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  1. So why didn't they save everyone the hassle and check it was legal with Data Protection? Because they think they are above the law being a Govt department an' all. All they need to do is put notices on the vehicles and make everyone aware of the recordings and their rights to view data if they think the law has been broken or there is a valid reason to do so e.g. act of vandalism, dangerous driving etc etc etc. Simples!!
  2. As I drive through the Isle of Man Business Park everyday (when the roundabout isn't flooded that is), I brought the attention of the road surface between the Cooil Road and the roundabout near the Horse and Plough. It really is a joke calling it a surface, some of the Green Lanes are better. Now, bear in mind that the road is part of the main Douglas A6 'Ring Road' and promoted as such by the DoI, would you believe that this stretch is un-adopted and is still the responsibility of Dandara? I didn't either until I checked with the DoI, who were very polite and responsive. I don't know the laws, but what would happen if there was an accident caused by the poor surface? You can guarantee that your insurers would try and find a loophole to prevent paying out. Which leads me to wonder how many more of our 'A' roads are un-adopted?
  3. But the point is why should we have to involve other forms of technology to remedy a problem with another form of technology.Whether it be Android, Apple or Microsoft, one decision by a faceless individual could block access to anything.
  4. Thanks for your valuable input. Just to set the record straight....we were supposed to have tickets for hold luggage not hand luggage therefore the amounts of fluid etc. were irrelevant but upon checking-in it was realised the wrong type of tickets were purchased. My colleague never boasted his Swiss Army knife got through security, it wasn't until I mentioned the shaving foam that he told me other wise I would never have known (my colleague is not a boastful person in any manner). I wasn't arsed about the shaving foam being taken off me, the point I was trying to make was the INCONSISTENCIES about what passes through security and what doesn't especially when it's the same staff, not that life is so unfair because my shaving foam was taken off me. You question my ability to travel, judging by your posts it's amazing you are able to type, in fact it blows my mind that you are able to power up your PC. I had a fountain pen confiscated once as it was deemed as being too big!? As it was an expensive one I arranged for it to be held in security until I returned the same day.
  5. So it's going to be interesting to see what lies beneath when DOI decide to dig up the promenade for the restructuring and resurfacing. As I have mentioned before, a man down the pub told me that there are huge caverns waiting to be discovered down below. I wonder if the developers have done their homework. Well there's the bore hole for the RBSI building for a start. Supposed to provide free cooling for the site!
  6. Yawn! More of the same excuses, sack the lot and start again. I think numbers would increase if there was a simple pricing policy. As much as I dislike it, I use steam racket these days as at least what you see is what you get when you are buying a ticket. I dread trying to book a ticket for a flight as I find it so depressing that you don't know what the price is when you start out. Also, going through security is a joke having to be herded like cattle and then get half undressed is degrading and another reason why people are flying less. Some airports its remove belts shoes and jackets, some just belts and jackets others belts shoes, jackets and sweaters and then you've to be X-Rayed, it is just one degrading experience after another prior to being fleeced by over priced, low quality food and drink. At least on the Steam Racket you can take your own!
  7. Has anyone on this post actually spoken to anyone involved in the MEF? You will find them quite open about where they are up to, what they are doing and how long this project has been gestating. Also the research and contacts they already have regarding how the establishment is to be funded and what it will bring to the Island is quite a well thought out and presented proposition which has been scrutinised by the most sceptical of civil servants who have been 'stung' before. If not I would suggest that you do, it's not smoke and mirrors like some schemes have been! The newspaper article only covers a fraction of the true story.
  8. Sparky

    Beth Espey

    I am and in 12 years of living at the same address I have neither seen her or had a flyer through my door. She's not had or getting my vote my one worry is that if she does lose she'll stand for MLC and probably get it. As for being a good constituency MHK I would totally disagree. On the two occassions I've written about subjects that matter a wish wash response quoting TB's rhetoric was all I got in response.
  9. That's 'cos there wasn't one. If the total spend is above a certain amount it should have gone through the normal Cap Ex procedure in Tynwald. My guess would be that this has been split into smaller projects to keep the individual budgets down and so out of Tynwald. Had a quick skeet through the hansard stuff and cant find anything being approved so must have been undertaken using local budgets. Gov are worst offenders when sticking to the rules they make and focusing on buying local. There are currently many contracts going to/ held with off island companies when there are more than enough local companies who can do the work and in some instances cheaper!
  10. "Most people also said right wing political violence did not exist in Europe before last week But it was Most people have not been warned of the risk they take by opposing tax havens I have Most people do not want to believe that the language of right wing bigots has consequences The evidence is it has Which is why inciting political violence needs to be a crime" I like how he uses the term Most People, isn't that like saying Joe down the pubs says... He's a first class twillock!
  11. Only on music and dancing. Simple soultion is to grant the licence with a review which is quite a normal process when there has been opposition. A bit like 3 strikes and out.
  12. How do you Pull Off a give-way?
  13. Sparky

