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  1. Princess DD

    Peel Road, Douglas - Road Works

    It'll be done, they're still working now you'll be pleased to know and just think - when they're finished the road will be better and a granny might not catch her heal, fall and die! etc And as to the "why cant they start Saturday morning and work all weekend" comment - even DOT workers have the right to a weekend you selfish twat!
  2. Princess DD

    Peel Road, Douglas - Road Works

    You're having a laugh aren't you? Seconded... half of them don't know what a road is over here.... usless. Terran There are exceptions to every rule you know!!
  3. Princess DD

    [BBC News]Masked teenager robs Manx store

    Naming and shaming would be on very shaky legal grounds for the poster and this site. Also innocence over being branded guilty surely takes precedence over life wrecking (as hard as it can be to believe)? I agree, my rash gossipy nature took hold for a moment!
  4. Princess DD

    Peel Road, Douglas - Road Works

    Including numpties like yourself obviously! Second that laugh - fanny Info update - they have the van on with the headlights shining on their work and they are still going for gold and will be for the next hour at least!
  5. Princess DD

    [BBC News]Masked teenager robs Manx store

    Name and shame then! You can't dangle the carrot then take it away
  6. Princess DD

    [BBC News]Masked teenager robs Manx store

    i hope his defence team dont read your post. you could find you may be liable to subjudice. be careful what you discuss as charges have been made - the facts are as follows: teenager arrested, hes accused of robbery of £x amount (not sure how much). no mention of weapons thank you very much - he cant get a fair trial if you are on here divulving what you consider are facts. come on everyone knows this! Is he your kid or something?
  7. Princess DD

    [BBC News]Masked teenager robs Manx store

    Whats all this, lived in a shell for a couple of years! A reply to your remark though, my darren was saying this only the other day, when kids used to be actively beaten by everyone things were allot better than they are now. You know when the shopkeeper could clip your kid and it wasnt a problem, and the cain - bring back the cain!
  8. Princess DD

    Peel Road, Douglas - Road Works

    My man is working on the highway board, I know a lot of them are lazy sods and its a notoriously slack job. They are suposed to finish at 4.30pm but he has been working since 7.15 this morning and is still working now, and I have just received a text message to say they are working until it gets dark. People whinge when the roads are uneven and a mess, then as soon as something starts happening they whinge because its taking up an extra ten mins on their journey home!
  9. Princess DD


    Bar maids you mean?
  10. Princess DD

    Actor's X-rated Rant Against Island

    Just about as classy as a fully fledged, backwards, inbread manx lass can be! I hate to go back on myself but theres no point in lying - I didnt actually fully read everything rog had written about the subject, and he seems like a bit of a fanny (under exaggerated) however, I still stand by my Peel and Royston Vasey (Leage of gentlemen) comparisson, I have lived in Ramsey for nearly two years and I was in Peel the other night *after dark* total ghost town. I thought Rhumsaa was bad for it but Peel takes the biscuit. Lights off, doors locked.
  11. Princess DD

    The Search Is On For A Bone Marrow Donor

    Well I don't know about anyone else but I will certainly be going - who gives a monkeys if its sore or whipes u out for a day, might save some one elses life! I went to the hospital blood clinic reception after a blood test to see if I could get a form for being a blood donor but the fool I spoke to didn't appear to know if it was breakfast or Tuesday and advised me to visit my GP. I'm going to get a check on my kidneys as well and see if I can give one of them to someone else, I have the same blood type as my mother so if in future I need a kidney back she can give me one of hers! All planned out! I'm a giver not a taker!
  12. Princess DD

    Actor's X-rated Rant Against Island

    Is "DD" short for anything significant (like Danny maybe Dyer?) Princess - as I am Double D - as I am ;-)
  13. Princess DD

    Actor's X-rated Rant Against Island

    Have to agree with Roq - did u see the places they were filming? Tholt y will, nice but in the middle of nowhere and PEEL - Peel looks like Royston Vasey!