. That’s a statutory test. Doesn’t matter if you’re fit or not. Over and you’re deemed unfit. Used to be the touch your nose walk a straight line, speech slurred, bloodshot eyes, breath reeking of alcohol test of the Sergeants observation.

    In the U.K. they introduced the 2ug level for drugs such as cannabis. We haven’t caught up. It was late to be introduced because detection kits were ok at detecting presence, but not the level, for years.

    So in IoM we still use the observational test, so the custody sergeant was satisfied ability to drive was impaired. A sample was taken that showed a level way above the English permitted level. On its own enough to charge and convict ( and he did plead guilty after legal advice at police station and before court ),

    Quite why the Dr’s report wasn’t on the police file scanned through to prosecutions we will never know. Like we will never know how the Dr came to certify him fit to drive. It’s like someone saying someone with a blood alcohol level of 400ug is fit to drive.

    Defendant has been very lucky. It illustrates why we need to set an arbitrary fixed level.

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  20. 5 minutes ago, Roger Mexico said:

    He probably misheard and thought it was what he should wear in the Trossachs.

    The greeting officer was also allegedly wearing whites. Both deaf or apocryphal?  

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