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  1. Is it ice, like the one in Dublin Smithfield or is it artificial? Agree Xmas market stall a good idea along side What about a Mf private hire one midnight?
  2. John Wright


    I give in. The site is confusing. In the time table drop down it quotes the from prices I quoted, but I accept if you try and book then there are the odd £5.00 single fares plus tax almost on days of the week with "Z" in them and months with a "Q" in them
  3. John Wright


    Indeed, there are more options from STN than BLK. However BLK flights can be purchased from £19 o/w whereas STN is £49 o/w....swings and round abouts. You pay your money, you take your choice. actually including taxes etc its from £49 to Blackpool and £59 to Stansted, single. Liverpool is from £34 single inclusive At Blackpool you have a 4 hour stop over en route Dublin or return , the Stansted flight conects one way, evening out, so does Girona. Otherwise its a 10 hour wait or an overnight! Actually IMO Ryanair can be a biit of a waste, so can esayJet. Ryanair to Copenhagen
  4. Internally its 10 feet long x 5 feet wide and six feet high with either opening double rear doors or a ramp at the rear , a front door and full lights and brakes, standard tow hitch and electrics Should be big enough PM me.
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    Dera MCB, I really have been appalled at how some posters treated you.... up until now Please think before you click on and put your typing finger in gear You are a total idiot Why should I want to go to Blackpool, very expensive, no cheap fares to then pick up a Ryanair plane to Dublin?!!!! I can fly direct in a less than a tenth of the time and at less than half the price on Aer Arrann, no change, no waiting or to Stansted?!!! presumably to catch another Ryan Air flight when Manx2 will fly me there without the stop over and for less than half the cost of the two flights
  6. I have a box trailer you could borrow if you have acar with tow bar. If you book ahaead its a car plus trailer and not commercial and quite cheap on the Steam Packet
  7. 85.9 per litre in South West Manchester last weekend
  8. John Wright


    Only problem with either Ryanair or EaasyJet out of Stansted is that half the flights are very early in the day so from here unless the flight from IOM was to leave at 05.00 you have to stay overnight, not cheap, and they get back late, so again an overnigt stay.
  9. A greenlane is a public road, a public place, so the answer is yes and you have to have a licence for that category vehicle and compulsory insurance
  10. buy 24 of them, let christmas come early on 23rd November
  11. Surely sports should be located at the NSC, whether its a snow dome, climbing wall, whatever. All facilities, technical and service staff on one site. Same with the arts, cinemas, theate, concerts at the Villa Gaiety complex which will have a 300 approx performance space in the old arcade. That needs a 500 approx venue for groups, theatre in round, chamber concerts and a contemporary art gallery to finish off So what about Summerland? If we are to have a national Transport museum why not keep it out of town, make visitors and us locals travel, perhaps even by bus tram or train,
  12. Was that all that was revealed? I'm not awrae of the circunmstances. It can happen. If someone puts their honesty and credibility on the line and says, it could not possibly be me I am an honest person, I have never doen anything wrong, then yes it can be allowed for an advocate to challenge tha with the truth. It is in very limited circunmstances Also if you are a party and you cjhallenge the honesty of the other witnesses or partys thyen you open youself up to the revelations. Then they are public, in court and are subject to faisr reporting,
  13. No win no fee is illegal, I posted that earlier on the thread. We can only recover in costs what we would charge our client under the costs rules. If we charge nothing, no win no fee, we recover nothing. We are not going to do for free. No win no fee ends up with some one paying, the person being sued. Because of the risk of unwinnable cases one successful case has to pay for potential failures. That means the lawyers in no win no fee jurisdictions get huge fees in the cases they win. That puts insurane up for every one. Doctors do not take on patients without checking their claims
  14. Surely the tag is you are either very young or very old if you are not arrested and just plain inbetween if you do I'd rather be too young or too old hlf the time, but the other half I enjoy being a mad inbetween. The youngest definition of old I can practically think of is how I feel if I listen in to Forum Radio or try to chat.
  15. Not according to the Chief Registrar, who I believe is more than happy to allow £350 per hour or so for advocates in relatively trivial local land law cases. If it makes money for his mates on Athol Street then why not! If he is allowing that I would be advising appealing if my client was on the paying end of the bill. That rate is more than you might expect to recover for a complex comercial case or a medical negligence case.
  16. Thank you, I wasn't being put off. I think you have very succinctly hit the nail on the head, the difficulty is the aparent inconsistency The alternative is fixed sentences, imposed by Tynwald. That would leave judges with no discretion. That really would make for hard cases and bad law and would bring the law into disrepute. Its no better than 3 strikes and you are out, which if you think about it is deferred fixed or mandatory sentencing, or hang ecvery one or send them to the colonies I have represented a lot of people over the yeras, one or two were really mad or b
  17. Bought it twice, once at Anagh Car stores and once on Duke Street Its flag said it covered .Lancahire...the Isle of Man... etc There was no Manx coverage, or very little and it was even older and more out of date than the Examiner or MR
  18. So why aren't they selling. Coulds it be that they are asking too much? And personally, if I were to advise a potential purchaser of the findings of the reports, which I would be duty bound to, quite a lot of potential purchasers maight be put off anyway!
  19. I don't make any secret of my identity, visit my profile or read some of my other posts 1. I don't know where you get 90% from, justify please. I am speaking for myself, I am not afraid, never have been. I don't think others are. mind you I might just belong to the awkward squad. 2. No win no fee is ilegal in IOM, I made submssions to the Legal Aid Commission, Government continues to sit on it. £350 per hour, and I have been there, is for large commercial cases and very experienced senior advocates, and we have several who would be Q.C.'s if they were practising in England, or because
  20. Of course there wouldn't be a buy to let market if there was a decent supply of social housing. Rented housing is much more prevalent elsewhere. It is only UK, Ireland and IOM and Channel Islands which have an obsessive owner occupier ethic. A flourishing letting market can improve mobility of labour. In many countries there are swingeing taxes on buying and selling real estate. Its the failure to supply sufficient housing of all kinds, public and private rental first time buyers and larger housing that causes the problems. So back to my last point, stop immigration and populat
  21. A fashion that the scallies brought over unfortunatly. Just an observation. Isn't it the trackie bottoms tucked into the socks, not the other way round
  22. Maybe it ytells us that Sir M and Robin O have poor judgement, well we knew that. None of this tells us the legal system stinks
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