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  1. Nobody is demeaning anyone - just saying that equally dedicated people out there say that there is more to the issue. Why are they 'twisting data' unless they are payrolled by parties who have something to gain? I'm not deliberately twisting data. Temperatures are not rising. It's a simple as that. I'm a linguist not a scientist and so I can only go on what I read with Science Daily being my favourite source of peer reviewed scientific papers delivered in layman's terms. I have an open mind. But as you have quoted geological periods there, what I do know is that the warming we have experi
  2. China - I didn't really expect you to respond. Like you, I'm interested in this stuff and have seen what you have put up there before. But you say 'I see very little evidence that the world won't warm between 2 and 5 degrees if we double the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.' Well hold on there with that one: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/04/22/climate_sensitivity_down_down/ Sea level has been rising for years but now not as much as expected it seems: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/14/climate-ice-idUSL6N0DV2V420130514 'Maybe the science will change, if it do
  3. Chinahand - the case for CO2 is crumbling and I'm going to share some information here which may give us some balance. I am sorry that this is a long post but I have tried to include source information where I can. Firstly and perhaps most importantly - there has not been an average rise in surface warming for 17 years. This is an indisputible fact which has become an inconvenient truth for climate alarmists.The temperature is now dropping in fact. They will say that the rise isn't linear but they predicted otherwise. The February 2013 GISS global temperature anomaly is 0.49 deg C. It
  4. 4 Bed Victorian House for Sale in Central Douglas. Newly Renovated. 30 Year Structural Guarantee and No Chain. Open Day Saturday 11th May 12 - 2pm. http://www.chrystals.co.im/residential/Douglas/House/Princes-Street-Douglas-Isle-Of-Man70
  5. Our house is on the market and we are seeing a regular pattern. People book an appointment to view, they arrive and tell you that you have a wonderful house. Then they book a second appointment so you clear the decks again and again they enthuse at how beautiful your house is. A week later you get a call from the estate agent telling you that they loved the house but the room upstairs was the wrong shade of blue so they're going to leave it.
  6. It is difficult for some sellers. Whilst some are clearly being 'optimistic' with pricing, some sellers are happy to break even to move on but they bought at an inflated price 5 years ago when all was rosy and some are now living with negative equity. They may as well leave the for sale board up and hope for the best I suppose. If people are forced on to the private housing market as a result of the social welfare reforms then it might make a difference.
  7. Does anyone know if anyone is selling biodiesel here at the moment? Thanks.
  8. So would it follow then that if the ice on the continent of Antartica melted that the land would rise? Probably not enough to compensate for the extra water though I would imagine.
  9. Where can we get historical data on sea level for the island? I had a look at the harbours website but don't seem to be able to see anything there. I also understand that the land is rising in some areas (Scandinavia for example and the North of England).
  10. This is the scariest yet. We're all arguing while Rome burns. To be honest, I wish I thought it was all nonsense myself and then I might not be so terrified. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/11/121127094250.htm
  11. Morality seems to have become the latest vote winner and the hypocrisy is staggering. it seems to be media driven at the present time and its not hard to stir people in difficult times and give them a cause for their woes - step in the evil tax haven. Murphy's morality comes from his religious background and its not the first time he proclaimed us finished. He claimed zero ten was dead earlier this year. He used to write articles for the Guardian on how to avoid tax himself back when that was the way to make a name for himself. Lets not forget how happy he is to sell his publications on
  12. Albert you ask 'what then?' when the reserves are spent. What would be the most likely scenario? Society still has to continue here surely but who will pay for it?
  13. The main issue is that people are well informed when making choices rather than doing what John down the pub says. I feel quite well informed and yet I'm still not sure where I stand on some constitutional matters
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