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  1. More recently https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/taxi-driver-admits-screaming-abuse-at-rival/ https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mlc-candidate-subjected-to-racism-and-islamophobia/
  2. More recently https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/taxi-driver-admits-screaming-abuse-at-rival/ https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mlc-candidate-subjected-to-racism-and-islamophobia/
  3. I cannot improve on this so I think I am going to stop posting except for the occasional repost of the this.
  4. They might be and I am not particularly in favour of their protest. I think it is pretty pointless and I wish that rather than protest in support of all black lives matter, which is not really something we are directly affected by in the IoM, they protested against abuse and discrimination in the IoM and highlighted what was going on here. I think or at least hope that was possibly the point that Stu was initially trying to make but basically ballsed up with some pretty crass arguments. However unfortunately for Stu whatever reasonable point he may have been, in his own head, trying to ma
  5. Fair comments. However if you suggested that because Obama came from a more privileged background than you that was evidence that white people where in general not in a more privileged position than their black counter parts or that because Mike Tyson bit somebody's ear it was evidence that all boxers were likely to do that it would plainly be absurd.
  6. Why does it matter where they are from. It is either acceptable what Stu said or it is not. It does not become acceptable simple because the caller was not from the IoM or become unacceptable because they where. Defend what Stu said because you believe it is acceptable on a publicly owned radio station not because you can find a reason to ignore. To a certain extent that is why the protests have come about around the world. For to long people have looked to find reasons why they can ignore an issue rather than think it needs to be addressed. Police brutality? Yeah we can ignore because it
  7. Reading many of the comments here no wonder there is so much prejudice and discrimination about. The number on here desperately trying to ignore what Stu said and finding reasons attack those who are complaining about what he said I find incredible. They are professional moaners, people with agendas, bleeding heart liberals etc, it is fake outrage. I was not outraged, I have not and will not complain to Manx Radio, the IoM broadcasting Commission, demand that Stu Peters is placed in the stocks. In my view he got it wrong and if I was his employer I would be very uncomfortable if one of my
  8. I would agree that he was not being racist but I think that some of the things he was saying and views he was expressing where not acceptable for a presenter on a public service broadcaster. I do have a trouble with regard to some racism allegations as occasionally you see or hear somebody being abused, sometimes racially, and just because that person is of a different race does not mean you are being racist. If I was walking down the street and somebody just hit me with no provocation I would probably give a fairly abusive response and the form of it would probably be based on an obviou
  9. Those might be legitimate questions to ask & if he was simply asking questions in an impartial manner to stimulate a debate then that would have been fine. But that is not really what Stu does, although I think that maybe that is what he thinks he is doing. Rather he argues his personal point of view and appearing to argue that as a white middle aged (I am being generous there) he has been subject to no more privilege than the average black or coloured person is simply ignoring the facts. There may be little he thinks he can do about it but that is part of debate at present. It is arg
  10. Totally against looting and criminal damage but there are times and places for protest and disobedience. I would also advocate on occasion targeted criminal damage. e.g. if a company is involved in an illegal activity and is openly happy to continue and ignore the demands to stop I might support targeted activity on equipment, machines etc to prevent
  11. You sound like Stu. As only 3 people were killed in the UK everything is fine but totally ignore that all the evidence that minorities in the UK tend to be targeted. Most of the videos you see of police in the UK being overly aggressive are white officers against black civilians. That is not to tar all police like most of society it is only a minority who cause the problem. Same with the protestors, the majority are peaceful and there are only a few who cause problems. Many of these are often not individuals who are at all bothered about the cause but just simply use as an opportunity to
  12. Much more succinctly put than I have posted. Unfortunately Stu just did not seem to understand the point that callers where trying to put across that just because he does not experience it or that racial prejudice is not very prominent does not mean that many do not experience it as a matter of course.
  13. I've heard it a fair bit of it and I am sure that Stu thought he was being perfectly reasonable and I would not describe, in the parts I have heard Stu being overtly racist. However as I have stated previously in these discussions, unlike say Andy Wint who love him or hate him he comes across as putting the alternative view to that of the caller, Stu comes across as somebody stating his view and he makes it fairly clear when he agrees or disagrees with a view being expressed and this can be a problem. In a nutshell from the parts I heard it appeared that Stu was expressing his opinion tha
  14. One of the arguments made when people comment on the length of teachers holidays or finishing at 3:30 is that they spend much of the holidays working by preparing for the next term or academic year, catching up on matters. To an extent I agree with that argument as I would have little confidence in a teacher who did not preparation etc for teaching. On that basis they should as they expect to spend much of there time working anyway during the holiday period surely the only real change is it will be more formalised and from home if the schools where open for longer over the summer.