    Bay Festival

    Oh come off it, they haven't cheated a granny out of her heating bill. They might be idiots (and completely in the business sense)/naive, but I haven't seen anything that shows that they set this whole thing up with the intent of defrauding people/not trying to make the festival work. Their business plan was probably to market the event and hope to get a government wedge for the increased exposure it was getting the island (and the gov. obviously judged it as not a worthwhile cost), and it hasn't worked out. At least give them a chance to try and sort out the refunds process - if people can afford the tickets they're hardly desperate for the money back instantly. Irrelevant of the outcome the Irving's will have lost a hefty sum and have had their reputation pretty much destroyed. Probably deservedly, but if you bought a ticket you clearly thought they had done a good job in organising the festival/acts, and it would seem a bit low to brand them as fraudsters when it didn't work out. I disagree, I bought tickets but can't afford to simply lose the money. We did without a couple of things to buy the tickets. I don't gamble because I can't afford to lose hard earned cash. I bought a ticket because I wanted to support a local event, not because of any thoughts about their abilities of organising events. Just because you are in a position (or give the impression that you are) to throw money about, don't assume the rest of us are. Buying local was cheaper than buying across and having to pay travel and accomodation does that consideration enter into your thinking?
  14. RESA = Really Expensive Seaside Airport
  15. This is what you get 'across' for 1/6 th of the cost of Richmond Hill. BTW the excavation needed to put this extra lane in will be quite substantial and about 1/2 mile long on a similar incline to Richmond Hill. M65 Improvements
  16. Sparky

    Vat At 20%

    OFT is the biggest waste of space going. When asked about petrol being priced showing less than a penny e.g. 129.9 reply, thats' standard business practice. When asked how I get charged to the nearest next whole penny when I buy 5 litres = reply, the pumps arent that accurate to dispense to exactly 5 litres! When asked why the airline applies a credit card charge for every leg of each persons trip when all are made on the same booking = reply, that's what they do in the UK. Total gutless tripe. VAT will impact on the IoM and if Annie thinks Strand Street looks empty now, she won't recognise it in 12 months. Small businesses will suffer putting people out of jobs in small quantities at a time but that won't make the headlines but the overall effect will have a huge impact on our tax take. My spending will change as has my car use already, when will we see a back lash to having to pay nearly £7 for a gallon of Diesel or Petrol? These prices will have a massive impact on everything from food deliveries to bus fares to reduced Emergency Services, after all the extra cost has to come from somewhere.
  17. In reply to who owns your medical records - Google turns up this. A medical record is a legal business account of a patient's medical history. Although the patient owns the information, the health care provider owns the physical record. In some instances, providers may deny patients access to their medical record. As for depression being wrongly diagnosed and affecting ones life I have had first hand experience of this when my mother was refused life insurance on the basis that the medical records held recorded that many moons ago the Dr wrote in her records that she felt depressed when in fact a later record also stated she had an underactive thyroid. The life insurance people only took note of the word 'Depression' and it took us 4 years to get this corrected. So as much as i am in favour of A&E knowing that giving me penicillin would kill me, we must be certain that the records entered by the Dr are correct! And of that through being prescribed penicillin even though on my notes it states that I'm allergic I have no confidence in the accuracy of the records being entered.
  18. It's the BOAT. Not ferry. I guess you are from the "Mainland". are you sure it isn't a ship? There's a ship in the morning? I don't think so. When does a boat become a ship?
  19. All over the place, as usual Some pics here Nice to see some piccies and vid of the event, there were loads of people with video cameras around the course.
  20. It was amazing just how many people there were all around the course watching. I think al who went enjoyed the chat at the grandstand before and after the event and the interlude that was the ride out went well. Hopefully this will have raised a few quid for a worthy cause.
  21. Warehouse and distribution is run and managed by G4S the ones that lose prisoners, not the MEA so the cost is borne by G4S and then obviously passed on to the MEA as a managed service cost. I was told the space can be rented for £3.50 per square foot on the basis its been on the market for a while. Building is c40,000 sq ft, G4S have 1/4 of this so 10,000 * £3.50 = £35,000 + rates, light and heat I'd guess. A bit less than £315,000 me thinks. Found how much they rent out by talking to the nice chaps who look after all those telly's and fridges.
  22. Sparky

    Speed Limits

    Just going round in circles . Aren't they called round-a-bouts? Loving the game point to Slim, no to manshimajin thing going on. Keep it up! BTW I have to agree that more roadside furniture is not the answer, but strategies such as the police are focusing on now are e.g. people not using handsfree kits. OK now sat back with orange juice for the next match point!!
  23. We could also get some of those pesky ducks that cross the road at Foxdale!
  24. They're called nests in technical terms, so ive corrected your quote oh and chickens dont swim, the ones that swim are the ones that quack, technically speaking they're called ducks, now you will be the smartest in the car next time your out for a drive in the country and out of town with this wealth of new found knowledge. And just to clear up a common misconception about them shitting allover the place, i am confident that you will find that they only shit when they need to. Sorry, got my pedant head on today Above post corrected for when you are next out in the car!!!
  25. Don't forget the added attraction of the pissed up yoouffs!
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