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  1. Albert and to others I apologise. I should not have bitten. Back on threadish I was talking to friends across today and they were saying that in North Wales it was like a very busy bank holiday weekend. There are pictures of people queuing to get to the top of Snowdon. I believe it was reported that on Saturday it was one of the national parks busiest days and it seems it may have been similar in Scotland, Lake District, Cornwall etc. Forgetting the numbers who commute in and out of the cities daily it just demonstrates why it is going to be virtually impossible to control the spread in the UK and therefore hard to lift the restrictions on travelling to the Island until there is a vaccine. I am now going to create a new password which I cannot remember so I don't get tempted to post on here again for many years to come. I appreciate some of you will be grateful for that
  2. Not sure if you are local but I feel for you. Just effectively happened to a member of my family who was working in the hospitality business. Place no closed so no hours, no money. Very tough on those with young families, rent and mortgages to pay. Interesting to see what Alf announces tomorrow for those in the same position
  3. So all mouth then Dilli. Offer still stands. In fact I will make it £1,000 to a charity of your choice if I am not a member of the ICAEW as I state I am. If you still won't take the offer up hopefully next time you will only question a posters background if you are prepared to be proved wrong when challenged.
  4. Basic bookkeeping is common sense as I am sure you appreciate. In fact whilst I am a member of the ICAEW I would say that very little of what I learned when training makes me any good or not at what I do now. I am sure like most jobs it is what you learn from others over numerous years that really affects whether you can do a decent job or not.
  5. I know Phil, but I could quote the name of any local accountant and it would come up but it does not prove that I am that person.
  6. My grammar and spelling are not great especially if I do not read back and double check carefully. That did not stop me qualifying though. This is all irrelevant to the topic but I will accept that just because you can qualify in some profession or other does not mean that others will think you have any common sense etc. Indeed in my view there are many accountants who trained in audit in big firms who don't really have a second idea about business, basic book keeping, local tax returns and if asked to prepare the accounts of a local sole business would be completely lost.
  7. I am more than happy when this is all over to meet you are show you my membership certificate. Shall we say £50 to the RNLI if can demonstrate I am a member of the ICAEW or £250 to a charity of your choice if I can't
  8. If that is the law I cannot see that many of across will think lets go to the IoM and see if I can get around the rule about residents only. I thought a couple of days ago they were saying that they where going to collect names and addresses of all those travelling in future so they could trace if required. Presumably they will have passenger lists and when you book you are required to give your address plus if you paid by debit/credit card you have provided address details. If flying etc you are asked to provide ID so most will travel with passports, driving licenses, etc. For the numbers who are involved it ain't really a big problem.
  9. You're the second rocket scientist I have come across then, other wise I wasted 4 years of my life qualifying, innumerable hours since on CPE and hundreds of pounds each year in subs.
  10. And Cannan was very poor last week
  11. I won't disagree with any of that now we have a confirmed cases in the Isle of Man that was spread between person's in the IoM. I did not see the case to expect everybody to self isolate whilst schools etc where open and it appeared that the only cases we had where ones that people had caught across and basically self isolated themselves on arrival. In that case I thought it appropriate for the more vulnerable to self isolate and the rest of us to moderate our behaviour. I have kids at school and until the schools were closed that was the most likely way the virus might spread between the group I associate with not by the dads of those kids playing 5 a side once a week.
  12. Policing is by consent and I am sure that most, including me, will agree with the latest measures now we have a confirmed case that was spread by contact within the Island. I am sure that again the majority of us will be more careful now but I expect that the rush tomorrow into Tesco's will continue. Many of my points earlier, which many I accept disagreed with, where on the basis that you need to get the public to buy in to the measures announced and there is no point in trying to crack down to hard to early if that means the public will not buy into the measures.
  13. Was he actually arrested? If so the press release was not incorrect. He may have been arrested and on further enquiries released.
  14. Not really the point still stands that we are a small Island so could in a matter of weeks kill the infection in the IoM by having a very heavy crackdown. We appear to be having that now and once we have no more cases, even if that is forcing everybody to self isolate for a period, that would effectively mean no Covid 19 in the IoM unless it is brought in from the outside. The question remains what then? We are a year or possibly 2 before everybody could be vaccinated against the disease so we could theoretically keep the IoM clear in that period by preventing travel onto the IoM or possibly converting a couple of the hotels into isolation units so that anybody who travels to the IoM has to be isolated in one of these places for 7 or 14 days on returning. Is that acceptable position for the IoM to take going forward? My point was that as a small Island however far it has spread or nor we can take measures to stop it on the IoM. Having done that what do we do then until there is a vaccine?
  15. Seems in part because they expect that a certain percentage of the population will not hear that schools will close before turning up tomorrow. I expect that unless most kids will stay away unless they have not heard the news or they are kids of key workers who can not make alternative arrangements etc.
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