  15. Quite simply after reading a recent unfair dismissal case https://www.judgments.im/content/ET 19-12 Versluijs V Dept of Home Affairs, Fire and Rescue.pdf how this person remains the IoM's chief fire officer I have no idea.
  16. Clearing peaceful protestors with tear gas so that Trump could walk to a church for a photo opportunity with a bible is probably as crass and insensitive as you can probably get. Trump has said and done many idiotic and stupid things in his time, many probably without thinking, but this was clearly planned. It seems that he thinks this will attract the support of his "base" and rather than trying to calm the situation he is more than happy to inflame it if he thinks that it might benefit him. He appears to be so vain and egotistical that I fear there is almost nothing he would not to, i
  17. Well I'm in the age range he is hoping to woo but he has lost me as a listener. I also like the fact he suggests one of the problems with the old Mandate was that you could almost set your watch by the running order. From the occasional time I listen to bits of the new Breakfast programme I would suggest it is probably even more so.
  18. That only gives part of the story as presumably the subvention is given to support speech programming which is more expensive but also local interest programming which might not attracted the numbers that playing an hour of Take That in concert might. As I said intentionally or not it appears that MR is in essence moving more towards the model that Energy and Three FM operate which is what the subvention was meant to help prevent. I am only a listener and Brindley may be far more in tune with the Manx Radio listener than me but I don't have had the feel that Manx Radio has a particularly
  19. You are possibly correct but I think you may be pushing it to suggest that more people get their official updates from Manx Radio than all the media gettafa mentioned. I used to be far more supportive of the Manx Radio subvention than I am now. Slowly Manx Radio appears to be dumbing down with speech based content cut back. It is getting to be more like the other IoM radio stations in content just with a more varied range of music in the evenings. I get the feeling that those in charge would be happy to make it a mainly music station "with news on the hour, every hour" and that to access
  20. I am pretty certain I did not say that, certainly if I did it was in error as I do not presently believe that is the correct option. My view is that whilst the borders remain shut and provided we get no new cases in the next couple of weeks we should get rid of compulsory social distancing, rely on common sense and get the kids back to school and behaving as kids again. I would keep in border restrictions and also limit capacities in respect of venues which might be busy and have a high turnover of people. This thread is on schools and subject to no new cases in the next couple of weeks I thin
  21. We don't know for certain that we have never had any cases of Ebola in the IoM or that somebody travelling in one day might bring it. We view it as unlikely so don't gear up and put in place restrictions just in case it might happen. You act on the evidence and the current evidence is that presently if there are any cases on the IoM they are few in number and asymptomatic. We run on that hypothesis until the evidence indicates it is correct or not. Restrictions need the support of the public and if the public feel they are unnecessary many will not follow and if they are needed again the publi
  22. You are base it on fact, knowledge and experience. Using those you make a judgement. There is no wrong or right answer except I am pretty certain that there is a danger of going so OTT on Covid 19 we take our eye off the ball elsewhere. My concern is that it appears that for some nothing else but Covid 19 matters and that Government is at risk of taking an extreme view of what to do about winding down the restrictions as to them the negative publicity of a few more Covid 19 cases is far more important that the health care of the rest of the economy.
  23. I do care and it may affect me if I caught it and it would certainly accept my parents who live across and being elderly there is a fair chance, even if they don't catch Covid 19 that I and my kids will never see at least on of them alive in the flesh again. Risks have to be balance based on what is known and assumptions based on available evidence. People will have different views of those risks. Some will argue open everything up and let each person look after themselves, others say we must do every act to prevent any further cases of Covid 19 or deaths in the IoM and hang the consequen
  24. Acceptable is not the correct word but in saving 1 person 5 others die then unfortunately saving the 5 will have priority. Would I describe that as "acceptable? No, I would describe as the best of the options that are available. You appear to want to save all 6, and I am sure we would all like that, but that is not an option that is available
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