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  1. After all Irish sailings were cancelled In March the Ben started going to Belfast on Saturday evenings Every weekend from 19 July, meaning there was no overnight from Heysham to bring in the papers. Hence the plane.
  2. Yes. Probably not. Yes, I recognise that.
  3. I’m aware of at least one who lost his pension. Took it to court to challenge. Lost again. Ended up a commissioner. I’m also aware of officers who transferred to other forces.
  4. They don’t get any info. The free wills are prepared by an advocate who has agreed to be in the free wills scheme. The advocate can’t disclose any info to age concern. The advocate opens a file, drafts, arranges approval and execution by the client. They’ll keep a copy, probably the original. It won’t go to age concern, that’s for sure. The hope/expectation of Age Concern, and the advocate, is a legacy and the legal work dealing with the estate. However it’s not a requirement that you leave a legacy or appoint the advocate. The Age Concern Scheme is British Isles wide. Most charitie
  5. Anything’s possible in Kemp world, apparently.
  6. You’d do well in South Douglas By election, then.
  7. Says it all really. Another one with media training. A people’s prince in the making. Thank you ... to Chips Cheese & Gravy Media for my media training,
  8. Yes, and the Brunswick Gardens one is an example of how stupid his conspiracy theories are. If you live in a house fronting on Brunswick Gardens you get shares in Brunswick Gardens Limited. The idea is to protect the gardens from development. Some owners are directors of the company. To save on maintenance costs for the gardens a part is rented out as a nursery and market garden for therapeutic and training work for young residents in care with disabilities, and, in particular, special needs.
  9. I like the one for John Quinn (the AG ). He’s listed because clients, for whom his son’s firm acted, won cases against government and the courts awarded costs against the losing party. Mr Kemp needs a reality check.
  10. You’re right, Rog was being a git
  11. Judgments are handed down. The Court was 8/7. The decision was announced then with reasons to be announced later. 20/7 was the date of reasons. They don’t get onto the website for several days. You’re right, it was in one of the papers, Examiner 14/7.
  12. Possibly because he knew he had breached bail and been convicted in absentia for the offences at Westminster Garage.
  13. They gave some provisional figures after the first 4000 or so tests. They haven’t completed all the testing ( at least I think not ). They had 10,000. So full results not yet ready.
  14. I don’t think that’s what the prosecutor was doing at all. I expect there’s a criminal investigation ongoing about the declaration she filled in on the form. The magistrate asking the defendant to answer, without caution, the question she posed, would have seriously messed that up.
  15. I’ve applied for my advance vote. ( replacement for sick/absent vote ). Heres my covering letter to the returning officer. Of course I wouldn’t think of spoiling/wasting my vote...
  16. I see his conviction for the arriving and not properly declaring has been overturned. The requirement to fill in the Covid arrival form only applied to arrivals from designated infected areas. No areas were designated until two days after he arrived! https://www.judgments.im/content/J2714.htm
  17. No. They were taken down long after government acquired the track bed and rolling stock. The one in Foxdale and the one on the St John’s to Peel road were taken down to widen/straighten the road and remove the height restriction. I suspect others went because the cost of removal was less than ongoing maintenance costs and to remove the perceived Health & Safety risk.
  18. Think it’s automatic that moderator amendments don’t show, Dilli. I’d intended to type demolished, predictive produced damaged and I didn’t notice/check.
  19. Surprised there hasn’t been more comment about the DOI plans to build ( reconstruct ) bridges ( previously demolished ) on the route of the old railway lines to Peel/St John’s and Ramsey so that pedestrians walking, or cyclists riding, don’t have to go down and up steps and cross roads. Total cost £1.3 million.
  20. You are Rog and I claim my £5
  21. He’s good gammon entertainment. But it’s got to be kosher gammon.
  22. That was a moderator edit. Rog is on temporary holiday. Normal abusive racist Rog posts may return after the hiatus. But he won’t be repentant, he never apologises, however wrong or offensive he is.
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