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  1. Simple. It reports to a statistically accurate level who has been exposed, asymptomatically, it will show what groups have higher exposure, kids, teachers, social workers, care workers, hospital workers. That should help forward plan for vaccine distribution and resource allocation.
  2. They had 10,000 antibody tests. The sampling doesn’t finish until end August. Better picture once finished and analysed
  3. There are several sets of private consulting rooms. They’re still seeing patients privately. All they can’t do is operate and admit private patients. Not all doctors at Noble’s do/did private work anyway. Probably the vast majority don’t/didn’t. Wasn’t the private wing adapted for Covid patients at the start of the pandemic. They aren’t going to proceed with service tenders until the Covid outlook is more certain. Plus there is the new private clinic place being developed on Victoria Road.
  4. But they are closed, in reality. 600 a week. Instead of 2000+ per day in normal times. Less than 100 a day. 5% of normal. It’s a trickle, not a flood. There are 21 inward sailings a week and 28 inward flights. Average is 12 per sailing/flight, including key workers, patient transfers, compassionate grounds, returning residents.
  5. Storm Ellen was bouncy for ferries on the Bay of Biscay on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning
  6. As she’s his widow and heir the copyright belongs to her anyway. So it’s hardly plagiarism.
  7. Someone can’t add up. 3,163 + 5,046 = 8,209. Add 1,909 and you get 10,118, which is a shortfall of 1,382 on 11,500. Not sure if it’s DOI or Non-Believer or IomN But then Roger Mexico’s figures are different again. He quotes 5,606 on the railway and 1348 advance bookings on the dining car. The 5606 includes 561 who’ve already travelled and dined. So the 1909 dining car total is a combined total of those who have already dined and those who are to dine. Rogers total, via FOI is 10,117. So there’s an odd 1 missing.
  8. Which one? The restored railway or the monorail.
  9. Begs the question as to when the Aston Martin showroom happened.
  10. 8 weeks, with time off is 4. Does that make sense.
  11. Same name. His conviction was overturned. The law he was charged under didn’t exist. It was way back in March. He’d have been out for 3 months or more, if it’s him.
  12. Nah, was in bed by 9pm. Up early. off on Manannan at 15.00.
  13. No. She’s doing a daily trip to Liverpool. Last night she took the Bens return to/from Belfast. Arrived 6am(ish). Due to go to Liverpool at 15.00 No freight. Arrow has been in Larne since 21/7, but will be brought into service to stock the empty Tesco shelves if ben remains indisposed.
  14. **Sailing update – Issued at 08:45hrs** Due to a technical issue with the Ben-my-Chree, the following sailings have been cancelled. Douglas – Heysham Sunday 16th August at 08:45 Heysham – Douglas Sunday 16th August at 14:.15
  15. The health service is small. Proportionate to our population. There won’t be many OT posts. Vacancies won’t turn up often. You may, or may not have to get a work permit. Regulations have been relaxed over the last few years but if Covid brings greater unemployment then you may not get one if there is a suitable qualified Manx Worker. Your husband will have to be able to show a demand for his services, a lack of supply by existing landscapers, and a business plan to apply for a work permit. That may be difficult to research whilst our borders are closed. Realistically there are only 6
  16. **Sailing update – Issued at 08:45hrs** Due to a technical issue with the Ben-my-Chree, the following sailings have been cancelled. Douglas – Heysham Saturday 15th August at 08:45hrs Heysham – Douglas Saturday 15th August at 14:15hrs If you would like to cancel your booking and be issued with a full refund or re-arrange your booking, this can be done online through your online account or you can contact our reservations team on 01624 661661 or 08722 992 992 after 09:00hrs.
  17. A beacon of light to bring you safely into harbour and avoid the reefs and rocks. But metaphors are only any good if they’re understood. Is the LV metaphor weak, or your understanding poor?
  18. Interesting to compare our poll with IoMNews&Politics.
  19. No it doesn’t. And yes he was named. So much for conspiracy theories.
  20. Well, I’ve voted. Advance vote. Can’t change it now. I narrowed it down to one I could stomach. So I plumped.
  21. Or is he AOM? Rather than DAD? Is DAD a bit like his Doctorate, an honorary title? AOM - Airport Operations Manager
  22. Is there any announcement about City. It’s not bookable beyond 30 October on LoganAir. BA at long last, this week, cancelled and refunded, my December flights, having given up on the pretence that they’d Route me via Dublin, 8 hours out and 11 hours back.
  23. 5. It was 8 when we bought and 9 when it went into service. Started service originally in 1998. And Jonathan Swift, as WestPac Express ( about 5 metres longer than Manannan ) for 12 or 15. Jonathan Swift seems to manage the Irish Sea storms better than Manannan. WestPac/Jonathan Swift must have suited the US Navy. They had 10 subsequent ones built.
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