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  1. Not knowing and making up because you like gossip and are a conspiracy theorist is no more dangerous than being given the figures and misinterpreting them because you aren’t qualified and are a conspiracy theorist. Possibly?
  2. I think you’re misinterpreting. There appears to be a spike amongst late teens and early 20’s. They may be asymptomatic. They may suffer no ill effects. But they can pass it on. To the elderly, vulnerable, your grandparents. How do we deal with that? There wasn’t a vaccine for Spanish flu. It just burned itself out and disappeared. Other pandemic viruses, polio as an eg, didn’t behave like that, and we had to wait for a vaccine. There were local lockdowns up until the 1950’s and 1960’s for towns with polio outbreaks, even in UK. We don’t know which category Covid falls into. Four options. Lock downs, masks, social isolation, gamble with economy and mental health Wait for burn out - which may never come Wait for vaccine - hope it’s effective Get on with life, taking precautions to ensure safety of vulnerable and elderly ( short of lock down for them ) and being risk aware and ensuring medical facilities are not overwhelmed. Lock down any hot spots. I think we have to move to the get on with life, sooner rather than later, with burn out and vaccine being possible assistance. That needs competent track & trace, and a mobile based system seems best placed to be the back bone. One of the precautions will be frequent faster widespread testing. I see the UK government is announcing a “world beating” 5 minute antigen test to allow theatre opening for panto season. A quick test would be welcome. But when UK government announces anything as world beating why does my heart sink? https://www.gramilano.com/2020/09/uk-government-to-reopen-theatres-and-stadiums-with-new-world-beating-scheme/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=gramilanosocial ignoring the fact it is now pragmatically too late to mount a professional panto, with engaging artists, scripting, set design and build, etc, rehearsal. Oh no it isn’t!
  3. I’m sure the info is gathered and will be being used to assess. Whether the public would understand, or is qualified to interpret, the raw numbers, is another question entirely. But yes, the info should be freely available, along with the number of weekly arrivals broken down by category, returning patient, returning resident ( further broken down by repatriation or temporary off island ), compassionate, new resident, key worker, exemption certificate, guernsey air corridor
  4. Please do. There’s lots of people, obviously less qualified and competent than you, have tried and failed.
  5. No, you can only be convicted for something that was an offence at the time you did whatever it was. Retrospective legislation is extremely rare, especially in the criminal sphere. What might change is more likely procedural, time bars and sentencing guidelines. Generally you are sentenced in accordance with the guidelines in force at date of sentence. But if the sentencing was lower at time of offence or because your age at the time of the offence, then that will be taken into account.
  6. Except the story is true. It’s factually based. He died leaving property here, inherited from his first wife who was Manx. There are entries in the Libs Vast and Assed ( Manx manorial court rolls), showing the inheritance and devolution. There’s proof of their marriage, her birth and death, his remarriage and death. There was a book published in 1980 by Barney Young, who was on the staff of the AG’s chambers here. Pilgrim Myles Standish:The first Manx American. I don’t think it’s being made up by MNH or CV. And certainly not out of thin air. Quite what the connection was, and MNH admit they don’t know if he was a Manx or a Chorley Standish, he was definitely married to a Manx woman and owned Manx property. The Chorley connection was where lots of Stanley servants/military/administrators in the Island were recruited from. The Manx Standish’s probably came from Chorley area with the Stanley’s 200 years earlier. The church in Standish often flies the Manx flag, several priests held dual livings under Stanley/Derby patronage.
  7. Im not exactly sure it matters to the general public in any meaningful sense whether its a returning resident on repatriation a returning resident who has gone away for a short break a patient transfer returning from treatment a keyworker a person allowed in on compassionate grounds it May be useful to @rachomics and @wrighty to know the type of person, the reason for travel, where it might have been picked up. But I think policy, which is political, is pretty well set at 1:5000 or 20:100,000 ( as everyone else uses - why the 1:5000 for IOM is just confusing ) as the trigger for travel restrictions/quarantine at the border. Surely the important things is that isolation, track and trace work and that we know if it’s imported or community transmission. There really is no excuse for the UK and British Islands not having an app. A communal one. Not different ones for each of the devolved administration/crown dependency. ive got the Spanish one installed. It has an English option. I get weekly messages telling me that no one I’ve had close contact with for 10 minutes has been diagnosed. If someone is diagnosed I’d get an isolate message immediately they input to their app. I’d then arrange testing myself.
