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  1. Thinking of moving to Spain. Any suggestions as to what region is best for ex-pats? Befuddled
  2. Personally - yes means yes and not no. Anyone disagree? befuddled
  3. 10 Points for Declan 0 points Woody
  4. Not just the definition but also the implications. Befuddled
  5. Sounds interesting indeed! Befuddled (home for the Yuletide)
  6. Anyone have any idea of what we can expect after Brexit?
  7. Tom the Dipper -befuddled
  8. Stay tuned. The whole story and nothing but will soon appear in a new topic. -befuddled
  9. Yes- yes indeed. Like to hear the whole story? Maybe in a future post?
  10. OK I got it..Sorry..I will not repeat offend. I´m off. .-befuddled
  11. Just what I thought. Kranial verbalic svodoad trugles, Eingt vogahum blotus merin?
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