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  1. I don't say sod the risks at all, my view is that you have to manage the risk and the risk that we are trying to manage is the risk to the vulnerable group. People seem to forget that when IoM Govt introduce the measure it was not to have no cases over here and no fatalities it was so the health service could cope. Presumably this meant that nobody who needed hospital treatment would not be denied it because the health service could not cope. Somehow this appears to have morphed into having no cases etc over here.
  2. OK the IoM Population is roughly 85,000 so if we go for an average life span of 85 years we are looking at roughly a 1,000 deaths a year on average. So if we see a spike of 20% in that, whilst it would be catastrophic for those involved and their family and friends I think that is the sort of number the IoM should plan to be the worst case scenario. Obviously you would hope for less. Since I have answered your question what is your number and in IoM achieving that number how many missed diagnoses of cancer or serious health problems is in acceptable are missed.
  3. Why is the primary responsibility not to catch Covid 19 not with those that are fearful of catching it? Presently all the onus appears to be on those in the rest of the population not to pass on rather than those at risk not to catch. I appreciate that it is a bit simplistic as an argument but it appears to an extent that what the Govt is trying to do is not put in measures to stop the minority at risk from catching but to stop the majority from catching and passing on although most are not at risk. It seems to be the that they are looking at the problem from the wrong angle. I don't thin
  4. I may not agree with your point of view but I think that you post is entirely sensible and has a considerable amount of logic about it. My view as I have said is that we have to try and prevent the spread to those that are vulnerable. Providing that we can do that we should not worry about the spread to the rest of the population. I appreciate that the big question is can you do one without the other. I think if we plan we can. I also do not think we have to do everything we can to reduce the risks of it spreading rather we have to take reasonable steps to prevent it spreading and especia
  5. It was one of the things that saved us but if we had kept them open and travellers had obeyed the 14 day isolation rules then we might have more cases due to people catching whilst across but it should not have caused a spread in the IoM. I presume the borders where closed as they did not believe travellers would self isolate for 14 days. Manximus makes good points in his post. We appear to effectively now have Covid 19 under control in the IoM so need to look at the next steps. To me there are three issue that appear to be being considered in respect of Covid 19 - Can we all c
  6. Per this website it would be about £11,500 in 1982 and £13,500 in 1985 https://www.inflationtool.com/british-pound/1982-to-present-value?amount=10000 Could be absolute rubbish though
  7. If people used their local butcher, bakery, fishmonger rather than buying everything at supermarkets or convenience stores they might have noticed that they have never stopped doing that
  8. So she had symptoms which had she never heard about Covid 19 she would probably just have described as flu. I think many of us have forgotten what a bad dose of flu is really like and nowadays it seems that many describe a heavy cold as flu
  9. No because at that time I don't think that any vaccines had been created for any form of flu. I think the first useful mass vaccinations for flu were around the time of the 2nd World War but I may be wrong in that. They did not know at the time what caused the Spanish Flu, I believe they thought it was caused by a bacteria. In the last 100 years there have been huge advances in medicine and scientific research. e.g. they can now isolate and sequence DNA. antibiotics have been discovered, although I appreciate they are no use against viruses. The chances are we could now create a vaccine.
  10. I must have missed the adverts in the IoM for fruit and veg picking. Today's students are a lot worse off than when I was at University. All our tuition fees got paid and we got a an grant in respect of accommodation, living expenses. this was mean tested. From memory my grant including parental and Govt contribution was around £2,000 in the early eighties. You could claim any travel costs back over £100 and for part of the summer break you could claim the dole. This was all in the UK and during a time of high unemployment so summer jobs were not easy to get. Now the vast majority of univ
  11. My quality of life on the Island, is not enhanced by the current restrictions. Nor is that of my kids and that of many of my friends. If you are in at risk group it is if you are not then there is little benefit to be gained. No the best way to ensure life is as normal as possible is to lift all restrictions. The consequences might be a level of 100 or so deaths which may be unacceptable but for the rest life would be much as normal. You may not have noticed that the Govt have been talking about a new normal. Students can go off without parents but are we really going to make them
  12. if the politicians grew a set of balls I would argue you are wrong. At some point they should say there we will do what we can to protect the vulnerable from Covid 19 but we have to balance what we do against other factors and unfortunately that means there will be some fatalities. By the way two members of my family so far have had Covid 19in the UK and neither are lucky to be alive. Their symptoms and recovery where as expected
  13. Rubbish, the chances are there will be a vaccine, but it is not guaranteed. If it is the latter then short of living the rest our lives in total isolation then we might as well just get it over with now and go back to living a normal life bar the small percentage who do not make it. You cannot hide from it forever or ro you believe like Donald Trump it will one day vanish as if my magic?
