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  1. So you now advocating letting people make their own choices having previously stated that Covid 19 was a huge risk to the IoM and that the IoM Government did not view it seriously enough. If the public are trusted to make their own choices then the logical position is that Govt does not need to get involved. It is also seems odd that you are happy to let people make their own decisions on a matter that you describe as a huge risk to the IoM. It seems you want to have your cake and eat it so that later date you can argue that you suggested option 1 whilst ignoring the fact you also argued for o
  2. You posted it was a huge risk to the IoM. I never said nor suggested it would not be devastating or a tragedy. You are simply trying to manipulate and twist words rather than comprehend and address what was actually said and posted. There are two separate matters. The effect and risk to the population and the effect and the risk to the Isle of Man. You specifically posted with regard to the latter and my point was and remains that even at the worst case scenario, the number of fatalities whilst horrific, is not a huge risk to the future of the IoM as a whole. The risk to the IoM as a who
  3. No. The high end estimates for fatalities were very concerning, especially for those who were at risk of being one of those in the at risk group. However you stated that Covid 19 was a huge risk to the IoM. I do not believe that to be the case. Loosing 1% of the population of the IoM, most of them elderly with underlying conditions, is not what any of us would want to happen, but if god forsake it did, either now or in the future, the IoM as whole would continue. The biggest risk to the IoM in the future are the costs etc of dealing with the Covid 19 and how we recover and balance the boo
  4. Covid 19 a huge risk to the IoM? Common get real if the IoM had done absolutely nothing about Covid 19 looking at the rate of fatalities the IoM would have expected in the very worst case scenario less than 500 deaths. Not a nice number but hardly a huge risk to the IoM. If the only steps the Govt had done was beef up the hospital to cope and advise everybody social distance and observe good hygiene that would have cut that total. I think describing the risk to the IoM as moderate to low fair and that appears to be proven to be right by experience. In fact I expect that some might argue the bi
  5. Simply politeness and common courtesy to reply thanking for the offer but declining
  6. This is the guy whose department has shut the old railway line between Greeba and Crosby again for improvement works. Presumably because with many of us now enjoying walking and cycling more, to paraphrase Harmer, an ideal time to close part of probably the most popular cycling and walking route in the area is when many parent and kids have to stay at home and cannot mix with anybody else.
  7. The big problem for Government is to get us all to comply with the social distancing requirements, to stay at home etc they have been sending out the message that Covid 19 is so highly contagious you might easily catch walking within 2 meters of somebody and that if you catch there is a reasonable possibility you might end up in hospital and that it might be fatal. Having made many people very fearful they are now going to struggle to persuade some that it is safe to mingle in society again without there being no cases on the IoM and Government guaranteeing that there won't be any more ca
  8. They have already released guidance on offices re partially reopening today https://covid19.gov.im/businesses/guidance-for-businesses-and-employees/
  9. However yesterday Ashford stated they did not believe it would be possible to eradicate Covid 19 from the IoM. If that is the case the chances that Govt will open everything up on the Island without restrictions may be unlikely and the chances of it happening quickly close to nil In terms of speed the Govt released today the revised guidance which is to be effected from Monday 25th in respect of staff returning to work in offices. There is 12 days before this takes affect and it still talks about a phased approach, maximum of 25% staffing levels etc. By now, with the number of cases we h
  10. She's never going to have a successful career/hobby as a dominatrix then!
  11. So we get rid of everything that does not make a direct profit? That would be all Manx national heritage sites including museums. Presumably that would also see the closure of the Villa Marina and Gaiety. I don't think the NSC make a profit or the various parks and gardens around the IoM, why are we loosing money maintaining old railway lines as cycle tracks. Cut all government support for any motor events on the IoM. To me the horse trams, heritage railways are one of the attractions that still bring visitors to the Island. Are the costs worth it? Government would say they are but I have
  12. If they wanted to reduce costs on "railway heritage" to me the logical steps would be not to use rails on the prom that are probably twice and possibly three times more expensive than they needed to be just on the off chance they run an electric tram occasionally along it. Does the electric railway need to be twin track between Douglas and Laxey. You could run an hourly service in each direction with a single track and no passing places.
  13. I know, but it has income from passenger fares so if that reduces losses increase. I have edited original post to try and make that clearer.
