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  1. I have never bought breakdown cover before in respect of driving in the UK as cover was included in my cars warranties. Vehicles are getting a bit older now so looking at buying for a bit of peace of mind. Does anybody have any recommendations?
  2. If I remember correctly it was set up after the reduction in the VAT share. It was a classic Allan Bell manoeuvre who was Treasury Minister at the time in that by splitting and becoming the Minister for Enterprise he avoided as Treasury Minister he avoided having to make any tough decisions re the VAT cut or be the face of bad news. Rather as Minister for Enterprise he would basically only have goods news to offer. I posted in the Chief Minister thread how poorly resourced and staffed IoM Finance is compared to their Jersey counterparts so expecting great results when our competitors are blowing us out of the water in terms of the resources they are putting into it is, in my view unrealistic.
  3. The main two issues people appear to have re appointments are Treasury and DOI. Who exactly are the realistic alternatives? Hooper is possibly the only one I can think of for Treasury but then who would replace at health? Past record of LVP leaders/members is also that they don't tend to stay as Ministers for that long. It is all very well and easy to comment that X should not have been appointed but much harder to then actually say who should have been.
  4. Exactly. It is you SHOULD book a PCR not you must.
  5. The vaccination of the kids seems to be very slow. By the time most get jabbed they will have had Covid Teachers may have mild cases from being double jabbed but the present Covid rules require you to isolate for 10 days if you test +ve no matter how you feel Your logic seems a bit out. Which is is that "what the jabs do"? Make you Asymptomatic or have a mild case or does the vaccine have a different effect on teachers?
  6. No you are not. The rules were changed a little while back. It is now purely recommended. If you test +ve on an LFT and then have a +ve PCR day 0 of your 10 day isolation is the day you tested +ve on the LFT. No further testing. If you only have an LFT I believe you are meant to isolate for 10 days but as you don't have to report you will not get an isolation notice. I have not found if this the 10 days isolation after +ve LFT is the law. If test -ve on PCR then no need to isolate. Logical position is if testing +ve with LFT then isolate and if start feeling better and have -LFT then go for PCR as -ve PCR gets you out of isolation and if still +ve via a PCR you 10 days are still from when you first tested +ve via LFT.
  7. I doubt that many as the ones I know all have symptoms. Generally they have found out using LFTs having noticed a symptom or regularly testing having been a close contact. Symptoms vary but none that I know are truly asymptomatic. At very best cold like symptoms. If you test positive on LFT there is no requirement to report or get a PCR so I expect many do not. PCR is not pleasant so the only real reason I can see for getting if you test positive on LFT is if you feel that it is a false positive. Probably unlikely compared to false negatives.
  8. I cannot support the costs etc re Liverpool Dock and the fact they seem to be out of control. If there is a matter that the PAC should be looking at urgently it is this rather than Watterson's request for a Covid enquiry which just seems to be a bit of populism. Having said that long term we do need to need to secure a decent ferry terminal somewhere and a decision has to be made what we want. Do we want a ferry service that basically just caters for freight and people travelling in cars or do we want a ferry service that is generally attractive to the whole of the population and for weekend breaks? If the latter then Liverpool is the only real option as far as I can see. If the former then there is much wider choice of options. Heysham is reasonable close but it has a tendency to silt up and has limited access at low tides. The entrance is narrow so sailings are cancelled as boats are not allowed in even though they can sail. Birkenhead and or Hollyhead might be better options for all year round use but the crossing is longer etc. I remain in favour of the IoM having its own terminal on the Mersey. It is a question of where and at what cost as I doubt anybody would sell or enter into a long lease cheaply.
  9. I think the model of funding and attitude has to change as people of my and my parents age are part of some of the richest generations that there have been. I believe rather than hang on to that wealth to be passed on when I pass away I am of the view that we have to look to pass some of it on earlier to help our our children, grand children etc. I have had a decent income for much of my life as have my parents. Having bought my first house nearly 30 years ago and lived in my current one for roughly 20 years, all be it with a couple of extensions added my mortgage has long been repaid as have my parents. Hopefully when my parents pass away, which hopefully will be a while yet, I will be retired or near retired myself, financially secure and not be reliant on them leaving me anything. You cannot take it with you so provided we have enough to give us a comfortable retirement and pay for a decent nursing home, which I am more than happy to pay for rather than insist the state pay for, we will be happy so why hang on to every thing until we kick the bucket. Some might as well go to kids or grandkids when they are most in need not when they are middle aged. I appreciate that not everybody is in a similar position but I do think that going forward older generations are going to have to see helping out younger generations as the the norm. We should also remember that owning you own property ladder has only recently become the norm. In the UK at the end of the 1st world war only a quarter of houses were owner occupied and it was only in the 70s that it passed 50%. When I was young I wanted to rent. Maintenance etc was not my problem and I was free to move if I chose. Where I lived was my home and it still is. But many now appear to view it as being an investment. I don't know how we do it but I think that part of the answer to the property market is having a well regulated rental sector where rents are controlled so people are happy to live in rented accommodation. We also have to stop seeing a where we live as an investment and believing that rising house prices are good. Finally I think that the idea that previously it was easy to afford your own property is airbrushing history a bit. There was a period when banks offered near 100% mortgages but I remember my parents scrimping and saving to pay the mortgage or agonising if they could afford to move when my father's job got moved. I had to borrow money to pay my first deposit from relatives and worry about if money lasting the month. In those days with high interest most of my money went on paying for the house and nights out were a luxury and there was no way I could have afforded a mobile phone, satellite TV etc
  10. I am sure that probably was the case when it came to voting. With regard to putting together a Government I expect it is a different matter. Each will want some input if they are going to be a Minister
  11. I was being generic, I did not specifically refer to any particular government.
  12. I expect it depends who you are. The policies and programme of Government will, I expect, have been drawn up by all the ministers with various pieces of horse trading. It will not simply be a case of whoever is CM simply down his wish list. Last time out I expect AC wanted certain things from HQ in return for being Treasury minister. Possibly CT and also certain other individuals. AC would have been in a strong position to negotiate with HQ. The likes of Malarky less so. I don't think there have been any ministerial appointments as yet and I would expect that some of those that AC wishes to have as ministers will be able to influence direction and policy. We just won't know about it.
  13. No sh1t Sherlock? Yes they can but if you can get policy to be part of the Government's policies and it is coherent with other policies it is more likely to get approved. Generally it is government policies that are presented and approved or where such policy is adopted and supported by Govt. I think that Allinson's abortion reform legislation was a policy he introduced as a back bencher but it was heavily supported by Government. The point was that generally you are likely to get more done and have more influence as part of Government than being outside it.
  14. I thought the role of a politician was to represent their constituents together with making the laws and rules by which society is governed and to try and make society a better place. That might mean ensuring that the Government enact policies and behave in a way that the politician believes is in the best interest of the people the politician represents but too often it simply appears to mean as acting as a government opposition. Holding Government to account surely also means supporting and assisting the Government enact policies which that politician believes are beneficial.
  15. Surely the MHKs do as presumably they based their vote for the CM, in part, on what the two candidates set out as being their priorities in terms of polices and the programme of Government. My point was it is all very well MHKs saying they consulted with constituents as to whom to vote for in terms of CM but unless those MHKs are telling their constituents at the same the proposals the candidates are putting forward then our views as constituents are pretty meaningless as we have no idea what the candidates are proposing
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