  8. The Guernsey one was a Guernsey resident who was a patient who had returned to Guernsey after treatment in UK.
  9. I’m only away 7 weeks. I’m working every day using ipad or laptop on my office VPN. If I get any tribunal hearings I can chair remotely via Teams. If I get an ombudsman adjudication I can receive the documents in e-format and do it as I travel. I get fatigued travelling. That explains the ferries, avoiding long drives. Great to travel as you sleep. I’m going at my own pace. I actually think Quayle & Co have done a good job. But I also think that putting a nation state, or a micro state, into total isolation, with no real exit plan, isn’t viable. I don’t discount the seriousness of Covid. I believe that the restrictions in most countries have kept infection and death low and avoided health service melt downs. But I do think we’ve seen sections of the community panicked and not able to contemplate that Covid is just another risk in life where we take risks daily.
  10. It’s not been a sea sand sun or sangria trip. Whilst I was sorting out security I got builders in to sort out ramps between various patio levels and between the kitchen and living room in Spain. I’m sorting out a wheelchair hoist in the vehicle I use in Bulgaria. I’m having a stair lift installed here in Spain. Meanwhile at home new carpets have been laid lounge, diner, landing and stairs, and a stairlift is going in. House would have been unliveable. I think my reasons and what I’m getting done are important and justify my trip.
  11. I booked the trip 9 months ago. All pre planned. I did think of cancelling. I’ve cancelled several trips away. Was there good reason? That is for me to judge. Two attempted break ins here meant I want to improve security. Mission accomplished. Then my bankers in Spain and Bulgaria both froze my accounts at start of lockdown. Both wanted up to date KYC and personal attendance to sign on a screen in branch. I tried via power of attorney, notarised, apostilled. No go. They wouldn’t let me pay in to top up. I only put funds in to pay utilities, management charges, local taxes. They emptied the accounts. Didn’t want to end up in debt and having the local equivalent of the coroner selling me up. I expect things to get worse over winter, so this was a window of opportunity. I talked to my Doctor. I checked infection rates. I risk assessed. I’ve stayed safe. My post was personal. Not as moderator. I was trying to point out how diverse and irrational the border regulations are, everywhere, and whilst alleged to be science based they’re politically capricious and subject to human frailty at point of application.
  12. I survived leukaemia. I was close to death this time 3 years ago. I’m getting on with my life. I’ve very carefully risk assessed, to the best of my ability, based on the info that’s available. Places I’ve been to, and am staying, have rates well below the UK, well below the 1 in 5000 that will trigger stage 3 in IOM
  13. I decided to go travelling this summer. So far I’ve crossed the following international borders by ferry and plane. The regulations are various. But all the systems have visibly failed as experienced by me. UK Spain by ferry. Had to fill out a Covid arrival form and temperature taken. The forms were collected on the car deck before disembarkation. Stuffed into a shopping bag. Not checked. I could have filled in anything, not that I’m that irresponsible. Next car occupants were late returning to car, crew didn’t return to take temperature or collect forms. Spain Italy by ferry. Covid landing form supposed to be necessary and a test. Neither asked for. I’d had a PCR test, and negative result, from a clinic in Spain. Was only transiting Italy. Italy Greece by ferry. Had to show my negative PCR and a form to board. Applied for an online registration for Greek entry. Sent a QR code. One of questions was did I have the negative PCR. Answered correctly. QR started with 6 if you’d tested negative or 7 if you’d not tested at all. Arrival Greece my QR showed 7. Everyone on ferry was a 7. Long queue in 35° sun, no shade for anyone, to be swabbed. Again was only transiting, 4 hours. Wheeled to front of queue. Told them I had my e-negative result. Nurse said system was crap, and waved me through, no swab and didn’t check the test certificate. Greece-Bulgaria land border. Just long queues. Nothing. Bulgaria Spain by plane. Forms required. Temperature taken on arrival in Barcelona. Form taken but not checked against passport. im now in rural Spain. The local authority area here has had no positives at all. Neither have the two on either side. I’m not going to Barcelona or Stiges or the coast. On arrival in Spain 3 weeks ago I downloaded their track & trace app. Every week I get a text, in English, confirming if I’ve had contact And need to be tested. I haven’t. If I do have contact there would be a text confirming immediately. That does seem to work. It’s quite reassuring. Everyone here seems to be mask and distancing compliant. It’s been hard to get used to. Ryanair flight, 3 hours with mask, was uncomfortable. Ive got the Reopen EU website on a link. It’s updated every 24 hours with all border restrictions. The restrictions are highly political and bear no relationship to prevalence rates. I’m supposed to return to Bulgaria to pick up a car and bring it back to Spain. In early August Italy imposed restrictions on anyone who had been in Bulgaria in the 14 days prior to arrival. That rather screwed the plans. The Hungary, Austria and Germany did the same, closing the long land route around the top of Italy. This was despite Bulgaria having a lower prevalence rate than 12 EU countries that weren’t restricted. The Spanish National rate is 12 times the Bulgarian rate. anyway, with effect tomorrow Italy has removed the restriction. So later this month I’m flying back to Sofia, picking up the car and sailing from Greece to Italy. I’ll have to have a PCR before entering Greece and fill out a form. . The ferries out were deserted. 1/4 full. Most facilities closed. They’re huge ships. A bit Marie Celeste. Grimaldi Minoan had sold me tickets ( last November ) including bottled water in my cabin fridge and WiFi. To save cash they’ve turned off the Inmarsat internet, for the whole boat. Not even working for EPOS in the self service cafe. These are 20+ hour sailings. Stuffed if you didn’t have cash. Both trips had intermediate stops, in Porto Torres Sardinia and Corfu. The onboard computer manifest had us down as disembarking at these ports so each morning from 6 I had banging on cabin door at 15 minute intervals from 6 am. Demanding to see tickets when we didn’t vacate, and after leaving the ports trying to get in to clean the cabin. Actually made the Steam Packet experience seem first class!