  14. Not every thing is about money, It is a about having a quality of life. You say nobody needs to travel for business or for holiday the latter maybe true but the former is definitely not. Does gas from the north sea magically extract itself or do you expect people to live on a rig indefinitely. As I said before you could if you could work from home it could be argued that you would not need to leave your home to live except on a very odd occasion. You don't need to socialise, most stuff can be ordered and delivered but just because it is theoretically possible it does not make it a good id
  15. I am sure it has been modelled but it would be interesting what the expected fatality of rate would be now if they lifted everything including opening the borders in a months time. Most of those who are in the at risk groups would probably self isolate, going shopping rarely, not going anywhere busy or to theatres, restaurants. I doubt they would travel on public transport and if they went shopping or for a walk they would wear masks, social distance etc. In many cases they might order food on line, or have families help out. Just taking those precautions would probably cut down the expected f
  16. Deleted as posted it in the wrong thread,
  17. You could avoid catching by never leaving your property and having everything delivered, or when you do leave your property you do so in a full hazard suit. You don't let anybody into your property unless similarly attired. However it is a pretty poor quality of life. We could quarantine at home those at risk so the majority could carry on as normal but that would not really be fair on them. There needs to be a balance and treating the IoM like a prison Island is not in my view the best option when we only have to protect a minority. .
  18. Do we plan for the exception or the norm It appears that many want to play god and prevent any dyeing, I lovely idea but we don't operate on that basis normally so why for Covid 19? Yes we have to do our best to protect those vulnerable from it but aiming for 100% success when we don't in respect of anything else seems illogical.
  19. Because many people have family and friends across, who they would like to see, Many would like to go to events that are on in the UK, to have holidays away from the IoM. We are reliant on people from across to run our health service, to teach etc. Are they want to stay or come to the IoM for employment if they cannot go anywhere else. What events will be on in the IoM if comedians, artists can not get here. Will business want to stay here if their staff can not get on and off. There are loads of reasons why people want to travel. We need to protect a minority of the population, many of w
  20. Why? We have to protect the at risk group, a group who will be recommended to isolate for a considerable time going forward even if the IoM eliminates Covid 19 in case it comes back. We have to protect that minority of the population not the rest of us. Most of us at worst will get nothing worse than a bad case of fluid. Now we have got Covid 19 under control we need to put in place plans to those in the at risk category and then for the rest of us life can carry on as normal. We do not need to have measures in place that cover 100% of the population, just those at risk. Protecting a
  21. I think they need to take a step back and take a different view. I have little criticism of what Govt did at the start, they did not get everything right but the obvious requirement was to stop the spread of Covid 19, bring it under control and gear up the health service so that it could cope. That has been done now and it appears fairly successfully but it appears that they are still viewing it from that perspective. In my view it is time for a new approach as we are aware that for the vast majority Covid 19 is at worst unpleasant. It is no more life threatening to most of us that a
  22. If it is the same format but with less "journalists", I always struggle to see some of those allowed to ask questions as journalists, it does not look good. On the other hand if they are revamping to get away with the fairly pointless talks, e.g. yesterdays on cyber security, and it is to give those present more chance to question Quayle and Ashford then it might prove to be a bit better. I also cannot see why, with the numbers, they cannot just do on Zoom etc rather than have Quayle and Ashord have to walk in and out of a room to stand behind a lectern
  23. If it was a few irresponsible airheads I would be OK, but it does not appear to be. If it appeared to be spreading and still in the community I would be OK, If Govt would actually explain what the criteria are to enable then to get to the new normal I might be OK. The road map is full of general phrases rather than any real detail. If they appeared to be trying to eliminate Covid 19 on the IoM they might be OK but they don't be. Like many I cannot understand why they are not doing more testing to pick up asymptomatic cases. They have the facility to test so test. As their road map says, Test,
  24. I am not sure there is much sense but quite simply I have had enough. I am fed up of the rules being broken or seemingly ignore by so many so why the hell not, for the sake of my sanity, join them. Kids you want a friend around fine. Why should they not when so many others are. If parents are working their kids can go to a relative, maybe a brother or sister, and play with their cousins if they have any. Is there much difference? Well there must be because you could not leave your kids with a friend to look after while you go to work or does that become OK if they are paid? Maybe time to
  25. I would not be. It seems the IoM Government want to keep an element of the restrictions in place indefinitely until they can basically they can guarantee there will never be another case in the IoM. That is impossible. The point was to flatten the curve well the IoM has and did. The restrictions are breaking down day by day and Govt does not seem that bothered. People seem to be breaking the rules with abandonment and it appears that cases now appear to be related to care homes or similar. It is time for Government to piss or get off the pot. Either explain from the track and trace they are do
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