  14. Farcical. Either reinstate the horse tram tracks the length of the prom or don’t. Stopping it roughly 25% short will probably reduce those using it further so there will be less income whilst probably having little effect on costs on the annual running costs so it will just increase the annual loss. Most of the current capital costs for renewing will have been incurred on the new depot at the old Summerland end or relaying twin tracks 75% the length of the prom in rail much heavier and therefore much more expensive than required just so potentially they could run electric trams on it.
  15. I agree. Whether or not you agree with wrighty's position it is lovely to read a clear and concise explanation of his personal view. If only Government could be as clear and concise as I might agree or disagree with their position, but at least I would understand it, know what it is and could plan accordingly.
  16. But so is concentrating purely on Covid 19 and that really is my point. To some it seems that all that matters is ensuring there are no cases/deaths on the IoM to the detriment of everything else. PK seems to be of that ilk and did not seem to be aware of the scaling back in the IoM if cancer testing although it has been reasonable well covered. It may be though that PK is one of those comments on IoM issues despite not living here
  17. No South Korea had no lockdown although they did in a couple of places and closed knight clubs, but they did require strict social distancing etc. It is not as though they took no measures. As I said at the start today voluntary social distancing and good hygiene will remain important on the IoM. I would love there to be no cases in the IoM and outside nursing homes, hospitals and those working there I expect we are pretty much there. But if we cannot get there then we have to find a way to live with so we balance the risks from catching and spreading Covid 19 to the harm focusing purely
  18. The IoM is doing more tests per head of population that the Channel Islands and is doing 4 times more testing per head of population than S Korea. Testing though is pretty meaningless unless targeted. Figures from here and I hope I have not misread. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  19. The rate of deaths from Covid 19 in the UK is probably falling. Certainly the statistics show it is but they only account for a partial number of cases. Deaths from any disease are unwelcome and anything reasonable and practicable that can be done to reduce should be done but it is down to the public. The public may be very happy to have very strict measures to stop Covid 19 in the UK or elsewhere, alternatively they may just prefer to say it is ever body for themselves and hang the consequences. Short of being in a totalitarian state you have to carry the public with you wherever you are on t
  20. If you think that dealing with a pandemic in South Korea or the UK is the same as dealing with in the IoM I really have very little to say to you. But even if was not it does not address my fundamental point which is having zero cases and fatalities in the IoM from Covid 19 to the detriment of anything else be the aim of the IoM. As I said we are prepared to have deaths from Flu every year in the IoM. If for every 1 life we save from Covid 19 we miss at an early stage 10 cases of cancer is that acceptable. Your posts give the impression that you consider having no more Covid 19 deaths in the I
  21. The UK is in a very different case to the IoM as are Greece and South Korea. I also don't see the reply is at all relevant to what I posted. Presumably you quoted the wrong post in your reply
  22. I would suggest neither is yours. Based on your point I could argue that those who wanted to could simply "volunteer" to carry on as normal and risk catching the disease and it being a personal choice. Your response I am sure would be that by exercising that public choice they would be putting others at risk. Fine but there are plenty who have been very seriously affected during the TT by the actions of others through no fault of their own. Many take their own precautions by keeping off the roads or going away for the TT and you could argue that those worried about Covid 19 could take their ow
  23. I wish I had not mentioned the TT/MGP and just kept it to Flu etc. I was making a general point that to me it appears to be perverse to argue that in respect of Covid 19 we should basically do anything and everything to stop further cases and deaths in the IoM and that the economy should have absolutely no baring on the matter when we are prepared to allow Flu into the IoM every year which will kill people each year, or we put on an event purely to sustain the economy that will cause death. I am not arguing the rights or wrongs or whether the numbers are better or worse for one of the other. I
  24. There are "super spreaders" and I am not saying it is not contagious just that one person infecting loads is not the norm but which some are appear to be suggesting is the case. I am not saying we should all be allowed to go back into a crowded bar etc but that if we are sensible we should be able to return to a more normal way of life. The idiots will be idiots whatever, those who are sensible will be sensible.
  25. But it is not as simple as that in the real world. You may be able to stop every death from Covid 19 in the IoM but in doing so it may result in more deaths from other things. If saving lives is the only priority and especially when compared to economic factors there would be no TT/MGP, speed limits might be kept at 40mph or reduced further. We would have our borders permanently closed and restrictions in place to stop Flu getting to the IoM every year. In many activities there are risks but we do not stop those. I am not trying to be glib about the deaths arising from Covid 19 just tryin
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