  14. You are Paul Moulton and I claim my £100
  15. Heading up the Celtic Sea towards St George’s Channel
  16. Happened outside harbour, going ahead. So not reversing anywhere.
  17. Here’s the photo. Note location of damaged prop, depth of keel and location of rudder.
  18. Was it reversing? It goes into the harbour forward and comes out forward. It turns in the harbour. Lune Deeps and the harbour channel aren’t places to be turning around in. Take another look at the photo to see keel depth and hull overhang. The rudder would hit anything before the prop if going astern. Again it’s deeper than the prop.
  19. Definitely on her voyage home. Due at 5.30 am tomorrow. Just rounded Liskeard, now off Portcurnow.
  20. @Holte End @Non-Believer @monasqueen How the Ben damaged its propeller is an interesting one. 1. Sandbanks in Morecambe bay can, and do, move and form quickly. However I discount that explanation. 2. the damaged prop is well above keel level and lies inside of edge of the hull. In other words it’s protected from hitting anything should a sand bank or shoal be hit. 3. more likely some obstruction like a submerged waterlogged baulk of timber fallen off the rotting oil terminal jetty at the entrance to Heysham. Given that half a dozen to a dozen ship movements a day go in and out of Heysham, with few incidents, it’s more likely a freak incident. We are more aware of delays due to fog and tidal conditions because they’re publicised. Similar delays to freight aren’t significant or publicised
  21. Isn’t it a cross infection control? Inpatients are still having blood samples in the usual place. Means inpatients don’t get “exposed”. Whether or not it’s necessary is another issue entirely, and wrighty hints above the difficulties in the decision making process in departing from UK guidance.
  22. It’s also about the offer being a publicity stunt by SMRSA. £9000 was never going to cover operating losses for a month on SMR. If it wasn’t a formal offer then Longworth should have replied, either, saying we require this for your offer to be considered or the losses of running for the rest of 2021 season are so huge that £9k makes no difference and we aren’t running anyway. It’s the latter, but he won’t/can’t admit that. The whole public and heritage transport expenditure is so out of control however, and he does appear to want to have his own way. We no longer have the income, and we’ve other competing expenditure claims. Something has got to give. We now need 10 year moratorium on new buses and mini buses Fares review. Do we go free, or flat fares, or introduce sky high parking charges in Douglas to move people onto public transport? A review of vintage transport. I’d favour the government keeping and maintaining track and infrastructure and running peak hours modern diesel electric or battery commuter trains/trams from Castletown and Ramsey and the whole of the historic rolling stock handing over to a voluntary body, with an initial annual grant, to run limited special services bank holidays and weekends.
  23. You were suspended, first for trolling, gratuitous insults and disparaging remarks. On your return you started a further tirade of abusive behaviour. Second suspension followed, as night follows day. You can’t help yourself. You’ve started again. You’ve had lots of rope given to you. You seem very good at making your own nooses. I’m ready to act as hangman. Gentle reminder. You’re on your final warning. Grow up. This is an official moderation warning. It’s final and does not require any answer or challenge.
  24. That’s not what the new act is about. At all. We have tests of mental capacity and they are well known and defined by common law cases. What this act does, if it’s brought in, is to establish differing levels of capacity and to allow for assisted decision making by people who would not be considered capacitous under the existing law. It needs to tie in with an updating of the Mental Health Act. It’s been in the pipeline for ages, but the last English update, which we would normally follow, has been problematic. It’s been reviewed. We are also looking at Scotland, who’s up to date version was different, better in someways, but was also being reviewed. its really good we didn’t jump and adopt either, or we would have adopted legislation that we knew was deficient and then been stuck with it. These types of changes are once in a generation, which can be 40+ years for Mental Health.
  25. Interesting scientific method. Let’s just make it up and then pretend to draw conclusions. It’ll also explore gender and age distribution and may even drill down to areas worst affected.
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