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  1. That is conjecture. We do not know for certain that Beecroft, Hooper and Edge would have voted for Cannan or if they did and there had been a vote just between Cannan and Quayle that no party would have switched. At the time I thought the main obstacle against Cannan being elected was that he had never been a minister and therefore if elected as Chief Minister had no experience of the council of ministers. You may that as a good thing. Subsequently I would not say Alfie has really done anything that really stands out and suggested he would have done a great job this time around. There is
  2. It actually is up to them what rules they obey, same as it is the choice of the rest of us what rules we obey and plenty on here admit to breaking rules they don't agree with. I have no problem, in general, with people breaking laws and rules provided that if caught they are prepared to face the consequences. History has shown that choosing not to obey rules by way of protest has on occasion worked and seen those rules change.
  3. The construction trade has been back for a couple of weeks. From day one if you were out you could see plenty of builders in vans sharing vans and not social distancing, sometimes three abreast. Look at any Government worksite and DoI workers are not social distancing. No wonder many have stopped social distancing at times when it appears the Government has given the greenlight to some that they don't have to social distance. I am not condoning but many will think that if they can do it, why can't I.
  4. Boris does not like making difficult decisions so I think you are right unless he is placed in a position where it would be the popular decision to make. It is possible it will come to that as I don't think that Cummings is that popular an individual and I am sure many in conservative MPs and ministers would not be sorry to see him go. I expect that there is almost zero support for him across Whitehall. Cummings quite simple won't care so he won't resign and Boris will try to simply ride out the storm for a couple of weeks by disappearing. It is the UK parliamentary recess for the next co
  5. Maybe a poster from this site, possibly a moderator even, if they had access to David Ashford via say a zoom conference call could demonstrate how it should be done by providing a link or even detail how other posters could apply to be on such a conference call if they where to happen again.
  6. Fair enough but they have to ensure that the NHS will not be overwhelmed in the future and that presumably that means continued social distancing to some extent. We need to get rid of social distancing ASAP for kids. Adults may be different, but kids needs to socialise and play together, they need to get back to school and interact with each other not sat at a desk, 2m away from any other, from which they cannot move. Seems to me from all the rules that being relaxed it is shortly everybody else that will have some reason not to have to social distance whilst the kids, who are the ones we
  7. Getting where? Many of us where hoping that the aim of the restrictions was to eliminate Covi19 from the IoM so that we could return to near normal with the borders closed. That does not appear to be the Govt's aim. That appears to be a "new normal", which they won't detail as far as I can see, which appears to be about ensuring the cases of Covid 19 remain low, not eliminated and for social distancing to continue in some form for a long time yet. The rush to get the economy going appears to have been the priority over eliminating Covid19. It may not have worked but I would have much pre
  8. OK, fair cop, I exaggerated slightly in that it is if you don't go out and be seen to applaud that neighbours will try and shame you into it. I also accept it is not everywhere
  9. Tonight there will be the weekly "clap" for the NHS and whoever else is now included in the list. There will be the ritual shaming of neighbours by some if those neighbours are not out applauding enthusiastically enough whilst others will be simply trying to ensure they can have a few facebook likes by dressing up etc. Now I am thankful for NHS staff, carers etc and believe they are underpaid for what they would do. I would not object to a small increase in my taxes to contribute towards this but we have very few cases of Covid 19 in hospital. At the last count it was 2 and the hospital h
  10. The testing capacity is an issue. When we start to open the borders I would like to see some restrictions remain. I am sure social distancing and possibly masks would be compulsory when on the boat. I would expect the boats will also be operating with limited capacity. On return probably 3 or 4 tests over the subsequent 14 days and a requirement to social distance etc during that period. A restrictions on the number of return trips over a period. Maybe one return trip every few months. Only travel onto the Island if you are resident here, a key worker or coming to stay with relatives plus comp
  11. I agree and I would like to see an all Island speed limit of say 60mph as whilst some drivers may be in control of their cars at 100+ mph it does not take into the account of other road users who are not expecting vehicles to be approaching or closing at that sort of speed. The lack of an all Island speed limit does not discourage those who lack the driving skills to drive at high speed not to drive at such speeds. Very few of us will have had any formal high speed driving training but everybody who drives at high speed will, I am sure, state that they have the necessary driving skills, alway
  12. Alfie's words of wisdom - You may choose to have your holiday on the IoM rather than go elsewhere! Rather difficult to go on holiday elsewhere at present!
