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  1. The police and the CPS also found there was nothing to charge Jimmy Saville about. Was he innocent?
  2. Equally many of us struggle to believe any poster could be so deluded and post so much absolute bollocks as you do!
  3. I am not sure that there are many more serious issues than the leader of a country lying. If people/countries do not respect you, trust or believe what you say how can you deal with other issues. Even within his own party his authority is shot as he can not get different factions to toe the line which is why, even with an 80 seat majority, you see so many u turns and policies being pulled. By electing Corbyn, Labour damaged their "brand" which could have seen them struggling to be able to win an election for a long time. When Clegg reneged on his promise to students that hit the LVP badly. I think Boris may be doing similar damage to Tories.
  4. By your own arguments yes as the police have investigated and found no case to answer. They are not reviewing again, just as the Met could do with Boris, after the local Conservative MP made some additional allegations. The cases are also different as the rules at the time were different, When Starmer had his gathering provide it was part of the election campaign it was allowed. If they broken off, had fish and chips with a cup of tea and carried on the campaign work or eaten and drank whilst working together then that was fine. Just as it was fine if some drank bear rather than tea or had curry to eat. If however after campaigning they had down tools and had a bit of a social get together then their might be an issue and whether they drank, water, tea, beer or champagne cocktails it is irrelevant. At the time of the latest pictures in respect of Boris the rules were “it was illegal to ‘participate’ in a gathering if that gathering was not reasonably necessary for work” I struggle to see how having drinks and speeches at a leaving do was reasonably necessary and the police appear to think similarly as they have fined some who attended. That they decided not to fine others higher up the tree does look a bit suspicious.
  5. Incorrect. The police have fined individuals who attended the event. You have to question why some who attended the event were fined for attending the event and others not. Possibly they went to the wrong school, maybe they admitted it and did not have very expensive barristers on their side, possibly the police and top brass did not want to fine their bosses. Possibly Boris was innocent. However as Roxanne has said this has run for so long as Boris lied to Parliament. This would have gone away quickly if at the outset Boris had held his hands up, admitted their were gatherings and apologised by saying they got things wrongs as they thought that the regulation did not apply for reason X. He did not he chose to lie and has carrying on doing so. No.10 despite lots of questioning, for 24 hours totally denied that No.10 had arranged or requested the recent meeting with Sue Gray only to then admit they had when they could not sustain for any longer. I don't want political colour or persuasion you are or what country you are in but to me it is simply unacceptable for the leader of a country to be somebody who is not ruthful. How or why should the residents of that country believe anything they say. Whilst should leaders of other countries believe what he says. Boris is the person who a few years ago was swanning around bragging about this deal he had entered into. Now he wants to renege on that international agreement. OK it may not be perfect but it it is going to be very hard to re-negotiate as, apart from Ministers playing to the gallery of the right wing press, other leaders/countries don't really have a great deal of respect and trust for Boris. Basically his authority is shot.
  6. I would much prefer that the pilots can see where they are trying to land 😊
  7. I completely disagree. There are loads of people who come back every year who love the Island but rather than freeload and expect to camp and use facilities for nothing they put their hands in their pockets and pay to camp and use the toilet and washing facilities etc provided. Are you going to go around the camp sites to see if there are similar regular visitors and do pieces about them as to my mind they are far more deserving of recognition as they are supporting the organisation who is putting in the time and effort to provide them somewhere to camp and provide facilities etc? Obviously if these guys are paying a nightly fee to camp there then that is different. Since you are promoting this presumably you are in favour of people being able to camp and build camp fires wherever they want on public land, at any time of the year? It would be slightly hypocritical for a politician to suggest it is only fine for German bikers to do this at TT but not say a bunch of university students in say Nobles park or even in the same place over the summer. A grumpy old git.
  8. Chances are most of us will be dead by the time these supposed benefits materialise Bank of England still thinks Brexit will cut GDP by 3.25% in long term, MPs told At the Treasury committee Sir Dave Ramsden, the Bank of England’s deputy governor for markets and banking, said the main impact of Brexit would be on trade intensity. He said the Bank thought it would cut GDP by about 3.25% in the long term (over the next 15 or 20 years). That estimate had not changed, he said. Because it was a long-term impact, it was hard to track, he said. He said the impact of shocks such as Covid and the Ukraine war were more visible because they were more immediate.
  9. If Robertshaw says that then the chances are that it would be better Ashford stays. It is a good rule of thumb that if you take the opposite view to Robertshaw then the chances are you ae more likely to be right than wrong.
  10. Totally agree it is a pretty shit poll which you can only really respond to if you think Ashford should be sacked or resign. I have not voted as at this point I have not read the full unfair dismissal report of 200 pages. I wonder how many who voted have. Without reading I would just be voting based on headlines or prejudices and might be able to put up an argument for both sides. e.g. One of the headlines is that Ashford was overly reliant on his CEO but it could be argued that if you think you can not rely on them why are they in position. It could also be argued it is wrong to be totally reliant on your CEO and not to weigh up what they are telling you.
  11. Riders may not have died but how many went back with extremely series life changing injuries? I am not sure that it is worth crowing about nobody dying if rather than die those riders are left paralysed, needing permanent 24hr life long care. It always seems very insensitive to the partners and family of those extremely seriously injured to crow about no deaths or very low numbers of deaths as it almost seems sending riders back extremely seriously injured does not matter. I do not have a spouse or family member who rides in the TT but I do have family members who are involved in sports & activities where they could be seriously injured. Similarly I or they could be very seriously injured in a car accident etc. You can never know until the situation arises, and hopefully it never does, but I think I would prefer to die outright than need permanent nursing for the rest of my life
  12. Seems the "cheap" IoM petrol compared to the UK may be about to end as EVF garages appeared to be charging £161.9 for normal unleaded last night. The other supplier was still at £149.9 but I don't expect that will last long.
  13. Take your pick from Cutting Crew - Died in your Arms Tonight Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heavens Door Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven Led Zepplin - In My Time of Dying or just for the band name & title alone:
  14. I don't agree. If I am a newly trained teacher teaching science in School A should I not get paid the same as a newly trained teacher teaching science in School B 10 miles down the road? Just because I come from a different part of the country to the other teacher does not mean I deserve to be paid more or less. If you get more because you have come from X then would that not just be an incentive to go and work for a short period in X and then reapply for a job in the IoM. In Utopia every individual might be assessed on how good they are as a teacher, experience, subjects they taught etc but like in most organisations we are never going to have that. At most you will have bands of pay scales which reflect that the more experienced and senior teacher will get paid more than those who are newly trained. Within teacher pay scales is there not some flexibility as as to pay?
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