  13. I never realised Trump was a farmer
  14. I think that they could. Practically speaking most will arrive on the Steam Packet or via the airport both of which the IoM Govt own so they could set whatever rules they like. Hike landing or harbour fee to £1,000 per person and you won't many traveling.
  15. OK you have finally persuaded me. The IoM borders should be closed indefinitely.
  16. HQ's presentation is not the best but he is not the worst by any means of those who have spoken at the press conferences. Looking further afield look at Trump and de Pfeffel. HQ is accused of getting narked at questions well he seems to react much better than Trump, doesn't hide away from the media like de Pfeffel. I am not holding up HQ up as a shinning example but maybe we are slightly over critical
  17. I don't remember Thomas doing a press briefing. Probably a good thing as they only started 8 weeks or so ago so by now he would probably be about half way through his answer to the first question. Listening to Vogan poetry was meant to be torture but I reckon a Thomas press conference would run it close. Oh freddled gruntbuggly.
  18. When you stop behaving like a child who thinks that they can ignore what they are being told by putting their hands over their ears so they can not hear what is being said I will stop putting out that is how you are behaving. All your posts are now are attempts at distraction from the fact you prefer to troll than present a coherent argument. I get it, you believe in utopia (to save you looking that up I am not referring to the hair salon in Douglas) and that whatever measures are required to be taken to ensure there are effectively no more cases in the IoM will have no detrimental effec
  19. Who PK or Peter Murcott To be a bit more serious PK is a bit of troll in this topic as it appears that he wants to simply ignore the adverse consequences of the position he has advocated. That is that we should do everything that we can to prevent any Covid 19 deaths. It is an admirable position but not one I take as I believe the consequences to the IoM population of taking that position will be more harmful that acknowledging there is a limit to what we can realistically do. Where the balance between the two is I have no idea and there will be a huge range of opinions and I could not sa
  20. First point - I would so I won't None is a fantasy answer. Presently they are not doing routine scans for cancer, appointments both locally and across are being cancelled for all sorts of health matters. If people who are vulnerable are prepared to take whatever precautions they feel are necessary then all restrictions can be stopped and everybody can do what they believe is appropriate. That is a pretty impressive u turn from somebody who was demanding borders remain closed virtually indefinitely to protect the vulnerable I have had two relatives who caught. One pre restricti
  21. Since PK has stirred again I wonder if he would care to state how many avoidable deaths other from causes would be acceptable in the IOM to ensure there are no more deaths arising from Covid 19 cases in the IoM. How many missed early cancer or other life changing diagnosis. How much "pain" should the population as a whole be prepared to accept to meet your utopia. Would it be acceptable that to meet your desire that the hospital basically only treats Covid 19 patients in A&E and maternity. Anybody who wants to avoid Covid 19 can easily do so. They just self isolate until there is a cu
  22. It is a minority that are at risk and that the risk varies across groups. You take steps to manage the risk accordingly and there are different ways of doing that. There are exceptions in all categories, young people get hospitalised but generally only of they have other health issues and I am sum in their 90s catch are fine. My view is that whilst you may take into account those extremes you do not base your planning on them. i.e. you do not plan on the basis that we need to protect everybody as there is a one in a million changes a 10 year old kid might catch nor do you plan to do nothing o
  23. It all depends what stance you are coming from, do you put heavy restrictions on the whole community to protect a minority of the community at risk? That will obviously protect the vulnerable minority but as I have posted before us humans as a species are a selfish species. I think you could get away with locking the borders for a period if that meant no cases over here and no restrictions. Basically life as it was before but with no off Island travel. Government have made it clear that is not what they are expecting to be the case and that there will be restrictions in place for the fore
  24. You need somebody brighter than me for that and with more knowledge on modelling etc but I think that the first point to look at is that whether we complete freedom to do what we want or kept the borders locked and had few cases there is a fair percentage of the at risk category who are basically going to self isolate until there is a vaccine. They will stay at hope, go to the shops rarely and when they do they will social distance, wear masks. Many of us on top of that even if not in the at risk group will moderate our behaviour as we would prefer not to catch so many will social distance to
  25. No but how many avoidable deaths from other causes do you believe are acceptable to ensure we have no avoidable deaths from Covid 19. The impression I get is that you are of the opinion that stopping Covid 19 deaths is the be all and end all and that an increase in deaths and serious illness from other causes can quietly be forgotten about.
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